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  1. BDinPutnam

    NYSRPA, Editor of Bullet magazine

    Hey burgers need grilling, beers need drinking, and offices need redecorating. Same old shit. These guys have been treating us like a hybrid cash cow and mushroom for years.
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    Pocket gun

    Big fan of the P238 with defensive ammo. Bonus- I shoot it better than any other handgun I own. Extremely natural to point and shoot, easy to conceal, and basically no recoil to speak of.
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    I want a "Giggle switch" ~~~

    Bush Sr. is why we can't have nice things from overseas.
  4. BDinPutnam

    S-1235, 10 day waiting period, advances

    "I already have everything I want." :rolleyes:
  5. BDinPutnam

    SKS: Scout Scope or Red dot and Bayonet mount?

    I'd split the baby and go with the scope and the bayonet though I have no bayonet mounting solution for you...
  6. BDinPutnam

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Nice. I have the .308 with a 2 - 7x scout scope on it, one of my favorite long guns. Super handy.
  7. BDinPutnam

    One more step towards socialism. Mandatory $15/month internet access for poor people

    Someone has to pay for all this... 60-80 hour weeks since February. :banghead:
  8. BDinPutnam

    Kristi Noem to illegal migrants ( I LOVE this lady)

    Was going to post this, too. Follow the money...
  9. BDinPutnam

    Biden looking to reimagine the Supreme Court

    I have a reform in mind. Cut the court down to FIVE justices. Guess which ones get to stay?
  10. BDinPutnam

    AR Build Question: Foregrip Posibility on NY UGLY

    If it was good enough for SOG it should be good enough for you!
  11. BDinPutnam

    One more step towards socialism. Mandatory $15/month internet access for poor people

    My favorite day of the year is the paystub I get that says "you have no more FICA to pay this year." Fuckers.
  12. BDinPutnam

    One more step towards socialism. Mandatory $15/month internet access for poor people

    I'm all for this as long as the only website they can get to while on this program is
  13. BDinPutnam

    NYs adds a week to hunting season for bow and muzzle loader.

    Ain't that the truth. I saw maybe ten deer total between September and Christmas. Usually see anywhere from 3 - 8 on any given day 365 days a year.
  14. BDinPutnam

    White House release on Parkland Anniversary and what we get to look forward to

    And do what, tactically and, more importantly, strategically? Asking because historically you like to blow this whistle (which I very well agree with, depending on your answer) whilst simultaneously you say you don't care about the gun rights of people you don't know (or if infringements don't...
  15. BDinPutnam

    LOL! Roundhill Group bringing back failed Rem. R51

    No, I dont think I'll ever get over Macho Grande.
  16. BDinPutnam

    LOL! Roundhill Group bringing back failed Rem. R51

    Jokes. Just like the R41. :rolleyes:
  17. BDinPutnam

    LOL! Roundhill Group bringing back failed Rem. R51

    What does it bring to the table? In a word? Not a damn thing.
  18. BDinPutnam

    2021 Gardening Thread

    So about now is a good time to start some seeds indoors (for transport to the garden in a few months)?
  19. BDinPutnam

    "Bank of America is working with the FBI to hunt down Trump supporters" - American Thinker

    Doesn't say whether they were complying with a subpoena (or not). Bernie Kerik is... somewhat lacking credibility in my book, which is another matter perhaps.
  20. BDinPutnam

    SAFE ACT Noncompliance in NYS

    Well at this point they can over-ride Cuomo's veto so they feel like they can do anything they want. If you look at some of the non-gun related ideas being floated we can see they're definitely feeling more powerful than they have in years.
  21. BDinPutnam

    SAFE ACT Noncompliance in NYS

    They're emboldened because they now hold a veto-proof majority in the legislature.
  22. BDinPutnam

    Biden’s plan to take most of our new promised stimulus checks

    Yeah but its not "your money" even. The government printed what, almost 8 trillion dollars in the past 12 months? I have no problem with RELIEF payments to those who need it. My beef is with STIMULUS payments broadly sent out to stimulate demand which already exists. Early in this thing you...
  23. BDinPutnam

    Biden’s plan to take most of our new promised stimulus checks

    Seriously? These "stimulus" payments have largely gone to the middle class whether they needed them or not. From the start through now.
  24. BDinPutnam

