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  1. Cooolone

    Attorney General Bonta Leads Coalition Backing Commonsense Approach to Concealed Carry Laws

    Two things... Firstly - CALIFORNIA! (Who cares!) Secondly, "COMMON SENSE" is an Anti Gun agenda Buzz Word... So fuck them all! Besides, if it's "common" sense, why do so FEW have it??? Riddle me that...
  2. Cooolone

    Biden drone strike a lie: innocent aid worker and family killed, not ISIS-K

    Come On Man... I'm in my way to Rehoboth, no time for questions! Besides, I consulted all the best military experts and they agreed that this target was high value, so there's that! Besides, it was Trump's fault don't ya know! ... ... News & Social Media... CRICKETS! Now if the...
  3. Cooolone

    Teacher Takes Down American Flag In Classroom, Says It Represents ‘Violence And Menace And Intolerance’

    "I know my kids and I know what's best for them"... Well, firstly, they're NOT your kids! Secondly, you're JUST a teacher, period! All these educators think way too much of themselves and really think it's their job to shape hearts and minds... Or indoctrinate the children to THEIR...
  4. Cooolone

    Virginia attorney general rules state law prohibits guns near early voting locations

    VA has gone full WOKE with the recent infusion of Liberal Governorship... Just WOW! So, you cannot exercise one RIGHT while exercising another... Real cute! Guess if you're going to attend a public rally or protest you must choose which right you want to exercise! Fuck these idiots...
  5. Cooolone

    Five-Hour Course Proposed For Gun Purchases

    % efficiency is an arbitrary and capricious burden and hurdle to surpass in order to exercise a RIGHT, completely and with little doubt, unconstitutional! Let alone it in all probability being created by someone who's s never shot a firearm in their life! I can GUARANTEE that... I'm all for...
  6. Cooolone

    Texas abortion ruling will give Biden the excuse to pack the Supreme Court.

    And then then next administration adds 4 judges, and so on... Of course, it's all on the road to ruin! Rome did not fall from the barbarians beating down the gates! Those in charge let them walk in as Rome was just an thin eggshell of its former self! The longest standing Republic lasted...
  7. Cooolone

    Florida doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated and thinks it’s ok.

    Today... Our contemporary state of affairs is people being overwrought with the ideal that it's up to them to decide exactly what is acceptable or ok for others to, Do, Think, Say, Act, etc... When it should be the exact opposite! Leave me the fuck alone, I do, think, say, act, exactly how I...
  8. Cooolone

    While Hostages are Held in Afghanistan, Kamala Harris Plans to Campaign for Gavin Newsom

    What's not to understand, the current administration has moved on! And the news media is looking for the next big thing to hypersensationalize!
  9. Cooolone

    Five-Hour Course Proposed For Gun Purchases

    Yeah... And when will the 5 Hour courses begin in order to obtain your permission card to use when you go vote?
  10. Cooolone

    Florida doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated and thinks it’s ok.

    Who gives a shit...? But there's no legal culpability, doctors regularly refuse service for many reasons. The first and foremost is the inability to pay for services!...
  11. Cooolone

    Why are Gun Controllers so AFRAID of Texas....

    Why are they afraid to walk down the street when there's loud noises? Why are they afraid when a building they're in doesn't have a safe room or desks to hide under? Why are they afraid to look in the mirror? Who knows and who cares... A coward dies a thousand times, a warrior but once...
  12. Cooolone

    NYPD 12lb trigger possibly discontinued.

    How about actual training time, force on force drills and some range time, all mandatory... More than the ridiculous qualification standards that exist now. Let's not forget physical proficiency exhibition as well... From fitness to the ability to handle yourself or an assailant for that...
  13. Cooolone

    Swap a 30/10 round fixed mag to a 10 round fixed mag

    Good example of why epoxy is bullshit... Permanent does NOT mean rendering your firearm unserviceable! It pains me to see this... Good luck!
  14. Cooolone

    “This is getting ridiculous,” councilwoman says of teen shooting

    No, accountability comes after the fact... Root Cause would be what I prescribed, that people ACT accordingly, within the laws of nature and that of the land... To NOT commit offense against your neighbor! To NOT Do Unto Others... Period! It's a hard sell... We are the only creatures on Earth...
  15. Cooolone

    “This is getting ridiculous,” councilwoman says of teen shooting

    It is, it has been, and it will continue to be "ridiculous"... As long as the woke culture keeps talking about "root" causes while ignoring the obvious that they won't talk about... As long as they keep blaming everything for a person's actions but the person themselves! "IT" It "IS" the...
  16. Cooolone

    Another one bites the dust…Primary Arms no longer shipping ammo to you

    There are 3 places I've ordered in the past that are now asking for NY FFL's as well... I emailed one to discuss, but honestly, they don't give a fuck and are chicken shit or they wouldn't buckle in the first place. So fuck them... There are places that still don't shiver when they receive a...
  17. Cooolone

    Gun Arrest in NYC from PA Gunshow.

