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  1. BDinPutnam

    Well that sucks, particularly these days (Florida reloaders burn up 100 lbs of powder/10,000 rounds of ammo)

    Kinda light on details and not sure about "black powder" but either way... ouch.
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    2020-21 Hunting Season

    Buy up those permits, starting on Monday August 10, 2020! (I *almost* preserved @Gonzobird's "Hiunting" typo from last season's thread... :))
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    Night Vision / Thermal?

    School me up on goggles/handheld optics (I dont think I want to go full bore rifle optic though I guess I do have enough rifles to dedicate one to night time). I know scopes have been discussed but I'm interested more in goggles or handhelds. Purpose wise I pretty much live in the woods (I had...
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    12 Gauge Revolver? Sure, why not? M.R. New System Arms – Creativity Without Limits.
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    Wild Game Recipes

    If we already have a thread for this- sorry. Anyone have a good recipe for venison country style ribs? I have a mess of them and the only recipes I can find online are for actual ribs, not country style. Sorry for the crappy frozen pic.
  6. BDinPutnam

    Foregrip for old school carbine handguard?

    I should know this but where can i find mounting hardware/foregrip that I can mount to the old school carbine handguard on my M&P 15 (the type with holes on the bottom and top rather than rails)? Thinking about doing a featureless build out of spare parts I have on hand and converting the M&P...
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    So who sells and ships to NY these days?

    Wanting to do some browsing and possibly an impulse buy but dont want to waste my time on sites that have good selection but won't ship to New York. Any thoughts on new / used places to look online? I'll do the Gun Broker thing, sure, but weeding thru the "but we dont ship to commie states"...
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    Bloomberg Paying for Social Media Boosters

    Anybody want to make some money?
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    Nighthawk Custom Korth NXR .44 Mag. Revolver

    I am not generally a revolver guy but this is so Bladerunner I want it big time. That price though... ouch.
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    Likes Button and Smilies?

    This might've been covered before but is there a way to select the smiley that goes with your "like" of someone's post on the mobile version? I can do it on my laptop but I haven't seen a way to do it from my phone.
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    Henry .410 Lever Action Axe "Firearm"

    What say you?
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    What to get next?

    I dont really know if I want to buy anything at all at the moment but 'tis the season to at least mull it over. I already have: CZ75 BD 9mm full size Ruger Mark iv Hunter .22 SIG P227 .45 Additionally sometime in the new year my FiL will send the S&W M+P full size 45. What is my safe...
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    California- 15 new laws signed; your co-workers can now request gun confiscation

    Fox News: California adopts nation's broadest gun seizure laws. California adopts nation's broadest gun seizure laws I haven't seen the text of any of these bills but I'm thinking at this point, you might be stupid if you're still living in California. Said the guy who refuses to give up on...
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    Places to shoot trap, etc., lower Hudson Valley?

    Hey all- in lower Putnam County here. Other than Blue Mountain, where can I go within a reasonable distance to get some practice wingshooting in (probably not the right description)? I am planning on going pheasant hunting this year and would like to be as well polished as possible for the...
  15. BDinPutnam

    Semiauto Shotgun Suggestions

    Application- getting into upland hunting but also looking for general versatility. Am looking at the CZ 712 / 720. Any suggestions? Would like to stay under $1000. I would lean toward a 20 gauge but open to a 12.
  16. BDinPutnam

    What to do with my new AR?

    First of all- a HUGE thank you to @Carlos Hathcock, his club, and Buffalo Gun Center for running the raffle and working with me to get this shipped across the state. At some point I need to come up with a good karma; this forum has been incredibly good to me (no, it won't be the rifle, lol)...
  17. BDinPutnam

    Featureless 9mm Barrels

    Source me one that isn't threaded and DOESN'T come from Dark Stain, people. Would rather not have to deal with pinning and welding a muzzle device if I dont have to. About 80% of a Glock AR 9 sitting next to my desk / workbench.
  18. BDinPutnam

    2019 Spring Turkey

    You know this sumbitch will be up above the Do Lung bridge in Cambodia come opening day. Been strutting around my place all day, including walking up to the bird feeder (maybe 15' in the picture) and he's currently warbling in the woods our local female coyote sounded out in enough for me to put...
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    Embed vs Linking to a file (pictures)

    This is maybe an asked and answered stupid question but, sometimes when I post a photo from my phone (Android/Chrome browser) I have the option to embed a full size image or a thumbnail. Other times it just adds a link to the jpg at the bottom of my post. I don't change photo settings (other...
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    I want a new semi-auto - 9mm compact/pocket?

    I have a CZ 75 BD (9mm full size) as my bedside, alongside a long gun and a Fenix PD-35 flashlight. What I'd like is something smaller I can secure in a drawer down in the main living area for taking the dog out late at night, etc, and not have to go up, pull the CZ, put it back afterward. I...
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    Building Off The Grid (TV show)

    I watch very little television beyond the Weather Channel and Ancient Aliens. Just started watching it and this jackass in Maine is felling a 20-24" inch tree by flat cutting at the very base from the back almost 90% of the way thru and then cutting out a wedge in the front (felling direction)...
  22. BDinPutnam

    First knife you bought for yourself? Still have it?

