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  1. Robin

    2019-20 Hiunting Season

    If you got something every time you went out they would call it 'shopping'. robin
  2. Robin

    Portland proposal would mandate new buildings to designate spaces for homeless to camp out
  3. Robin

    Glock Announcement.. Speculation?

    Glock is an onomatopoeia. Robin
  4. Robin

    ATF looks for 400 guns stolen from UPS facility in Tennessee

    Liars, I only ordered 399. Robin
  5. Robin

    50 cal Muskets inline

    Don't know what a nerf dart is but a veg. wad and even just 20 Gr's of fff would send it screaming out of there. Robin
  6. Robin

    "IG Report Released - COMPLETE WHITEWASH" - Ace of Spades

    Durham is the last chance. I suspected Horowitz was a swamp creature and see nothing in the report to convince ma otherwise. Robin
  7. Robin

    Part name help for a Shotgun accessory

    DOD: M-1A1 Thingy Robin
  8. Robin

    Bill Barr hands down 8 indictments ~~~

    These low level jerks have to go to jail, but so do some elected officials as well as past performers, H. Clinton. I'll read the whole thing tomorrow and it will help assuage my hangover. Hopefully these scumbags will start the roll up. Robin
  9. Robin

    Buchwald keeps up the antigun endorsements

    turn out the lights the party over youtube
  10. Robin

    Man shot in head, Ramapo Police investigate

    Probably close enough to the Clinton compound that ir should be looked into. Robin
  11. Robin

    Remington PRC

    Why wouldn't it be? NY beat down, FUNY! Robin
  12. Robin

    What I Learned in Judge School

    I'm pretty sure you do not have to pass the bar to become a higher court judge. Of course some legal learning would be a necessity, just to keep the lawyers from getting away with crap. Even the Supreme Court has no specification listing that one must have passed the bar, though all of them have...
  13. Robin

    2 Naval Base Shooting in 1 Week

    Were I the government, I would inform the family, through proper channels, that the body will be disposed of at the local pig farm. Any clamor from the Saud's, I would take what's left of it, do a high altitude flyover and dump it. Robin
  14. Robin

    Former Bill Clinton adviser: Only one thing is keeping Hillary out of the 2020 race

    Well, there is this too. Not a few, HUNDREDS! Robin
  15. Robin

    Pastor Joe Fox, civil war II.

    Yes, it can be painful. Robin
  16. Robin

    Pensacola shooter, 11 injured 2 dead

    Yep. Robin
  17. Robin

    Pastor Joe Fox, civil war II.

    Always keep the faith FrankenCub. Wait and see how things shake out, win or loose, alway keep the faith, and learn. Tomorrow is another day! Robin
  18. Robin

    Pensacola shooter, 11 injured 2 dead

    Program, program, getcha program heaah!! Can't tell one shootah from anothah, Program.........
  19. Robin

    Biden Has Tense Exchange With Voter Over Age, Son Hunter: ‘You’re A Damn Liar’

    I wish the big guy has said, You call me a liar!!!! Put em up doughboy!!!! Robin
  20. Robin

    Can a convicted felon own two vehicles? One says can't

    What did he do to become a felon? It is NY after all. Aggravated jaywalking? Robin
  21. Robin

    Active shooter in Hawaii

    Pea. Robin
  22. Robin

    30-06 or 450 bushmaster

    I got you on my game camera. Robin
  23. Robin

    30-06 or 450 bushmaster

    Yes, that is what a brush gun is. I thought I was pretty clear. Robin
  24. Robin

    Remington Golden Saber 45 ACP Auto Ammo 185 Grain Brass Jacketed Hollow Point

    I use it on onions and carrots, but never in my 1911. Robin
  25. Robin

    30-06 or 450 bushmaster

    There is no such thing as a "brush gun" as people think of it today. The original concept for marketing was a shorter barreled gun. Tests have shown time and time and time again, shooting through the brush is a bad idea! There are tests out there on the web, and the gun the won these brush...
  26. Robin

    Former Bill Clinton adviser: Only one thing is keeping Hillary out of the 2020 race

    ...........and Andy waits for the tap. Robin
  27. Robin

    Bloomberg’s Gun Plan Revealed

    Something in the air! Strange. Robin
  28. Robin

    Greetings! Would love feedback on my 'just cause' letter for pistol permit.