    I'm pretty sure there is no constructive possession in NY! ??? Correct me if wrong. But you cannot tell what was there just by pictures alone. Bottom line is if that was all the purchases he made, he made way too many... and I'm sure than handtruck to a NY plated vehicle would raise no...
  18. Cooolone

    Afghanistan could start to run out of food by September, UN warns

    To the Victor's go the spoils... You want it, you got it, have fun! Just don't come crying to us! Let the Ruskies feed em'
  19. Cooolone

    Talibaan sets deadline to remove all US forces - or else

    Well, we will see the Barack Hussein Obama methodology with the use of drones... Ineffectual and basically for headlines giving the impression that something is being done when in reality nothing is accomplished. Otherwise, just pick the top guy and drop a bunker buster on his fucking head!
  20. Cooolone

    "F--K BIDEN" flag stirs controversy in Fairfield

    Fact is political speech especially, is protected! Doesn't matter how it abrades ones sensitivities, as it is humorous to another! All that matters is the person stating their opinion! Acceptability shouldn't be based upon the receiver of the message or we wouldn't be able to speak at...
  21. Cooolone

    "F--K BIDEN" flag stirs controversy in Fairfield

    Wow... Puritan values much? And quite frankly, there's more garbage on TV that spoil and rot children's brains than a simple banner could ever promote! It doesn't paint the conservatives in any more poor a light than the left championing alternative lifestyles and criminal migration...
  22. Cooolone

    Talibaan sets deadline to remove all US forces - or else

    Well, when you display weakness, it's only a moment until you get smacked in the face! The world knows he's a pussy, and it's only going to get worse! Wait till China invades Taiwan or the Philippines! Russia already bitch slapped him too when he recalled the carrier group... Huge POS... And...
  23. Cooolone

    This P99 Will Never Be Shot

    I don't believe in safe queens either ... I thinks it's the silliest notion and such a waste! A fine piece of engineered equipment designed to expel an controlled explosion projectile and repeat the action again and again while exhibiting user control for accuracy down range is the name of the...
  24. Cooolone

    Astorino: HHS flying "hundreds of undocumented immigrants” to Westchester airport

    No worries, it's not a spreader event per the CDC!
  25. Cooolone

    Farmers Cry Foul over Biden’s Death Tax Proposal

    Well, all those Trillions are going to come from somewhere... And it's not coming from those who already have it!!! That's the entire point of the game! To let you THINK you have it, and make sure when the game is over, to take all the Monopoly money back!!! Fuck you and your offspring! If...
  26. Cooolone

    Trump calls for Biden to resign

    What a fucking mess this country has become at the hands of the progressives!
  27. Cooolone

    Fight the ATF and help keep pistol braces

    Well, until the Republican control of both houses occur again and they finally get off sitting on their hands with this shit and enact useful legislation that protects citizens from agency overreach!... This type of shit will just keep happening!
  28. Cooolone

    BREAKING: carl hastie has suspended the cuomo impeachment

    The fact is with lack of impeachment he can hold office and position within govt again! No accountability for this guy throughout his political life! 3 men in a room running State Gov't and w of the three behind bars, he still escapes culpability for sexual assault while in the highest office...
  29. Cooolone

    Biden begs opec to pump more oil

    No payback for the Ukrainian Petrochemical company the Biden's are complicit with, I'm sure it's just a coincidence!
  30. Cooolone

    The US healthcare system sucks. Why are we still supporting it?

    Yes, people just don't understand the economics involved! The cost of a 3 million dollar scanning machine, the cost to train someone to operate it and be proficient at operating it. The cost and training of the person reviewing it's product. The cost and training for the doctor it is sent to...
  31. Cooolone

    Antigun protest outside NYSE today 8/10

    Supporting people and communities most effected by CRIMINAL us of guns... And we won't discuss the demographics implied of course! Because those diversity standards demand they be whitewashed... Pun intended! Like the ridiculous marijuana tax that will reward the communities most effected by...
  32. Cooolone

    The US healthcare system sucks. Why are we still supporting it?

    While not unaware that the Healthcare Industrial Complex in the U.S. is an issue, along with the highly lobbied and uncontrollable Insurance Industry... There's a reason people come from all over the world to either receive medical care here, or become physicians! Insurance aside, we do have...
  33. Cooolone

    The Fourth Branch of United States Government

    I'll agree, 9-11 allowed the unsuspecting public, or the PEOPLE to easily be mislead under the guise of Patriotism! Low life politicians identified the gap and jumped at the opportunity to seize unprecedented powers! They reasoned it under the auspices that these powers taken had sunset...
  34. Cooolone

    AG confirms FUAC is a sexual harasser

    Read an article that stated he may be negotiating behind the scenes to resign if the prospect of criminal prosecution is removed ... Otherwise he's done no matter! I find it amusing how his legal team has complained he hadn't been afforded the ability to respond to the findings... But I wonder...
  35. Cooolone

    Said it before, SCOTUS has no teeth! CDC extends tenant protections...

