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  1. Cooolone

    Twisted measure to silence voices of dissent at school board meetings — arrest them

    Observe with an open mind, but I don't see how this shit can go down at a "public" meeting. Then the subsequent arrest after the fact for disorderly!? Is insane any more... Just wild BS...
  2. Cooolone

    (Authorities arrest Steele dossier contributor Igor Danchenko) Noose being prepared? Will all roads lead to Clinton and the Russian Hoax!

    Simply amazing it has even gotten this far! Utterly surprised this hasn't been buried completely... Will they get to the nitty gritty and actual charges follow suit. All the BS about insurrection, but...
  3. Cooolone

    Said it before, SCOTUS has no teeth! CDC extends tenant protections... Ok... So the SCOTUS ruled in June that the CDC exceeded it's mandate and didn't have the authority to enact any moratorium on evictions as this was a legislature action. And now, as Congress goes in...
  4. Cooolone

    "Disturbed by seeing American Flags"

    Here... 2nd post as it appears my last attempt thread title wasn't descriptive enough! :rolleyes: So, here's another snowflake koolaid drinker that has an issue in others beliefs, because it isn't in sync with her own! Typical and extremely laughable response! Maybe she should move to...
  5. Cooolone

    Reap what you sow! Portland Mayor asks for help to stem violent protesting. Karma is a bitch! Just lol... What did you expect when you allowed the rule of law to be expunged by miscreants!?!? Good luck... Have fun!
  6. Cooolone

    Ma’Khia Bryant: Columbus police release bodycam footage of officer’s fatal shooting of teen

    Lol on the title... Real eye catcher ;) Amazing bullshit out there anymore! Officer is on desk duty while being investigated! New normal... But really, WTF do people expect, that an officer stand there and watch her stab others because she's a kid? She already plunged the knife at the girl...
  7. Cooolone

    Breaking down Biden pretty well. (US goes wobbly under Biden: Goodwin NYPost Op-ed) Some amazing clarity! Amazed it was published too...
  8. Cooolone

    I just don't get it... Now diversification in housing is the mantra of the cancel culture looking to do away with Single Family Zoning!

    Like Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!! So, now we shall begin to put multi-dwelling units in single family housing zones by State decree? To diversify communities? Really? Let's see... I searched and found...
  9. Cooolone

    They are officially mentally insecure! Pelosi blames current migrant crisis on Trump! TDS much?

    Can't believe these people are still blaming him for everything! Fact is the migrants themselves have said they've come because Biden won and want to get across before they decide to close the border again! They're all freaking crazy...
  10. Cooolone

    Probable cause to secure vehicle black box (ECU)... Let's discuss shall we!

    Interesting... And will it be the new norm? I am aware this has been done, usually in events of death with regard to vehicular accidents or incidents. Add to it there are some people voluntarily...
  11. Cooolone

    Nahhhh... What could be wrong? He's just focusing on Covid-19 relief!?!? Weeknd at Bernie's anyone?

    Wow! Nothing to see here folks, I'm sure! How many days until Harris is in the Oval Office? Wanna start a poll?
  12. Cooolone

    Minneapolis scraps plan to hire influencers to spin George Floyd murder trial

    Apparently, a city council decided it needed to promote propaganda in order to influence the weak minds of minority communities... Simply amazing how this though would even enter elected representatives brains! So what else have they done? Purchased palettes of bricks? Hmmmmm... Just...
  13. Cooolone

    White House working with social media giants to silence anti-vaxxers Biden administration official adopting a censorship program over voices, ideas and opinions that differ from its own! Here, who couldn't see this coming! And... FB would want to project that they're...
  14. Cooolone

    Is this the political military purge? (Defense secretary orders military ‘stand down’ to address ‘extremism’ in it's ranks)

    What's this...? Not in McCarthy's days would politicians dare so blatantly to flap their wings! Extremism is the the "Other Guy" with a different political ideology!??? WTF ... Maybe it is closer to the end than I've thought. But you think you're going to do what? Move aside those who've...
  15. Cooolone

    America’s murder rate increase in 2020 has ‘no modern precedent’ (stop using titles that don't actually say what it's about)

    They proclaim there's no modern precedent... For an uptick in murder. Well, it's counterintuitive to believe that when LE is under assault, and criminals are let go scott free, that there would be...
  16. Cooolone

    Hypocritical Dilemma!

