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  1. Jchrisls

    Wait times Monroe 2021 and the "pistol permit playoff beard "

    I applied for my concealed carry permit on Friday, September 24th @ 3 pm. My intention is to keep this thread updated with interactions i receive from my references and when, what could be a phone interview with the monroe county sheriff's office and when, and when i receive word as to an...
  2. Jchrisls

    States other than NY non resident pistol permit requirements

    So i hope to drive to visit my son in Colorado next summer and would like to, in the meantime, apply for all the required concealed carry permits to travel there. Who here has what permits that are recognized and what were the procedures/ problems you encountered doing so?
  3. Jchrisls

    Looking for insights from experienced shooters for recommendations for a first handgun.

    I finally after nearly 2 years of waiting ( dumb rules and ignorance) got around to submitting my pistol permit. Although i know I have a long wait ( been told 9-16 months) i figured i would spend the time productively by beginning some research on what will work best for me as an EDC. Some...
  4. Jchrisls

    Judge ACBs prior ruling on a non violent felons loss of thier 2A rights invoked as a Lil Wayne

    As odd as this sounds, this is his lawyers view to defend him. The fact that the potential defendant ( Lil Wayne) is not financially hurting, this could be interesting to follow. I'm not a fan of his by any means, but his deep pockets and willingness to fight for himself could be very...
  5. Jchrisls

    Triggers for ar 15s and person opinions

    So, as I have said before, I am fairly new to firearms, only purchasing my first in May. I have sent several thousand rounds downrange with the stock trigger and have been fairly happy with its performance so far. Although I haven't measured the pull ( per specs approximately 7-8 lbs) I have...
  6. Jchrisls

    Why is the 1st amendment realistically only apply to the left?

    Your opinions would be appreciated posted below. I am at a loss of understanding why it is that those of a progressive mindset seem free to share thier opinions regarding thier political views openly, yet more conservative minds must feel reluctant to share thier own for fear of the emotional...
  7. Jchrisls

    Election night enthusiasm

    Who is in for the long haul, who is satisfied knowing the following day, and who is unsure the results will be known that evening.
  8. Jchrisls

    Predictions on the upcoming presidential election

    Looking for honest data and educated beliefs on the outcome. We all here have our hopes and wishes, but looking for what your PREDICTIONS will be, not Hope's and dreams.
  9. Jchrisls

    Record numbers of background checks and politics

    Its been revealed that September has put us above last year's total NICS checks, currently sitting at over 28 million thus far, will 3 months to go. Understanding that not all checks equate a firearm sale, and some equate to multiple sales for a single inquiry, its still remarkably high...
  10. Jchrisls

    Cuomo denies nursing home deaths caused by readmissions of covid patients
  11. Jchrisls

    So i get the mail today, and found who i should vote for

    After receiving this very informative flyer, I have made up my mind. I assume they were advocating for me to vote for him. I also assume that wasn't thier intention. Hey, if the democratic party wants to help thier opposition candidate, who am I to judge?
  12. Jchrisls

    Why would a fixed mag be considered a range toy?

    Again, new and still learning, but a serious question. Specifically speaking of fixed mags in AR Safe Act compliant rifles. All the information/ statistical data I was able to gather prior to my purchase has stated that the average self defense encounter tends to discharge between 3-7 rounds...
  13. Jchrisls

    CA governor Newsom comments on magazine ruling And just listen for the magazine clip statement. It's there
  14. Jchrisls

    Steel cased ammunition pros and cons, experiences?

    So, as u may already know, I'm new to the game. When I purchased my AR from a local shooting range/ gun store, one of the first thing I was told was " never fire steel cased ammunition in this". I was never told why, and dont wish to fall victim to a bias or superstition based on someone else's...
  15. Jchrisls

    Unemployment dips as 600 a week benefit expires Who'd a thunk it ( sarcasm)
  16. Jchrisls

    Legal question regarding Shotgun

    Simple question. Is a Benelli M4 ( I think the M1014 with collapsible stock and extensions tube with pistol grip) safe act legal in NY? Got my eyes on it....
  17. Jchrisls

    From a left leaning NYP, the issues with Biden and his chances

    From the New York Post, itself a left leaning newspaper, this.... Potentially admitting defeat in November?
  18. Jchrisls

    And another biden interview

    This gets interesting for me. He states his mental acuity then proceeds to stumbled through sentences.
  19. Jchrisls

    Fiocci to invest in new ammunition plant
  20. Jchrisls

    Info regarding reasons why SCOTUS declined 10-2A cases a month or so ago
  21. Jchrisls

    So a hypothetical "wish list" of law reforms regarding firearms.

    Based upon a conversation in another thread an idea came to mind. The hypothetical... A new gun advocacy group has formed within NYS. They are specifically NY focused, and have resources, albeit limited to begin with, but may be capable of addressing a focused "assault " to remove 5 terrible...
  22. Jchrisls

    Shortcut to the forum

    Is there any way ( please bear with my ignorance if it exists) to add a shortcut to the forum on a home screen for a mobile device? Sure wouldn't be handy.
  23. Jchrisls

    Caught in Newark with a "high powered magazine "

    The ignorance in this one is strong...
  24. Jchrisls

    Ammunition found locally today

    I thought this might be a useful thread for all of us still searching for the elusive unicorn with a winning lottery ticket stapled to its ass being chased by a leprechaun holding a pot of gold and the approved repeal of the Safe Act in his hands( seems to be easier to find than ammunition) If...
  25. Jchrisls

    So...shooting at cars ( humor)

    An English version would include 5 minutes of discussion, 2 -30 second ads, a 4 minute recap of discussion prior to ads, 15 seconds of shooting, more ads, a 2 minute walk to the item shot, another ad and 4 minutes of promotion for the channel. Russian you ask?........ "Hand me the...
  26. Jchrisls

    This may have been covered beforehand regarding charging handles, but please bear with this new forum member...

    As I have recently become a new firearm owner ( April) and was wondering if anyone has any experience with Raptor charging handles. I'm running a Ny compliant Sig Sauer M400 and after a thousand rounds I can see the advantages of an ambi charging handle, yet don't know anyone who owns one to...