    It's fucking despicable!!! And I'm spraying spit when I say that!... They are creating an environment hoping for and expecting a natural conclusion... And they just might get it they keep this progressive shit up. You have the POTUS ignoring and basically making a joke of the SCOTUS by...
  36. Cooolone

    Pompeo Says 'Collapse From Within Is Possible

    There is and never was any doubt that this Republic will fall from within! The last and longest lasting Republic suffered the same, as it wasn't from the barbarians beating down the gates of Rome that caused it's fall. Decay, corruption and the degradation of it's society... And more! But...
  37. Cooolone

    NYC to mandate proof of covid vaccination for most indoor activities

    Wait until the Aussie rule takes place, can travel only so far from your home! Forget leaving your county without a permit/papers!... It's amazing how frothing at the mouth they become as they see the end of the drunkenness of power... They can't give it up! They're twisting a rolling on the...
  38. Cooolone

    Said it before, SCOTUS has no teeth! CDC extends tenant protections... Ok... So the SCOTUS ruled in June that the CDC exceeded it's mandate and didn't have the authority to enact any moratorium on evictions as this was a legislature action. And now, as Congress goes in...
  39. Cooolone

    Biden encourages states to give people $100 from the “relief” bill to get vaccinated

    Are those already vaccinated getting the loot too? Otherwise it's a defeatist methodology, won't work because the holdouts will always wait for the better deal!
  40. Cooolone

    Gun maker offers $33M to settle suit by Sandy Hook families (WTF)

    Blinked, they bent over and lubed their own asses! As a matter of fact, they're lubing every single gun owners ass as well and all other manufacturers... Fuck them! Yeah, and any who follow their lead! Simply befuddling they would submit on this, there's no upside for them or anyone else...
  41. Cooolone

    ACLU Discovers Another Racist Realm: the Second Amendment

    Yeah... Wiping your ass with WHITE toilet paper to highlight your poop, that's BLACK is racist too! When is poop going to be white so we can all be happy when we poop!? I've had enough of the RACIST everything agenda! Tell you what, stop appropriating my race then! Wear your own clothes and...
  42. Cooolone

    House Dems Shoot Down Bill Requiring Declassification of COVID Origins

    Yes, but not in our lifetimes, that's for sure! Just sayin...
  43. Cooolone

    FBI failed to fully investigate Kavanaugh allegations, say Democrats 7/22/21

    Their boy won't retire, so they're trying to spill milk that's already been drank! Lmao! Horse is out of the barn... What do they propose? Recall Kavanaugh? Redo the confirmation... Like everything else they try to reinvent because they can't win or don't like the rules! Fuck them, get over...
  44. Cooolone

    License Canceled After 50 years?

    Love all the debate... But come on folks... You are missing the BIG picture! NYC is free to do whatever the fuck they want, especially and we can all thank the SCOTUS when they allowed NYC off the hook recently, because they changed their ways! LMFAO! How does this municipality exhibit...
  45. Cooolone

    Pentagon contractor flags phrase 'truth about BLM' as possible extremist identifier

    Yes, we all know already if you disagree, you'll be labelled as an extremist! If you're white, you'll be racist as well. Let's not forget privileged too! Who gives a fuck about their identity politics! I don't... And sooner than later it's is all going to come back biting them in the ass!
  46. Cooolone

    Schumer pledges to include Civilian Climate Corps in $3.5 trillion ‘human infrastructure’ package

    Trillions like candy! What the fuck does he give a shit, he won't be around to see the disastrous results of this ridiculous Progressivism Pork... Fuck Chuck! FUNY!
  47. Cooolone

    Woman calls police to get wanted man out of her house; Officers charge her with "failure to notify;" confiscate her gun

    Well... Ohio is right next door to Pennsyltuckey!!! The brain matter there is severely rationed when distributed! Do you know what the age of consent is there? Well, that'll tell you all there is to know about that fucking place! Lol
  48. Cooolone

    New Mexico Supreme Court rules gas stations can be liable for DUIs

    Well, it's funny because New Mexico has the highest concentration of Ph'ds by State! And yet... It appears not much intelligence! Simply amazing!
  49. Cooolone

    Paul Harvey Warned From 1965....

    You know, it's the small mind that closes to the infinite possibilities that confine our existence and being... The fact that we think, we feel... We have emotion and guilt! We are the only creature that blushes, or feel the need to! Anyways, not a practicing, but a believer in GOD! And just...
  50. Cooolone

    NFL 2021 season will include Black national anthem, social justice messages again: report

    Well it fits... The league that coddles multimillionaire cry babies, even convicted felons, who think they're oppressed... would naturally submit to contemporary history revisionism with this ridiculous bullshit!!! Wait until this minority demographic sues in court against the owners that their...