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  1. Different Drummer

    F/S AMMO, 7.62 X 39

    1,000 rounds. Headstamp is the Russian Klimovsok Factory. I understand that they have been producing Russian Military Ammo since the late 1930's. I purchased it to use in my Russian SKS because it was very favorably recommended to me. I prefer to sell the case. $420.00 ( 0.42 cents per round...
  2. Different Drummer

    Shipping ammo

    Question on shipping ammo. I have some that I will be offering for sale and have come to realize that being willing to ship obviously opens up the market a bit. FTF is great for several obvious reasons, but not every potential buyer lives within FTF distance of a seller. I searched the forum...
  3. Different Drummer

    DONE 7.62 X 39 ammo

    80 rounds M67, on stripper clips. Brass case, copper clad lead FMJ _________ $40.00 Original packaging of 40 rounds on four stripper clips per box. 362 rounds Brown Bear ( Barnaul cartridge plant, Russia ) 80 rounds are 123 gr HP, remainder are 123 gr FMJ__________$152.00 All except two...
  4. Different Drummer

    Pistol sale to out of state FFL?

    Looking for thoughts on this folks. I saw a WTB post for a pistol I own on another firearms forum I participate at. Having recently decided to lighten my late life burden of possessions I contacted them. Buyer believes that I can deal directly with him and sent me information regarding another...
  5. Different Drummer

    DONE SKS type 56, Factory 26, 1967

    Below is what I have invested in a Type 56, Factory 26 SKS made in 1967. Para length. Minus shipping, and FFL fees which I am not trying to recoup. Prices are from several years ago and It would be nice if I could do a break even sale. Not trying to make money at todays prices. I am willing to...
  6. Different Drummer

    Fingerprints for Lic. Renewal

    Got the renewal packet for Florida pistol Lic. Requires fingerprint and photo update. I believe that I got my initial prints at a State police barracks. Can't recall the cost if there was in fact a charge at all. Anyone have any other suggestions or experiences on where to get this done...
  7. Different Drummer

    Hatchet or Machete?

    For some reason I have recently had the need for a Hatchet. Just to use for mundane jobs like sharpening a stake to drive in the ground or lopping corn cobs destined for the compost into small pieces. Like other items that I last remember seeing in the barn where I grew up, the hatchet I used...
  8. Different Drummer

    Anyone identify any of these firearms

    SWMBO younger brother has reached out to me for help. He has some long guns that he needs to get rid of. Very odd stuff that he has carte around from place to place. Apparently all were in the family and as the only male descendant he has them. He knows nothing about firearms and I am pretty...
  9. Different Drummer

    NYS Pistol Lic. Info. County by County

    Anyone know if there is a database somewhere or list of the Counties in NYS that routinely issue Pistol Licenses with Administrative restrictions? Or conversely a list of those that do not?
  10. Different Drummer

    Non-licensee shipping handgun to Licensee, same State

    I am trying to pin down the REQUIREMENTS for a private individual ( non-licensee ) to ship a handgun to a Licensee ( FFL holder ) within the same State. In particular NYS. I understand that some FFL holders might require certain information that they personally want to accept a handgun from an...
  11. Different Drummer

    Someone to make a couple of knives

    OK guys and Gals, help me out. I need to locate a blade smith or anyone that has the ability to make a couple of working knives. Not looking for custom pretty display pieces but rugged to be used and probably abused working knives. I want to gift these to two of my closest Newfoundland...
  12. Different Drummer

    Chuck Schumer in 2009: Illegal Immigration is wrong, plain and simple

    Calling the DizzyRats Dickheads is an insult to my anatomy! The worst of the worst and we are stuck with the idiot!! This is what he said before he jumped on the obstruct Trump train.
  13. Different Drummer

    Republicans voting against Nat. Ermergency

    I must say I was disappointed to see Stefanik join the Demorats. Her explanation has some merit but when fighting fire there are times when You must resort to fire.
  14. Different Drummer

    looking for a particular thread

    Maybe a week or so ago I was reading a thread and there was a link to a chart comparing ballastics of many different cartridges. I cannot locate it. Anyone remember it and can link me to it? It had them all from .50 down to .22 Thanks
  15. Different Drummer

    Federal 9 mm HST Micro

    While enroute to Florida I stopped into a Cabela's in Fort Mill SC looking to pick up some 147 gr Federal HST. Not a single round to be had. However sitting all by itself looking lonely was a single box of 20 150 gr HST Micro. At the expense of showing my ignorance I admit to having fever...
  16. Different Drummer

    Savage, 7mm Little help from the forum

    Hey folks, I need a little assistance. My interest in firearms centers around handguns with the exception of a couple of SKS's that I bought just for no reason I guess. A very good friend in Newfoundland just called me and is wondering if I can find an item for one of his buddies. Please give...
  17. Different Drummer

