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    Ruger takes Smith & Wesson to Court!

    don't know if they paid for rights or not but there is a bunch of copies out there. brownells, kidd, don't know the name but a steel reciever was on gunbroker also.
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    Glock Announcement.. Speculation?

    not legendary but would like to see a 22 cal 17/19 for teaching training
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    Beto O’Rourke: Gunmakers Will Fund AR-15 Buybacks

    I do believe that the version of "buy back" he will offer is a $25 walmart gift card
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    NYSAFE: ammunition background check implementation

    talked to a friend tonight who is connected pretty high up in monroe county sheriffs hasn't heard a word
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    Many courts are failing to uphold the Second Amendment

    I could swear I read something that there was a clause saying specifically that Congress cannot exempt it's self no idea where I read it
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    Political Picture thread.

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    Kamala Harris: 'I am a gun owner' for personal protection

    wouldn't be a bit surprised she has one or several, these people have perfected the double standard. they are important, you are not, now kneel and kiss her ring
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    Political Picture thread.

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    Trail cam pics

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    Political Picture thread.

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    Political Picture thread.

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    Political Picture thread.

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    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - The gift that keeps on giving

    its ok,its ben and jerry, its tolerant ice cream
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    Political Picture thread.

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    Benchmade Knives helps cut up “illegal” guns

    Yea cuz when there done with guns they'll never go after knives :confused:
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    Political Picture thread.

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    Political Picture thread.

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    Political Picture thread.

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    Gun Cleaning Mats - brand comparison

    use a rubber truck mat that was laying around cut to fit, free
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    Political Picture thread.

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    Kamala Harris Supports ‘Some Type of’ Slavery Reparations

    reparations were paid in blood of the northern armies
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    Political Picture thread.

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    Albany’s ethics watchdog is useless

    no surprise there, if they actually did anything there would only be ten people left in albany
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    Niskayuna pushes back at Cuomo's proposed funding cuts to town

    Cities get money towns don't, what a "surprise" move by andy :rolleyes:
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    NY Law is an open invitation to Home Invaders

    A criminal can be "rehabilitated" or in other words registered democrat
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    Political Picture thread.

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    Trail cam pics

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    Political Picture thread.

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    New Indoor Range - Rochester NY - On Target Firearms

    Don't recall the name, if you remember the old pizza hut in front that was a pawn shop, its that business built the range and move behind the gas station. I believe they are also going to rent guns. It'll be interesting how two ranges within a few miles of each other work out along with the...
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    New Indoor Range - Rochester NY - On Target Firearms

    There is another range open on slocum a 104 behind the speedway. Friend stopped in 8 lanes at 50ft. Gun and pawn
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    Political Picture thread.

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    Ginsburg retirement

    came across on another site, only place a google search came up. So its either fake news or everyone else is sitting on it. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January, 2019
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    Trail cam pics

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    Trail cam pics

    kinda amazed at the number of chicks, been a ton of coyote activity. hear them most every night seen them behind the house, pics day and night
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    Trail cam pics

  36. diggs223

    Trail cam pics

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    When did you realize that so many Presidential Candidates you VOTED for sucked so much ?

    with the exception of Reagan i haven"t voted for any of the last, i've only been voting against the other
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    Trail cam pics

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    Congresswoman Louise Slaughter dies at 88

    Most likely Cuomo will appoint Warren to fill term then she'll be incumbent for reelection. Repubs are a cluster in monroe so be easy reelection
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    Sierra bullets afraid to be connected to NRA

    Maybe but, on another forum where I came across this, the president of sierra joined the forum and defended the initial change.
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    Trump agrees to meet with Kim Jong Un

    must of figured out cash america got grounded
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    Sierra bullets afraid to be connected to NRA

    changed the button, they added NRA back in, musta got a little warm in the board room.
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    Sierra bullets afraid to be connected to NRA

    Notice the join the NRA button on the old Sierra home page is now gone, instead the new page has click here for gun safety. No mention of NRA yet the button takes you to NRA.
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    Trail cam pics

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    Florida lawmakers reject assault weapons ban, approve bill allowing teachers to carry

    Are frigging kidding ?? you damn well better tell them not to be "aggressive" to the teacher. how about teaching the to respect the teacher and do as your told.
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    Off duty Coral Springs pd officer rushed into school

    I think cowardice is most definitely part of the equation
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    Trail cam pics

    Hawk snagged a squirrel
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    Trail cam pics

    two does chased by a yote.
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    I Had a Good Year

    high civilian very good. p100 is one of the hardest to get, managed to do it twice