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  1. Mosinitis

    Abuse and Murder of Children of Indigenous People in Canada.

    This story was suppressed and ignored by the media for decades. While this genocide was still going on well into 1990's our media was focused on poor conditions in homes for disabled children in Romania under Chaushescu...
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    Blind Friendly Gender Training Video

    God forbid blind people are going to miss this. Sometimes I wonder if I am still living on planet Earth.
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    Never Trumper Reprobate Sexual Predator

    He was also an advisor to McCain and Romney.
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    Legendary Long Range Shooter From NY
  5. Mosinitis

    Chris Christie Traffic Saboteur

    and backstaber
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    Protest at CNN

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    NRA National Championships: The Early Years
  8. Mosinitis

    Distinguished Rifleman's Story
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    Protesters Topple the Statue of Ulysses Grant in San Francisco
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    Gun Safe Sale at COSTCO.COM

    Good deal, includes delivery.
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    CMP Cancels National Matches

    First time since WWII 2020 CMP NATIONAL RIFLE AND PISTOL MATCHES CANCELLED After thoughtful consideration and reflection, the Board of Directors of the Civilian Marksmanship Program announces the cancellation of the 2020 National Matches...
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    Bloomberg Stiffs His Campaign Workers

    Beautiful ending to most expensive clown show in American history:
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    Tulsi is Suing Hillary

    You go girl.
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    Putin spoke to Trump

    This was just reported by the Russian media. President Putin made a call to president Trump to express gratitude for information that led to an arrest of two people who planned to commit a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.
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    Putin unveils WWII European involvement evidence

    In response to continues effort by European Parliament to put the blame for WWII on the Soviet Union by taking Molotov-Ribbentrop pact out of context of history, Russia's president Vladimir Putin unveiled an exhibition of numerous documents which speak volumes about the role European powers...
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    Old Military Air Rifle

    Amazing technology for the time period.
  17. Mosinitis

    More Proof of a False Flag Gas Attack in Syria

    This subject came up here at the time. Now more proof is coming out.
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    Bloomberg is Ready to Jump Off a Bridge

    Actually to jump into presidential race. This was just announced by the mainstream media. Good news for Trump.
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    Autotrickler V3

    After two month of waiting I finally received my Autotrickler V3. Loaded my first batch of ammo and all I can say is WOW. This thing is incredible. It's not exactly as in the video, he upgraded from Lee Hooper and now makes his own, which makes it even better. Will be saying good bye to my...
  20. Mosinitis

    Trump Doubles Down On Biden Corruption

    Trump calls upon China to investigate Biden's corrupt deals in that country. When was the last time Trump lost a pissing match? Democrats are trying to schlong the wrong guy.
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    Guaido And His Drug Trafficking Friends

    Why do we always have to pick the scum of the earth? Venezuela's Guaidó pictured with members of Colombian gang | Juan Guaidó | The Guardian
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    This guy puts out a ton of educational videos and he actually knows what he is talking about, which is very rare. From gunsmithing to reloading, excellent information.
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    Trump Fires Bolton

  24. Mosinitis

    Trump/Putin Meeting at G20

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    Glamorous British Royal Family

    This is why I never get invited to Royal Weddings.
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    Collusion Fabrication Fallout

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    Angry Mob Politics Exposed

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    Gay Wedding Cake Backing

    This whole cake backing saga doesn't have any basis in reality or logic. Obviously it is staged as a political ploy. It was SCOTUS with republican chosen majority who struck down defense of marriage act and opened the door to cultural down-slide. Now they are going to fight for your right not to...
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    Deep State's Inspector Javert

    There is going to be a legal challenge to Mueller's authority.
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    Brennan Gets a Kick in the Ass

    Trump is showing deep stater, who is in charge.
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    Anti-Trump Neocons Owned

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    Globalists Are On Suicide Watch

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    Resetting Defaults

    I must have stepped on someone's foot, my font became microscopic. I know there is a simple way to restore default. I was taught that in the past. Just forgot. It only involves pressing a few keys, I forgot which.
  34. Mosinitis

    Shouldn't These Two Get a Motel Room

    The question is why none of the previous administrations used a path to Korean reunification as a leverage to deal with NK nuclear threat. It took Trump only a year to put this on the right track. Washington politicians are so full of themselves, yet they are the ones who create world problems...
  35. Mosinitis

    Israelis Suing George Soros

    Israeli law firm filed a lawsuit against George Soros for 10 billion dollars. George Soros actually started his career by helping Nazis to round up Hungarian Jews and steal their property. However he is sued for recent dirty dealings. This should be interesting.
  36. Mosinitis

    Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem Was an Ally of Hitler

    The Mufti, Hitler and the Palestinians: The Facts The following article is excerpted from a paper delivered at an Israeli Knesset Forum on Holocaust Remembrance Day, 2012. The titular leader of the Palestinian Arab community in the previous generation, Haj Amin Al Husseini, the Mufti of...
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    Fake Chemical Attack Unraveled

    You know the story about the boy who cried wolf. We are turning into that boy.
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    How Did This Woman Get Her Job?

    British envoy in the UN demonstrates total ignorance of facts and history.
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    Imbeciles Demand Action

  40. Mosinitis

    This Is Why I like RT

    They tell it like it is, our media lives in its own world.
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    CMP gets 100,000 repatriated Garands

    CMP is getting 100,000 M1 Garands returned to U.S. from Philippines and Turkey. Also M1911's. They were expected to run out of Garands in a few years. 107,000 Repatriated Garands and Milsurp 1911s on CMP Racks
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    Good Summary by RT

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    Small Arms Firing School April 21-22

    Here it is. Our annual NY State Small Arms Firing School program and registration form. Small Arms Firing Schools were created by the act of Congress in 1907 as a part of National civilian marksmanship training. It is affiliated with the CMP and taking this course will meet one of the...
  44. Mosinitis

    I Had a Good Year

    Not my best year, but very good. This is just on the CMP side. Won a number of NRA matches as well.
  45. Mosinitis

    More Collusion Between Putin and Trump

    Hopefully our democracy will survive.
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    Delusional Hollywood Imbeciles

  47. Mosinitis

    The Left Really Stepped In It This Time

    Putting history and politics aside. Just on a human level. Desecrating monuments to the dead is one of the lowest forms of human behavior. Doesn't matter if it's a Jewish Cemetery or a Confederate Memorial. Leave the dead alone! What an irony it is that Jewish mayor of Charlotesville has to be...