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  1. Larue

    Minnesota Rioter Sentenced After A Man Was Burned Alive Inside A Pawn Shop During George Floyd Riots

    I’m thinking terrorism charges are appropriate for this pos
  2. Larue

    The 'Truth in Vaccination' law NY State

    Or my friend that went 100% deaf in one ear and 50% in the other 3 hours after his 2nd shot. Steroid therapy including steroid shots directly to the ear. Still deaf 3 months later
  3. Larue

    Belt recommendation

  4. Larue

    Delayed (NICS)

    Do you give them your ss number. That might help. Especially if you have a common name
  5. Larue

    Election Night Plans ?

    I’m hoping that they will have another The View Election Special like last time. Best TV I’d seen in a while.
  6. Larue

    Bills to limit gun magazines and restrict gun sales fail in Washington Legislature

    It means I still live in a free state. WA is controlled by Democrats but I can still own anything but a machine gun Go figure?
  7. Larue

    Can a friend fire my handgun legally with no permit?

    According to the constitution you can have anyone shoot your gun. I do. Fuck unconstitutional laws If you go along with this shit, then it is the law
  8. Larue

    Feds Scramble after Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Lists FBI as Place of Employment on Loan Applicat

    Maybe he wanted to kill a bunch of Trumpsters at a Country concert?
  9. Larue

    Consignment rate.

    15% where I work
  10. Larue

    need a good holster

  11. Larue

    The plan was to steal tools. Then customers drew their guns |

    Technically legal in Washington state
  12. Larue

    AR trigger recommendations

    Any one try the ruger aftermarket trigger?
  13. Larue

    My new S&W Model 69 .44 mag 2.75" Barrel

    I have one with the longer barrel. Very nice gun but it does kick a bit. Almost bought the new 357 k frame Maybe next paycheck
  14. Larue

    Washington State is worse than NY now.

    I’m still glad I live in Washington compared to NY I can still own a semi auto rifle with a 75 round drum if I want to
  15. Larue

    New itch to scratch: Galil Ace "pistol"

    I I have an Ace pistol in 7.62x39. I love it. No malfunctions in over 2,000 steel case rounds
  16. Larue

    Mossberg Shockwave with Arm Brace legal in NY?

    I have a shockwave and the paperwork with the gun says altering the stock makes the weapon a short barreled shotgun. As sold,it’s a firearm not a shotgun.
  17. Larue

    Tango Downs Vickers base plate on P-07

    Couldn’t you just buy a P-09 mag?
  18. Larue

    Is this legal in New York Remington 870 tac 14

    “Firearm” is it’s legal classification. It’s also an “Other” not a long gun or shotgun on the 4473 form your gun store fills out
  19. Larue

    Best .22 semi auto

  20. Larue

    What's your EDC handgun?

    9mm Shield in a Crossbreed super tuck
  21. Larue

    AG Bob Ferguson Unveils Assault Weapons Ban For Washington!

    I live in Washington state and can tell you that this has a very low chance of passing. We have a republican senate and believe it or not pro gun democrates. Our attorney general would like to be elected governor next election Unfortunately he has dictatorial leanings
  22. Larue

    New member

    Fanilly gave up on the nyfirearms. Never seen a site flush itself down the toilet so fast