    WSJ Judge B. Kavanaugh, Impartial Judge

    Opinion | I Am an Independent, Impartial Judge
  18. Different Drummer

    F/S Garden Tractor, Bolens, PRICE REDUCTION $375.00

    Well, next on the block of cleaning up my life is a Bolens Garden tractor. This is a true tractor, not a riding lawn mower. It has PTO, high and low range transmission and a rear differential lock. Model is a 1050, 192-02 with a Wisconsin TRA-10D engine. This places it at 1967-1969 year of...
  19. Different Drummer

    DONE Shingles, New GAF Timberline HD, Hickory

    I have five bundles of GAF Timberline HD shingles that would be great for someone building a garden / tool shed , play house or a couple of mega size dog houses. LOL There is also a bundle of ridge cap in addition to the five bundles of shingles. The ridge cap may be a partial. It is on the...
  20. Different Drummer

    F/S BMW R 1150 GS ADV

    2003 Model Year with 29060 miles Motorcycle has been impeccably maintained. First 10,000 miles saw oil and filter changed at 250 miles, 640 miles, 1500 miles, 2,800 miles, 4,200 miles, 5,200 miles,7,200 miles, 7,850 miles and 10, 000 miles. ( Yes, you read that correctly) Throughout it's life...
  21. Different Drummer

    OK, what the Hell is going on up there

    Another firearms arrest at Albany airport is reported in the news. I am in Florida and am hearing about this. Someone please fill in the details on this arrest. Apparently someone from SC was arrested at Albany Airport when they tried to properly check a handgun. Reason as reported was...
  22. Different Drummer

    Out of State firearms transactions

    Thankfully I am out of NYS frequently. I have purchased long guns while out of State with no problems. I also understand that if I purchase a handgun while OOS that it must be shipped to an FFL in NYS and transferred to me when I get home. Doing the wait for the green card etc. If I sell a...
  23. Different Drummer

    F/S GMC C-3500

    Looks like I will be putting my Pride and Joy up for sale. There is so much information on this truck and I seem to have trouble posting the Pics. I am just putting a link to the Craigslist Ad I have placed. Hope this doesn't violate any forum protocol. $10,400.00 Have a look: GMC C-3500 1988
  24. Different Drummer

    DONE Volkswagon, 1972 Baja Price reduced $4,975.00.00

    WORK PERFORMED IN THE LAST 2500 MILES Complete front suspension rebuild: Trailing arms, ball joints, torsion leaves and long tie rod replaced with VW type 181 ( VW Thing) components. Long and short tie rod reinforced internally with removed torsion bar. New components include upper and lower...
  25. Different Drummer

    DONE Toyota Prius

    The little lady gas decided she would like a new car. She loves her Prius and will get another. I thought I would throw this up here before hitting the WantAd digest etc. If no one here is interested perhaps you may know of someone who is in need of reliable transportation. So here is the...
  26. Different Drummer

    F/S SKS Para with extras

    Rifle is a 1967 manufacture Factory 26 This is sort of two rifles in one. A Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde SKS What is included: Factory 26 Paratrooper length built in 1967 in a USA made Phoenix Tech. collapsible Kicklite stock, USA made Murry's trigger and hammer as well as a USA made gas piston. A...
  27. Different Drummer

    .22 ammo, lots of it for sale!!

    I know some of you live close to CT. A guy on rimfire central posted today that he is selling off all his .22 ammo and he states that he has an very large amount of it. He is in CT. Might work for someone on this forum. If I was not presently in FL I would check it out.
  28. Different Drummer

    Rogue electors.

    So two go rogue on Trump. Four abandoned Hildabeast. Comes down sort of like the recount backfire.
  29. Different Drummer


    I am seeing election news.! Can't believe I am not seeing anything on the forum about it. PLEASE TELL MEI AM NOT ASLEEP AND DREAMING1
  30. Different Drummer

    Photos from computer?

    OK, I had some trouble when posting my SKS for sale thread with uploading photos from my computer. NYguns instructed me to click "upload a file". Must have worked for me because I was able to get a couple of Pics on the thread. Just a couple of minutes ago I started a "WTB" thread. I wanted...
  31. Different Drummer

    WTB Loading ramp

    Looking for used or suggestions on inexpensive new ramps. They will be used rather infrequently. Need to put my motorcycle on my flatbed . Flatbed sits a little higher than a regular pickup box. I know I could make some out of planks but I would like them to be as light weight as possible...
  32. Different Drummer

    F/S SKS, Chinese factory 26, HUGE price reduction

    If you have been thinking of putting together a SKS that says FUAC all over it, then this is yours and 100% legal on both NYS and 922r Federal requirements. This rifle started out as a type 56 factory 26 made in 1967. It is Paratrooper length with the 16 inch barrel. Originally it had a 30...
  33. Different Drummer


    I'll be good. Promise!