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    Striper season

    All in all , very good so far. My boys catch all the big ones, just schoolies for me (figures), but good fighting fish nevertheless .
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    Washington Post Jumps Onto The Hunter Biden Taking Money From China Bandwagon
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    Who Makes a Good Light Bearing Holster w/Optic Cut

    Like I said, just “pulled the trigger “ on a VP9SK OR and I’m looking for a good leftie IWB for a WML and optic cut. Was looking at Huckleberry Tactictal but wanted to hear from the peanut gallery first as this would be my first carrying with a WML and RDS. Thanks in advance
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    Amendments Going Digital

    Not sure if this is the place for this topic,(mods please correct if not) anyways- Was checking on an amendment yesterday,(Rensselaer County), was asking if they were doing them in person yet or still just by mail because of the plandemic. He told me they are not going back to in person...
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    Interesting article on how NY has propped up the 2nd Amendment more than any other state
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    Gun dealers sell parts, ammo using anti-Biden meme 'Let's go, Brandon'
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    A Quick Rant About My Kids School

    My children , ages 14 & 10 are not vaccinated and are not going to be. So far, it’s not mandated for school, and I say that loosely. Anyways, I did consent for them to be tested , (not sure of the frequency). If it helps persuade them to not mandate the jab then I’m okay with the testing. Long...
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    This article is a new echelon of stupid (Japan needs to ban Crossbows)
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    Love for Lefties?

    Any other southpaws out there? Looking for another compact CC a little more lefty friendly. My VP 9 is an ideal ambidextrous pistol but I want something more compact, with a ambi mag release and slide lock. I like my Springfield XDS as my “warm weather “carry but would really like something more...
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    NYC gun permit applications soaring.

    Not that this a surprise to anyone here.
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    Another police shooting caught on camera
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    Shots fired in Crossgates Mall in Albany/ And guess where my wife and daughter are at?

    Wife just called, she and my daughter are in lockdown in the Old Navy stock room while the police sweep the mall. They are very shaken up as the shooting was very close to them and was pretty amplified by all the concrete. My daughter is only 9 and I cant even imagine how scared she is. I could...
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    FEDS Allow Gun Stores to Open, Just Not Here
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    California sheriff reverses order closing gun stores
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    Rensselaer County Telling Cuomo How It Is

    Wish I could link the Rensselaer county daily news conference but for whatever reason, I can’t. Anyhow, our county has 54 documented cases of COV-19 out of a total of 150,000 people. For anyone who doesn’t know, we are directly across the Hudson from Albany. Anyways, just watched our county...
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    Gun Stores

    Question- Would gun stores be considered essential services in this current atmosphere we’re in? Just wondering. It is a right after all...... :popcorn:
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    My First 1000yd Gong

    Had the pleasure of doing the long range precision rifle level 1 at Sheepdog Warrior today. I highly recommend checking this place out, if not for training, at least for their rifle range. The owners/ instructors are awesome and thorough. I believe there were 14 participants who braved the...
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    Gorgeous day!!

    Good day for me and my boy to have some alone time. Orange 2 liter soda bottles for casualties
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    Suzuki 2.5 HP OUTBOARD MOTOR

    Only 4 hours on it. Practically brand new, not even broken in yet. Brand new it costs $7-800. $600 or best offer
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    Removing restrictions

    I asked this question on the OTHER site a week ago and heard nothing but crickets so here goes: Anyone know a time frame for asking for removal of restrictions in Rensselaer county? They have had my paperwork ( letter to judge, advanced course papers) for about 5 weeks now. Judge Morgan BTW. I...
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    Again, another transplant from NYF

    What's up ladies and gentlemen, Figured I jump on the bandwagon and get with the times. Thanks for the invite BTW. I have only recently ,(2years) got into firearms. Always had an interest since my childhood days of shooting .22 with my friends. Have had my pistol permit for 2 years now and...