    I would keep it as short as possible, no flowery bullshit." I want it for target and recreational shooting, hunting, and self defense, both home and away." Other than that, mind your own business and get your boot off my rights. Robin
  29. Robin

    CVA Long Range Muzzleloader

    The compound bow was an invention that caught on in the archery world because even crappy shots could start hitting bulls eyes and with the advent of more shooters, after some consideration, was allowed into the bowhunting season and later some of the accessories that were first illegal were...
  30. Robin

    Pastor Joe Fox, civil war II.

    According to the NSA, every phone call made in this country is recorded. We know O'dumbo weaponized both the CIA and the NSA, so they probably got people trying to recover this calls. Scary times. Robin
  31. Robin

    House Minority Releases 110 Page Report Refuting EVERY ACCUSATION By Democrats

    Polosi says they are going ahead with impeachment. 67million voters should march on Washington and do some swamp draining, New Yorkers should stop at Albany on the way and clean that cesspool out as well. Robin
  32. Robin

    Ruger takes Smith & Wesson to Court!

    Friend of mine bought one, uses Ruger mag's. Its a nice little gun and I liked it better than my 10-22. Buy, yeah, I can see why the suit. Robin
  33. Robin

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    3/8" X 48" mild steel. Ho hum you say. When fashioned and incorporated it will be wondrous. Hah! Robin
  34. Robin

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized

    So many hot progressive bitches! Robin
  35. Robin

    Pastor Joe Fox, civil war II.

    Guys' annoying, got about two minutes in and ejected, with prejudice. Anyone want to do a sum-up? Robin
  36. Robin

    Low light rifle malfunctions

    Next up! Noise discipline!! Robin
  37. Robin

    Upping the Ante in Old Dominion

    God speed. Robin
  38. Robin

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized

    She's hot! Robin
  39. Robin

    One more reason I despise NY government agencies

    Since the crack down on DWI's you can drive through the village of this little town at nine PM and the street is deserted, kind of spooky. Now on court night, it is packed, you cannot find parking on the street! Robin
  40. Robin

    Today is the day.. SCOTUS hearing the NY 2A case

    There is no more Divinely inspired Constitution. The Government Giveth and the Government Taketh Away. What's legal today is illegal tomorrow, and what is illegal today may or may not be legal tomorrow, for some of us. Robin
  41. Robin

    Bill Clinton with wife Hillary a frequent guest at Epstein's New Mexico ranch

    Further proof that main stream media is in the tank for, for, well, hopefully by the end of Trumps second tern we will know exactly who they and dozens of others, mostly Democrats but some Republicans, are in the tank for, and if not, I don't see a future for out Republic. I'd put my money on...
  42. Robin

    2019-20 Hiunting Season

    Door gunner shot one of these, I skinned it out and traded it for a hair cut. Robin
  43. Robin

    Red Flag standoff in Mahopac

    AaaahYeeeees! Now I see. Robin
  44. Robin

    Red Flag standoff in Mahopac

    So much consternation. Obi Wan Robin
  45. Robin

    Pete Buttigieg Nods Along as Pastor Claims Mexican Illegals are Reclaiming Stolen Land

    .........and the Mexicans stole it from one tribe of indian or another that stole it from another tribe that stole it fr.......................... Robin
  46. Robin

    Low light rifle malfunctions

    Low life rifle malfunctions? Buy better equipment and ammo. And clean your shit! Robin
  47. Robin

    Monroe County's new "Anti-Harassment" Bill

    Could easily segue this topic into the Mahopac string, but then, none are so blind as those who will not see. Robin
  48. Robin

    Americans Bought Enough Guns on Black Friday to Arm the Marine Corps – Yet Again!

    Huh, not even counting the ones that were made. Robin