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  1. eagleridge357

    F/S Used Dell laptops

    I have 2 Dell laptops FS . If anyone is interested I will post pics and info
  2. eagleridge357

    F/S TWO HP 6940 printers used working condition

    Two HP 6940 inkjet printers for desktop. One has about 16k pagecount, the other is factory refurbished with less than 300 pagecount. Both work well. 36ppm black, 27ppm color. Measures 18" x 5-3/4" high x 14-1/2" (tray closed) or 20" (tray open). One may be used as a backup, or both may be...
  3. eagleridge357

    F/S 28" vent rib barrel NEW UNUSED Mossberg 500 12 ga

    Bought with new shotgun, but am using the 18-1/2" barrel, no need for this 28". NEW UNUSED attached mod choke. Must sell, need some pocket $ . Make a reasonable offer. Asking $115 Will ship for $15 or pick up eastern Dutchess county.
  4. eagleridge357

    F/S 2006 Saturn Vue good running cond. $1150 OBO

    For sale used 2006 Saturn Vue good running condition (presently on road), 143K miles, FWD, 2.2 liter 4 cyl automatic, pwr group and cruise. A/C not working (needs comp). Body OK except for minor ding in hood and hatch. Passed inspection 2 months ago, no problems. Right rear door latch needs...
  5. eagleridge357

    F/S S&W series 5900 10 rd MecGar steel mags NEW

    For sale three S&W series 5900 10 rd MecGar steel body mags (new) as shown. Buy one at $18 free shipping, buy two at $34 free shipping, buy three at $48 free shipping. Each is packaged in original factory display box with floor plate removal tool. Originally purchased from Midway for $22.50...
  6. eagleridge357

    gunless permit valid?

    I should know the answer to this question, but I admit I cannot find an answer to it after looking around. If a PP holder drops a pistol from the PP and it is the only one listed, is the PP still in effect/valid? Assume the PP holder wants to sell the only pistol which is listed on the back...
  7. eagleridge357

    F/S Bargain days are here again! rifle bags, PC center, paslode nails

    I have some more things for sale..... 1) Shelving system with lower cabinet and desk level worktop. Made from parts taken from an armoire. All parts are solid wood, no laminates. Comes apart/goes together in 15 minutes. Suitable for garage or workshop, computer area, kid's room, rec room...
  8. eagleridge357

    F/S MISC ammo mostly range

    I have some ammo for sale (mostly range ammo), by the box (BTB) priced as shown or discounted price for the WHOLE lot = $110 ($10 savings) No shipping available (well, maybe). Pick up eastern Dutchess county. Check out my other ads. Bargain days are here! Mag Tech .38spl 158 gr LRN 100...
  9. eagleridge357

    F/S Moving sale items bargain days are here!

    I have for sale:::: 999 fine silver art bar bullion one troy ounce - two styles. Right facing buffalo two available, left facing buffalo 12 available. Hermetically sealed $28 each Other styles available in coming ads (Walking Eagle, USS Constitution - hard to find) Used Pelonis oil...
  10. eagleridge357

    F/S Refurbished HP 6940 deskjet printer 17-35 ppm

    I have for sale one refurbished HP 6940 deskjet printer in perfect working condition. PPM=17-35 depending on settings. The page count on this printer is less than 100 pages. I have another printer exactly like this one with over 16,000 page count and still going strong, so you can see what a...
  11. eagleridge357

    F/S Hand made in Hawaii feather lei/hatband

    I have for sale a genuine vintage Hawaiian hand made Feather Lei/Hatband which may be used as a hat band, a table or wall decoration, as a compliment to wardrobe, whatever you choose to use it for. Total length is 27-1/2" width is 2-1/8". Will make a circle of 8" max diameter. This band was...
  12. eagleridge357

    F/S Used Dyna Glo propane cabinet heater

    I have for sale a used Dyna Glo 18000 BTU cabinet style propane heater. Holds a 20 lb tank. For details google Dyna Glo cabinet heater. Good working condition. May be used for garage, shop, camp. Asking $35. Pick up eastern Dutchess county. Extra charge for shipping. Get a quote for your zip...
  13. eagleridge357

    DONE Used Corona 23K BTU kero heater

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have for sale one used Corona kerosene heater, model 23DK, 22,800 BTU. Good working condition, no dents, no missing parts. Battery ignition does not work, must be started with a long neck butane lighter, of which I will include two with heater. Otherwise, great heater...
  14. eagleridge357

    F/S BRAND NEW Wall's insulated bib overalls DEAL

    I have for sale one pair BRAND NEW UNUSED Wall's insulated bib overalls size 2X large-regular. Given to my son-in-law as a gift, but wrong fit. NEVER BEEN WORN. Very heavy weight high quality. Plenty of pockets at chest, hips, rear, hammer loops, zipper legs, heavy quilt insulated. See Walls...
  15. eagleridge357