    SAFE ACT Noncompliance in NYS

    Sure, you bet. Until they legislatively proscribe component parts. "Hahaha... fuck you!!!! Wait, I need to make my own trigger group? What the fuck?!"
  25. BDinPutnam

    House Bill H.R. 127 2021 Gun Control (Multi-Merged threads)

    922(dd)(1)... ".50 caliber or greater." Attention FUDD this is your fucking muzzleloader.
  26. BDinPutnam

    NY legal AR pistol question

    ^^what he said. An unfinished AR receiver is not a rifle or a pistol. It is an "other."
  27. BDinPutnam

    NY legal AR pistol question

    Only your clerk knows for sure what they are and aren't willing to put on a PP in your particular county (and how).
  28. BDinPutnam

    FREE PAY IT FORWARD thread 2021 Version

    Awesome story @Robin AND I'm glad you found your wallet, that is a horrible feeling! I still have to clean out the shop... but I am shopping for storage so one of these days I'll actually get organized and know what I have to offer up!
  29. BDinPutnam

    2021 Gardening Thread

    That looks real nice! Looking forward to this this year. Anybody ordering anything already? Just started getting pre-order notices from Stark and while I dont want to order anything too early, I dont want to miss out on anything, either.
  30. BDinPutnam

    Border Wall Contractors Told to Stop Construction by Tuesday Night: Congressman

    Depends. How much land got eminent domained from private citizens for Trumps ineffectual PR stunt?
  31. BDinPutnam

    Economics of home freeze drying. My very limited experience

    That's wicked cool, appreciate the further info @fnfalguy.
  32. BDinPutnam

    Economics of home freeze drying. My very limited experience

    Fascinating stuff. What machine do you have? Haven't really gone too far down this rabbit hole but your spreadsheet sure makes it seem worth looking into!
  33. BDinPutnam

    Building your own : what pitfalls to avoid

    Paging @PutnamCharlie - I belive he built one from an 80%. I built an AR9 but not from an 80% (I used a QC10 dedicated Glock lower). Buffer weight is a factor with the 9mm. I used heavier springs too, iirc. Ran very nicely but I sent it to live in Michigan where it can run free with legit AR...
  34. BDinPutnam

    Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid

    Most of Europe. An awful lot of Asia both major and minor. Pretty much all of Africa afaik. If ONLY we had some kind of deliberative body that drafted and debated and modified and then adopted laws with some specificity to them and then directed some other kind of body to "execute" those laws...
  35. BDinPutnam

    The Bidens were reportedly left waiting outside the White House on Inauguration Day because Trump sent the staff home

    Stay classy, DT. I'm surprised he didn't steal the silverware. :rolleyes:
  36. BDinPutnam

    New around these parts

    I go straight thru the eye, with the good old 300 WinMag- but different strokes. I think that makes me a Fuddator. ;) Welcome aboard, OP.
  37. BDinPutnam

    Cuomo proposal would raise top tax rate for New York City to 14.7%, highest combined rate in nation

    This will end... poorly. As in, the rest of us schmucks that are stuck in NY will be all the poorer for it. I dont understand how monkey fuck can say in one breath "we're 16 billion in the red" and "we're going to spend 306 billion on 'infrastructure'" in the next.
  38. BDinPutnam

    Proposal to make DC a state

    Recession (i think is the word?) would be preferable, agreed. I'm opposed to statehood beyond the obvious Senate ramifications. The idea behind the nation's capital not being beholden to any specific state's interests is important in my book.
  39. BDinPutnam

    Gov Cuomo Threatens ‘Income Tax Hikes’ Unless State Receives More ‘Federal Aid’

    I wrote a rather extensive paper tearing this document apart at the seams in a 400-level class as an undergrad. Professor was oddly not amused though it was a good paper well within the four corners of the assignment, if I do say so myself. And that was 1998 - I can only imagine how it would...
  40. BDinPutnam

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Your lips to God's ears.
  41. BDinPutnam

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Which counties, the ones that don't even exist that were referenced in multiple dog shit lawsuits?
  42. BDinPutnam

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    When you make allegations about someone particularly if you're engaging in "journalism" its on YOU to supply the supporting documentation if you're "reporting" "news" rather than engaging in click baiting.
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    Election Coverage And Results Thread
  44. BDinPutnam

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Still waiting...
  45. BDinPutnam

    One Third of Republicans Will Leave Party if GOP Senators Back Impeachment

    I'd gladly jettison the 30% of the party that turns off 100% of the independents.