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  1. Karpteach

    2021-2022 Hunting Season

    It might be better. Down here the wind is blowing like a $2 hooker. I’m hoping the wind settles down and the afternoon is better. One of my good friends is in Columbia hunting and I’ll get venison if he gets one. Best of luck.
  2. Karpteach

    2021-2022 Hunting Season

    Get in there early tomorrow. The wind has kept them grounded. Tomorrow morning they should be up and moving.
  3. Karpteach

    2021-2022 Hunting Season

    Stay warm and positive.
  4. Karpteach

    DONE Vortex Pro Series Scope Rings

    I’ll take em.
  5. Karpteach

    Looking into buying a cow, 12 a cow or a quarter of a cow. Looking for deeper input.

    I agree with everything you said. I would also ask about if you get to keep bones for soup and stock.
  6. Karpteach

    DONE Vortex Crossfire II Scout Scope

    Got it and it’s brand NEW. Thank you.
  7. Karpteach

    DONE Vortex Pro Series Scope Rings

    After 1075tech gets his answers and if he passes and ONLY if he passes, I would like a shot at them.
  8. Karpteach

    Looking into buying a cow, 12 a cow or a quarter of a cow. Looking for deeper input.

    I am hoping one of the members has a lead on this. I too am looking for a yearling 1/2 cow and pig, well hopefully next year.
  9. Karpteach

    Christie is trying to be the next presidential contender for the republican party

    He should NOT be trying. People know that he is a SWAMP monster.
  10. Karpteach

    I shall be experimenting with shelf stable prepping foods tomorrow

    I lived on DAK in the Navy. You fry it in a pan and use the drippings to cook your eggs. Mmm When overseas I would buy the DAK chopped ham. That’s the best version of Spam I ever had.
  11. Karpteach


    I do not have the Varmint. However, I have the CRT and it is great. I think that Tikka makes a GREAT rifle.
  12. Karpteach

    Adding another one (knife) to the collection/ accumulation

    Great looking blade. I’m jealous.
  13. Karpteach

    Chinese military has landed and occupied Bagram Airforce Base.

    China and Biden are Butt Buddies. The only ones getting fucked are the boots on the ground.
  14. Karpteach

    Chinese military has landed and occupied Bagram Airforce Base.

    Nothing to see here. This was all planned by China Joe.
  15. Karpteach

    Greetings from Hyde Park

    Welcome aboard!
  16. Karpteach

    Belt recommendation

    I got some too. I love them!!
  17. Karpteach

    Florida doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated and thinks it’s ok.

    The state should pull her license.
  18. Karpteach

    A hunting truism!

    I’ve been caught off guard by the mini grey ghosts Many a times.
  19. Karpteach

    Operation Pineapple Express. Special forces volunteers pick up the governments failures.

    Unfortunately, they will. I have Afghanie neighbors and they voted for Biden, they now regret doing so! They are here 12 years and are so ingrained in the liberal mentality. Most of the “NEW” Americans want the freebies.
  20. Karpteach

    Operation Pineapple Express. Special forces volunteers pick up the governments failures.

    Those guys have more balls than all the military brass. Hooyah!!!
  21. Karpteach


    Welcome aboard!
  22. Karpteach

    Car tax and mileage tax huh??

    This is the same shit that they are doing in Sociallist Europe.
  23. Karpteach

    PA Non-Resident Permits Can Be Done On-Line

    Anybody try Lancaster county?
  24. Karpteach

    Mandated covid19 vaccines for all NYC employees

    All new employees of NYC HAVE to be vaccinated. De Blasio requiring all newly hired city employees be vaccinated
  25. Karpteach

    Biden to mandate vaccine for federal workers (7-29-21)

    NYC mandated the vaccine this week. The unvaccinated folk will have to get tested 1-2 times a week. The government will NOT be paying for the testing. They are going to squeeze everyone as much as they can. 1984, is here.
  26. Karpteach

    License Canceled After 50 years?

    Hopefully, this is the beginning of many lawsuits to come. People are frustrated to say the least.
  27. Karpteach

    Of Pistol Caliber Lever Actions

    I paired my 629 with a Ruger 96 and a Ruger .44 Carbine. What a power house cartridge the .44 is.
  28. Karpteach

    Saiga 7.62x39 rifle price?

    Holy Crap!!!
  29. Karpteach

    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case in SCOTUS (merged thread)

    I am sure they are missing the money that NewYohkers used to give them. Every time they call I tell them when the NRA gives a fuck about NY and gets rid of LaPierre, I will start to dona again.
  30. Karpteach

    South Africa SHTF/ Apocalypse situation

    How long before it happens here?
  31. Karpteach

    NYSRPA, Editor of Bullet magazine

    Now, that’s wishful thinking!!!
  32. Karpteach

    NYSRPA, Editor of Bullet magazine

    SO, I guess he doesn’t have the Balls to come back! This is the free thinking liberal mentality.... your thinking offends me, so I won’t talk to you. Jeez!!
  33. Karpteach

    NYSRPA, Editor of Bullet magazine

    I guess the crickets have set in. As usual NYSRPA & associates are blowing us off. What else is new?
  34. Karpteach

    Narcissist Kamala Hands Out Cookies of Her Likeness to Reporters

    I respectfully disagree. She has swallowed so much jizz it should be running down her chin.
  35. Karpteach

    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    His belief are what got him killed.
  36. Karpteach

    Could she be dumber than AOC?

    Yup, dumber than AOC!! Hands down, one of the dumbest people on earth.
  37. Karpteach

    House inches closer to enacting slavery reparations

    That’s Black Ops/CIA money.
  38. Karpteach


    Welcome aboard!
  39. Karpteach


    Welcome aboard.
  40. Karpteach

    DONE Ruger sold

    PM sent
  41. Karpteach

    Iran issues ultimatum to U,S. over nuke deal

    I’m not sure that the warmongers will not use this to strike Iran. if that a the case, the money the Yomama gave the Iranians will kill our fighting forces.
  42. Karpteach

    Move out to NYC from Nassau County with a Rifle.

    Sell it before you come to NYC. You cannot own any firearms in NYC unless you have a permit, not a shotgun, rifle, or even an air gun!!! Live in Nassau Cty to be close to the city. That’s what I did. The commute sucks. Good luck.
  43. Karpteach

    New member from Orange county

    Welcome aboard!
  44. Karpteach

    I say the FNFAL is the greatest battle rifle of all time. Prove me wrong.

    I concur with you on the FNAL. In the 80’s while serving I had a chance to hold and shoot many. The Rhoddesian model is one if my dream rifles
  45. Karpteach

    DONE 20 Gauge ammunition, 4 boxes, Rem STS, Win Super-X, Fed Hi Power

    Do you ever come to Long Island?
  46. Karpteach

    Incoming Transportation Secretary wants to implement a mileage tax

    There are certain Socialist Countries that charge their “affluent“ citizens a yearly tax for owning a car.
  47. Karpteach

    New around these parts

    Welcome aboard!!
  48. Karpteach

    How does ANTIFA and BLM setting fires enhance Dementia Joe's Presidency ?

    These are anarchistic fools. The commes and the anarchist are what is splintering the DemTurd party. Just like the Rhinos are splitting the Republicans. It’s going to be an interesting 4 years.