    DONE Eleven 18" x 30" solid oak cabinet doors w/hdwe used

    We have decided to move from NYS to TX and need to sell at a low price or even give away a lot of useful things (not junk). Listed below are just a few things. I will be posting other For Sale ads each one listing other things for sale. If you need something call and ask we may have it...
  16. eagleridge357

    DONE Moving sale items

    We have decided to move from NYS to TX and need to sell at a low price or even give away a lot of useful things (not junk). Listed below are just a few things. I will be posting other For Sale ads each one listing other things for sale. If you need something call and ask we may have it...
  17. eagleridge357

    F/S NEW MecGar 10 rd mag for S&W 6900 series

    I have for sale one NEW UNUSED MecGar steel body 10 rd 9mm mag for S&W 6900 series gen 3 pistols, VERY hard to find! FREE shipping in NYS. Asking $41. Two more available. I also complete firearm and ammo transfers, consignment sales, buy any used handgun or long gun. Dutchess county FFL.
  18. eagleridge357

    DONE NEW Taurus PT709 Slim 9mm pistol w/options

    I have for sale one NEW Taurus PT709 Slim 9mm carry pistol. NEW, unfired, includes one 7 rd mag, box, manual, lifetime warranty, lock wrenches, trigger block. Asking $255 $225 $205 !! with no additional charge for tax . Also, $ ZERO! transfer fee if picked up at my dutchess county FFL...
  19. eagleridge357

    F/S Two NEW Mossberg accu-choke for 20 ga

    I have for sale two Mossberg accu-choke screw-in type chokes for Mossberg 20 ga accu choke barrel One is IMP CYL, one is FULL. Both are NEW, UNUSED Both for $40 or $25 each. Free first class mailing. Paypal, check or money order
  20. eagleridge357

    DONE NEW Mossberg 500A 12ga 28"VRB with optional bbl and accessories

    I have for sale one NEW UNUSED Mossberg 500A 12 ga pump shotgun with 28" vent rib barrel which has an installed modified accu choke. Asking $285. Pick it up at my dutchess county location and pay no shipping, no sales tax. NICS and transfer fee is ZERO $. Ship to your dealer for $38. I...
  21. eagleridge357

    Pack rds to front or rear of mag

    I was at the range saturday and got into a conversation with another shooter after he saw me tapping my rds toward the front of the mag before installing it into my pistol. He said he taps his toward the rear after he fully loads the mag. Out of curiousity he asked why do I tap them toward the...
  22. eagleridge357

    F/S Refurbished Simmons riflescope

    I have for sale one refurbished Simmons scope model 1033. 1" tube, 12" long with dust caps, instructions, rings. This has not been mounted or used after refurbishing. Minor wear marks on the tube, but scope lens and hairs are perfect. Ships to you insured priority for $45.
  23. eagleridge357

    DONE Gently used Marlin 60SB pre-2000 22" bbl w/scope

    I have for sale a pre-owned Marlin 60 SB 22LR semi-auto rifle with scope. This Marlin has a 22" SS micro-groove barrel and a 14 +1 rd capacity of 22LR only (NYS legal) ( I was able to fit 15 in the tube with tube locked). Made before 2000 when the barrel length changed from 22" to 19". 22"...
  24. eagleridge357

    DONE Barely used Ruger LC9S w/optional holsters

    I have for sale one very slightly used Ruger LC9S compact 9mm pistol. The LC9S replaces the original LC9 and has been re-engineered with a very much improved trigger and a striker action instead of the hammer action of the older model. Comes with box, paperwork, manual, cable lock, one 7 rd...
  25. eagleridge357

    DONE Pre-owned S&W 5904

    I have for sale one pre-owned S&W 5904 9mmx19, with 4"bbl, ambidextrous slide mounted decocker/safety, Spurred hammer, and magazine disconnect. Also sports the very useful squared and serrated front trigger guard for better weak hand grip control. Trigger guard is large enough for a gloved...
  26. eagleridge357

    WTB Used 22" or 24" two stage snowblower - barter for gun stuff

    Looking to buy a two stage 22" or 24" used snowblower in GOOD working condition. Prefer a model of a quality manufacturer less than 4 years old. I live in eastern dutchess county. I am an FFL, so willing to barter for free gun and ammo transfers, retail discounts on new guns, free...
  27. eagleridge357

