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    NICS Sucks!

    I was at the Syracuse Gun Show today. Saw something I wanted, running the BGC took quite a while at least 45 min. to an hour. It did however eventually go through and I was approved. Later I went to make two other purchases at two different vendors and both eventually came back as delayed...
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    Senate Question

    Can anyone explain how Chuck Shumer is being touted as the Majority Leader when the split is (from what I can find) 50R-48D-2Other? Even if the 2 Others vote for him its a 50/50 split. Does that mean the VP would cast the deciding vote?
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    First Time Firearm Owners

    With all the new firearm owners panic buying guns (which I fully support new gun ownership) and the lack of training options open for business it seems that there will be an uptick in the incidence of accidents with firearms due to inexperience. Negligent discharges, shot with "unloaded" guns...
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    Tims Guns Robbed?

    Heard some people mention that someone drove a car through the building and robbed it. Has anyone heard anything? Was planning to go there after work today to shop but might be closed.
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    Gunsmiths in the Oswego/Syracuse area?

    Does anyone know a good gunsmith in the Oswego/Syracuse area? Have an Ishapore .410 conversion that I need to have the chambering checked and possibly reamed out to use modern .410 shells. I have tried to research how to tell if it has been converted (many imports have been) but there is very...
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    UPEXIT or #notmygovernor

    Tonight I looked at the election results by county. North of Westchester County monkeyface only won six counties, Erie, Monroe, Onondaga, Tompkins, Albany, and Ulster. With the exception of Tompkins (at 65%) he only won about 51% of the votes in these other counties. Every other county went...
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    .50 bmg?

    Is a .50 bmg rifle legal in NYS? Single shot bolt action.
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    Found my way over here from the other place!

    Took a little time but I found my way over here! I noticed that the other place had declined in activity and content and found everyone was over here now. Glad I found you all! Might of let a feller know that most of ya had moved! IrishMick