    So... If it's "LEFT" or Liberal or Progressive... It's "Protesting" regardless of the burning, looting and assaults! If it's "Right"... Then it's "Terrorism"! Simply amazing and definitely a early tell of what's to come, no worries! So just put on a BLM shirt and do your wares, you'll barely...
  17. Cooolone

    New Favorite (knife) :)

    Ok, so in spite of the tough times ... I decided to splurge a little in myself. A complete want, rather than need of course. But I've had my eye on these for a while. So in August, I was able to get "IN" when the books opened for a new batch to be made. I was lucky, tried a few times before...
  18. Cooolone

    Cuomo calls himself and Fauci the Pacino and Deniro of Covid

    Kinda obnoxious to refer and associate yourself with a fictional organized crime boss.. And it shouldn't be missed on anyone! Typical ostentatious narcissistic ITALIAN asshole!
  19. Cooolone

    Record 788K people request ballots ahead of Georgia runoff elections Nothing wrong here, just unexplainable voter involvement that is completely unprecedented!!! So, they figured out a weakness in the system and are exploiting it without any shame, in full view of...
  20. Cooolone

    Jan 20th is a long way AWAY, and I'm already tired of the BS! SO... Here now, in total socialism fashion, we have a Politburo, appointment based upon political ideology!!! Guess merit is out the...
  21. Cooolone

    How outrageous is this? We Want Something for OUR Vote!

    Wait... I thought BLM was just an ideology? It had no responsible parties, ie, leaders!?!? How is this possible... And quite frankly, fuck you very much! We might as well just get on with it and...
  22. Cooolone

    A "MAN" with balls... Now... This... This is a man with balls! Akin to that lunatic in China that time standing in front of the tank! I'd wager...
  23. Cooolone

    King Cuomo at it again ( Mandatory quarantines of visitors)

    So the King demands biometrics to be collected by the state in order to allow travel... Can't see how this is enforceable, or how the State outside of "law" effectuate it! The governor does not have the legal ability to demand personal medical data from persons traveling for permission to do...
  24. Cooolone

    Now that's what I call 'illegal possession" or well should be! Lmao... Now exactly what the title says! WTF! :D :D :D
  25. Cooolone

    Police release footage of fatal shooting of Tulsa police officer

    Saddening and scary video of Tulsa cops shot during V&T stop... There's lots wrong going on here, and trying to be nice is one of them! Will provide fodder for training for years to come. And should be rammed down all the snowflakes throats about tolerance and what that gets LE... because...
  26. Cooolone

    Kamala Harris accidentally refers to ‘Harris administration’ during roundtable

    Woooop! There it is... Wonder why they won't let these two idiots talk to the media... Yes old Freudian slip...
  27. Cooolone

    Twitter is Biased (no kidding)

    Yeah, we know it... But interesting that they won't take down the world's largest professed supporter of terrorism tweets, but the POTUS is inciting violence!
  28. Cooolone

    Canadian cops take down teenage girl in stormtrooper costume

    Well, there ya have it... For Safety and the Children, err on the side of caution! So ridiculously insane... The arrest stood until release some time later! Are you fucking kidding me!? Lmao! Gotta...
  29. Cooolone

    Tough Guy Biden

    What a pompous asshole! Wants SS protection so he can go around and threaten people...
  30. Cooolone

    Whoop! Bloombucks does it again! Flaunts his $$$

    When will people get it?... Interestingly, every link to Twitter with the same video excerpt from the debate doesn't seem to work (for me anyways)... Lol, enjoy!
  31. Cooolone

    NY Times & Taliban

    Interesting and certainly not going to get much attention by other media outlets, but should be... If it's true that the NY Times...
  32. Cooolone

    Buying all the way (to the WH)

    BLOOMBUCKS is at it again... DMC to relax rules to allow the moron to debate! Not much different than him buying his way past the Law preventing a 3rd term as NY Mayor...
  33. Cooolone

    NJ Judge dispensing Koolaid!