    DONE S&W M&P9 compact 9mm blk w/two 10 rd mags UNFIRED as new

    I purchased this 9C new in May of this year, put it on my PP and it has rested quietly on my nightstand without being carried or fired, just fully loaded and at the ready. Comes with hard case, two 10 rd mags (NOTE: two 12 rd mags are shown in pics, but you will get two 10 rd mags), two...
  28. eagleridge357

    Bersa Thunder Pro Ultra Compact 9mm

    Anyone here shoot one of these? Been reading reviews, seems like an attractive handgun, available in 10 rd mags too. Supposed to be Bersa's "really good design" . Has some very positive comments from reviewers. I have not handled one, just wondering what it's like?
  29. eagleridge357

    Interesting post in NYF....about NYSRPA and Tom King

    Yeh I know NYF is "the other" place, but I found this to be enlightening, especially at a time when I recently got a renewal notice in the mail for membership fee. I must think hard about that now. Comments? 6 Things NYSRPA Does not Want its Members to Know
  30. eagleridge357

    Ann has it right .....again

    The anti-DJters are causing a shaking among the sane November 16, 2016 - LITERALLY SHAKING
  31. eagleridge357

    F/S Ruger SP101 SS 357mag/38spl like new

    This was listed in an earlier FS post, but the buyer could not come up with funds to purchase. This is a great deal on a beautiful and well-built 357mag. I have for sale a Ruger SP101 357 mag/38spl+P 5 shot revolver in excellent pre-owned condition. Could pass as new, no markings on stainless...
  32. eagleridge357

    Link for serious preppers only, others take a hike

    Military Told to Prepare for Tactical Nuclear Exchange with Russia in Syria! Stateside Military Told to Prepare for Intercontinental One-for-One Nuke Exchange | Opinion - Liberal Ignore the source and read the article, a great recap and update regarding the boiling situation in Syria. This is...
  33. eagleridge357

    Any bets on how long before ATF knocks on this door?

    Novelty Guns, Inc - RapidFire Trigger Attachments - RapidFire Trigger Activators - RapidFire Trigger Systems - RapidFire Triggers This guy is flirting with a chance to meet Bubba.
  34. eagleridge357

    My bad experience with ?

    I'd like to start a thread which has a topic I've not seen anywhere before. It may fall flat or it may soar high. So be it. This thread will deal with negative comments about firearms you have had a bad experience with. No made-up stories, no below-the-belt-punches, just REAL ACTUAL negative...
  35. eagleridge357

    4" barrel, RH or LH twist better?

    My gun range buddy (seemingly at first judgment not the brightest candle in the room) and I were having a conversation about whether RH or LH rifling twist is better for a 4" handgun barrel. I told him my revolver had RH twist, and shoots accurately. He opines "get LH twist next time and...
  36. eagleridge357

    WTB Smith and Wesson 10 rd magazine(s) for 6900 series pistols

    DONE FOUND THE MAGS Specifically model 6906 or 6946 Yes they do exist and they are out there. Have any? How much do you want? What condition? S&W or other manufacturer? Thanks.
  37. eagleridge357

    DONE Ruger LC9s (barely used)

    SOLD TO RELATIVE OF NYGF MEMBER THANK YOU THERESA!!! I have for sale one very slightly used Ruger LC9S, the improved striker fired model, with one 7 rd mag. About 14 rds through this, bought it new, fired it at the range one day, then carried it for a while. Time to move on. So many guns...
  38. eagleridge357

    DONE SOLD PENDING FUNDS Ruger SP101 SS 357mag/38spl like new

    This was listed in an earlier FS post, but the buyer could not come up with funds to purchase. This is a great deal on a beautiful and well-built 357mag. I have for sale a Ruger SP101 357 mag/38spl+P 5 shot revolver in excellent pre-owned condition. Could pass as new, no markings on stainless...
  39. eagleridge357

    DONE Walther PK380 w/8 rd mag (used slightly)

    I have for sale one slightly used Walther PK380 with one 8 rd mag, as pictured. Comes with all you see in photos. Has about 8 rds through it. My friend had it on her permit, and found the grip did not suit her very small hand and fingers. A well made, well balanced lightweight carry (or target)...
  40. eagleridge357

    DONE S&W M&P9c FDE 3.5" w/two 10 rd mag NIB

    I have for sale one factory new in box Smith and Wesson M&P9c (compact version of M&P9). FDE finish, 3.5" BBL, 9mm, two factory 10 rd mags. All in photos goes with sale. Price has been reduced to $435. NICS done at FFL in dutchess county, or will ship to your FFL for $25. This price is...
  41. eagleridge357

    Me again

    Um, hello. Nice to see familiar faces here. I kept the same handle so you guys know what you are in for with me around. Hope to learn a lot of new stuff here, so I will keep my mind and ears open and my mouth shut (most of the time). How long has this place been open?