    I'm not counting the handful of bullshit "Swiss army" knives I got for a couple of bucks around the same time (you remember the type, ran about 10 bucks and the corkscrew AND the main blade would usually snap around the same time i.e. after about a week). Nor knives that were given to you...
  23. BDinPutnam

    Inline / Muzzle Loaders / Blackpowder

    Bear with me as I know almost nothing about these. I'd like to pick up something for next deer season for late muzzle season (southern zone)- reliable, easy to clean, good for all kinds of weather, without breaking the bank. I was out with my crossbow in the late season this year but I'd...
  24. BDinPutnam

    Replacement fiber optics?

    So I love my Ruger Mark IV but I would like to change out the front fiber optic (currently red) for green. The pistol only came with red, white, and clear, no green. Anyone know where I can get the appropriate replacement? On Ruger's website you can get the whole sight including green but I...
  25. BDinPutnam

    Rifle Light/Mount on Pistol

    Bear with me, this is probably a stupid question but I have been a rifle guy for a long time and this is a (hopefully) short term solution until I can put a proper light under this. I don't intend holstering this pistol, this is a bump in the night gun. I am not concerned about things that go...
  26. BDinPutnam

    Holsters (Open Carry/Hunting context)

    Specifically looking for something for a CZ75 and/or Sig P227. If I had to choose one or the other I would pick the CZ as I have seen some that are gun-specific. Ideally something to throw on while going to the range out back, hunting, or when things are a little less than ideal (like power...
  27. BDinPutnam

    Big Game Season 2018

    Inspired by @Kent Goldings threads on Squirrel Seasons over the years. Archery opens Monday I believe? Who's going out in NY, where, when, for what, and how? I'm curious about the course of the season and differences between Southern Zone (where I am) and Northern, and what everyone is...
  28. BDinPutnam

    Game Processing, Hudson Valley

    Hey all- Gearing up for my first NY deer hunt this season. Can someone recommend a butcher? I am in southern Putnam but willing to travel within reason if there's someone you know who does great work. Internet is not showing me much (other than Rich the Butcher in Mahopac- any experiences...
  29. BDinPutnam

    Karma- Rage mechanical broadheads

    Been wanting to do a karma to pay it forward for a long time. My impatience (ok, stupidity) is your win. I picked up a set of Rage Hypodermics a few months ago; they are brand new, out of package only. They have not been shot and I am passing them on as I stupidly bought bow broadheads instead...
  30. BDinPutnam

    USP / P226 ; USP compact/P2000/P229?

    Kind of all over the map here but looking for opinions on these (and anything else I may be missing I shouldn't). I am looking for a 9. I have on the way a P227 and I am familiar with the operation and ergos of Sig. Not sure where I can go fondle some H&K's but definitely won't buy one...
  31. BDinPutnam

    Thordsen Customs FRS 15 Gen II's

    Apologies for no link (I'm on my phone and stupid like that) but I got an email from TC that they are dropping the price on the Gen II stocks to $79.99 a pop.
  32. BDinPutnam

    Eastern Box Turtle Behavior

    Kinda a long shot and way off topic but does anyone know why this female has been hanging out on and around the house all weekend? She spent this morning coming up the front sidewalk and made her way onto the patio by 1000, where she pretty much hung out all day until I picked her up and put...
  33. BDinPutnam

    Mossberg Terminates Relationship with Dicks

    Don't know how to copy/paste from my phone but I just received an email from Mossberg that effective immediately they will no longer accept orders from Dick's/Field and Stream.
  34. BDinPutnam

    Black Bear obviously I got a lot going on, lol. Father in Law/hunting partner and I are entering the black bear tag lotto for Michigan for September. Thought is 300 Win mag and 30-06. Anyone been out with thoughts/tips/do' and donts? I couldnt find any relevant threads. I am leaning toward heavy...
  35. BDinPutnam

    Crossbow for Deer (a tactical and practical question)

    The crossbow broadheads thread here is helpful but I was hoping to get some thoughts on where I'm at and if crossbow is where I want to go before I sink money into equipment and practice. I'm on about 5 acres in southern Putnam; neighbors consist of 60 acres of woods behind and five acre plots...
  36. BDinPutnam

    March to Overwhelm NICS Day - Saturday, March 24

    My intent is to trigger at least one NICS check on Saturday.
  37. BDinPutnam

    Putnam County - live fire course options?

    Wife and I have the list from the court but wondering if anyone can recommend a live fire course? Long story with some withheld tmi but Reitz gave her Target, and alledgely told her she needs to do live fire and buy a safe within 90 days. Without a permit she will need somewhere she can borrow...
  38. BDinPutnam

    Weatherby Accubrake?

    Any Weatherby fans out there? I have a stainless synthetic Mk V in .30-06, been debating on sending it in for Accubrake. Just wondering if anyone here has experience/thoughts.
  39. BDinPutnam

    So I've got like half an AR... what now?

    I already have an AR9 (QC10 SMF) and a 16" .223 Wylde (both featureless). On hand I have a billet Mega upper/lower set (AR15 frame), most of a LPK (no trigger), a milspec BCG, and a spare Thordsen. So basically I'm lacking a barrel/block and handguard unless I want to do a funky caliber...
  40. BDinPutnam

    Oh, hello!

    Thanks for the invite! I had gotten really busy at work so not paying much attention to what was going on online lately. My thanks to Celt for the heads up. BD