    In no way, shape or form, posting this in defense of the subject, apparently a real piece of work!. But the judge made a statement I found interesting to say the least...
  34. Cooolone

    Virginia being sued... Virginia being taken to task for the Governor's over reach...
  35. Cooolone

    ATF - 423M guns in America

    ATF: 423M guns in America, 1.2 per person, 8.1B rounds of ammunition a year Well, I think they missed a few hundred million give or take, lol...
  36. Cooolone


    She's got my vote!
  37. Cooolone

    Fake News? House passes bill allowing concealed carry across state lines

    House passes bill allowing concealed carry across state lines Say it is so... Could this be?
  38. Cooolone

    Federal rats are fleeing the sinking collusion ship

    Who wugga thunk, one place in the media would even post it? Did they forget to drink the kool-aid? Federal rats are fleeing the sinking collusion ship Very condensed and simplified as it leaves out the previous administration's exhibited propensity to use Federal Agencies to attack political...
  39. Cooolone

    Silver down for the count, Round 2!

    Sheldon Silver found guilty on all counts in second corruption trial - NY Daily News
  40. Cooolone

    Coming soon, to a home near "You"!

    German special police raid homes of far-right movement So, the liberal progressive agenda has slowly been permeating the idea, with words and actions, on affixing a public stigmatizism upon objectionable political groups utilizing labels such as "Terrorist", "Extremist", "Nazi", "Supremist"...
  41. Cooolone

    Thoughts on this enforcement action...

    Ok, first and foremost, this is not intended to be in any way, shape or form, a cop bashing thread! If you can't provide constructive input, refrain from participating, ok! Check this out... Utah sheriff’s deputies fire 75 shots at fleeing suspect This one has more and better information...
  42. Cooolone

    Coonan .357 Magnum Semi-Auto 1911

    .357 Magnum Compact - Stainless - Coonan Inc Anyone familiar with this firearm? Opinions? Might make my list of "wants" (not needs) lol
  43. Cooolone

    Here we go... More indoctrination!

    California federal court rules high school football player can't be ordered to stand for national anthem So here we go... more indoctrination starting at the re-education institutes supported by the courts. Yes, California of course, so expected, but still utterly ridiculous! Make it more...
  44. Cooolone

    Just thought I'd share, for those who's eyes need a tear!

    Just though I'd share!
  45. Cooolone

    This guy just don't quit! Cuomo!

    Cuomo just can't hide his aspirations! Guess he's trying to lock in the Latino vote, and I'm not talking about as Governor! He wants to give PR a $90 Billion gift when they couldn't pay off their $60...
  46. Cooolone

    A New Class of Citizen?

    Not a NY Post reader, but, the article requires attention. So, here we have it folks, the establishment of a New Class of Citizen, One who is by this proposal, somehow special and deserved of privilege not...
  47. Cooolone

    Obama Commutes

    Commuted or Pardoned 330 in a single day, over 1700... Unprecedented... Here's a link to read all the people with kilos of cocaine who were unjustly convicted because the scales (of justice) are off... Commutations Granted by President Barack Obama (2009-2017) | PARDON | Department of Justice...
  48. Cooolone

    You can't make it up, this too! FUAC! Just because you aren't doing anything means you be watched and tracked anyways! Multi Billion initiative to upgrade security...
  49. Cooolone

    You can't make it up! FUAC! So there you have it... So, as we all know, it was Cuomo real intent to make possessing, using, obtaining 2A...
  50. Cooolone

    What the F@#k is wrong with these people?

    Title says it all... Trump: Making America White Again Can't stand the diatribe! So, if I were to opt-ed an article about the Ghetto being Black (I am an adult caucasian male) that would be ok? Have these idiots realized yet the universal laws of every action having an equal and opposite...