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  1. Karpteach

    WTB Saiga 223

    As the title says. Looking to buy a Saiga .223. I had spine surgery and CANNOT shoot any large caliber rifles. If someone has one or knows of one at a Local gun store I would appreciate the heads up.
  2. Karpteach

    DONE .380 Critical Defense.

    11-Critical Defense- $25 Each >6 mo old.
  3. Karpteach

    F/S Marlin Waffle Top

    $700 transfer on buyer transfer at Volko On LI on me. Shipping on your dime.
  4. Karpteach

    DONE Springfield M1A

    Used M1A NY Legal. $1700 for Rifle, case, cleaning kit, 2 mags, ammo pouch, and 10 boxes of ammo. transfer on me at Volko on LI. Shipping on your dime.
  5. Karpteach

    DONE .45 Auto Ammo

    I am selling many handguns. I sold my Sig 220 and I found a ton of ammo in some ammo cans. Now they are up for sale. PMC. - 2 boxes -$30 each Winchester-4 boxes -$40 each. Speer Lawman -10 boxes -$30 each Loose bag of PMC( w/ stains) I think 40-50 pieces they were in the mags of the 220. -$15...
  6. Karpteach

    WTB Browning A5 20 gauge.

    Looking for a good priced A5 20. Whatcha got?
  7. Karpteach

    WTB Starter/Blank Pistol

    Im starting a Pointer pup soon and I’m looking for a used .22 Starter/Blank Pistol . Please let me know what you have and can part with. Thanks
  8. Karpteach

    Grouse and woodcock

    I am in the process of getting another pointer. I haven’t hunted Geouse and Woodcock in over 20 years. How are NYS numbers in upland birds. I know that there is a pendulum of good years and bad years. Where is NY in this pendulum.
  9. Karpteach

    White House petition to end gun Free Zones

    End Gun Free Zones in all Public Schools and campuses, allowing lawful citizens to conceal carry in these locations. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government Please sign and have our voices heard!
  10. Karpteach

    Wood Smith/ Gun Smith wanted.

    I have a rough cut stock I need finished. It needs sanding, in-letting, and finishing. Can ANYONE recommend a WoodSmith/Gunsmith? Thanks for looking.
  11. Karpteach

    One reason why Trump is hated.

    I found this disturbing and interesting!!
  12. Karpteach


    It took some time, but I tracked you guys down. Congrats on the new site!!