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  1. fnfalguy

    2022 gardening thread.

    Asparagus is now needing to be cut/harvested daily. That’s a good thing. Chickens are clucking along as well.
  2. fnfalguy

    Mass shooting in buffalo NY

  3. fnfalguy

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Perhaps similar to timing a FAL barrel. Needs to do the headspace thing as well as timing out TDC so your front sight is functional. On the FAL/L1A1 could require shaving down the shoulder of the barrel or adding a shim if it doesn’t perfectly match up. not sure if that may be needed for that...
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    2022 gardening thread.

    Your a bit north of me. PM me a mailing address and I’ll send you the remainder of the seed package if you want. Direct sow instructions attached.
  5. fnfalguy

    2022 gardening thread.

    Started them from seeds. Our local Adam’s market had seed packages but in the past I’ve gotten most of my seeds from Baker Creek
  6. fnfalguy

    2022 gardening thread.

    Planted 10 ground cherries, 9 pepper plants, 6 Thai basil plants and 57 tomato plants. Leaned heavy into tomatoes this year. I’m whooped.
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    i need to get over to thruway, haven’t been in a bit. Happen to see any Beretta 1301 or Mossberg 940 there?
  8. fnfalguy

    2022 gardening thread.

    Does this also count?
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    FREE PAY IT FORWARD thread 2021 Version

    Take your time. Have it put aside for you.
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    Don’t forget your vitamins!

    Just replaced my multivitamin storage for the just in case sort of thing. Much cheaper than one would think. As todays example, activated Rakuten for 15% cash back today, went to vitacost’s website as they are running 20% off ending either today or tomorrow and ordered a 2 year supply of...
  11. fnfalguy

    2022 gardening thread.

    Got a few of the seeds to turn into seedlings and maybe going into the garden this weekend.
  12. fnfalguy

    FREE PAY IT FORWARD thread 2021 Version

    Add something to the thread and PM me your shipping address. Its yours. @spb1122
  13. fnfalguy

    Help identifying a Bushmaster AR

    We do have the mag locks in stock
  14. fnfalguy

    FREE PAY IT FORWARD thread 2021 Version

    Somehow ended up with these, even though I don’t have a Canik. Two magazine limiters, 18 rounds to 10 rounds. It’s these ones
  15. fnfalguy

    airsoft question

    Got the G19 in today. Waiting for the dovetail mount to arrive. It is a shame it isn’t a bit louder as it doesn’t set off the shot timer even at the highest sensitivity
  16. fnfalguy

    Forge marks

    Pretty sure the top on is an “A” over a “H” and it’s anchor harvey. The bottom one is cerro forge. Neither are the gun manufacturers, just the forger IIRC.
  17. fnfalguy

    airsoft question

    Thanks. I ended up with a Umarex G19 and an adapter to mount to the dovetail. Hopefully I’ll see it within a week
  18. fnfalguy

    airsoft question

    Yeah, I looked at Umarex initially, but can’t find a MOS offering
  19. fnfalguy

    airsoft question

    Is anyone aware of a Glock MOS airsoft pistol? Looking at augmenting dry fire practice @OnSight Firearms Training @Celt
  20. fnfalguy

    Double barrel sawed off vs Shockwave?

    They are handy. Actually both are but I digress. Here is a photo of one that I picked up a while ago i had the FFL check the length as well as they seem so short due to the smaller length receiver
  21. fnfalguy

    So thinking of getting into trap and skeet and pondering shotguns. Need advice.

    A shockwave just to let them know you got skills. but seriously, I’ve used a Mossberg 500 as well as a Remington 1100 and at my abilities (not impressive) it worked well. However, I have always coveted a Ruger Red Label As well as a nice O/U Beretta
  22. fnfalguy

    38 wadcutter costs

    That’s a touchy subject as most folks are likely hesitant to buy reloads. I’d look at it by the component price as a starting point if you plan on buying them. ETA: a quick look at once fired brass and coated WC bullets are around .20 combined, another .10 for a primer and a couple of cents for...
  23. fnfalguy

    Two arrested for gun possession

    Ahh yes, Hines-Peppers of the Poughkeepsie Hines-Peppers. An upstanding citizen I’m sure.
  24. fnfalguy

    Man arrested with gun charge

    What in the wild wild world of sports did they do to that lower? One helluva lightening cut
  25. fnfalguy

    Canadian arrested in Mt. Morris with 58 pistols

    Thanks, but need to use a GSSF coupon so that narrows down who I can buy from. Gotta save those shekels
  26. fnfalguy

    Canadian arrested in Mt. Morris with 58 pistols

    Fucker. No wonder I can’t get my hands on a G48 MOS. Been waiting weeks.
  27. fnfalguy

    Sacramento shooting

    Just who I figured it to be.
  28. fnfalguy

    What's your EDC handgun?

    Out of curiosity, why the soft loops? I’m a large fan of the DCA clips
  29. fnfalguy

    Pressure canning, gonna finally start.

    For those starting out (and those with experience) here are a few sources which I/the War Department found useful as we do both hot water bath & pressure canning (All American FWIW). Link to USDA Guide on Canning Chapter on meats National Center for Home Food Preservation Penn State Extension...
  30. fnfalguy

    Conceal Carry Belts.

    I’ll be different as a nylon belt doesn’t work with my work attire. I’ve been using a leather belt from Wright Leather Works for the past couple of years with no complaints.
  31. fnfalguy

    Mossberg 940 Tactical (semi-auto shotgun)

    Yeah, I saw this yesterday and now I feel the want for a new shotgun.
  32. fnfalguy

    My first day concealed carrying

    Human and dog toes for the win!
  33. fnfalguy

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Because who wants to live solely on rice and beans when WW3 does kick off. @Podmonkey @GOPerfect The .mil knows what to supply
  34. fnfalguy

    Sights and Red Dot For My 43X MOS

    Here’s some light reading. Not for the tl:dr crowd
  35. fnfalguy

    Lets talk Red Dots on handguns

    It’s probably a sign when you happen to find a 507k laying around the house and order a G48 MOS to put it on, right? I mean, I can probably stop at any time. I think.
  36. fnfalguy

    DONE Teeter Hang UPS Inversion Table Model F7000

    Thanks. Weight is fine, but height is an issue.
  37. fnfalguy

    DONE Teeter Hang UPS Inversion Table Model F7000

    Any idea what the max height of person it can handle for dressing out. Or stretching? (Serious question for a tall guy)
  38. fnfalguy

    Why You Need Alcohol in Your Emergency Stockpile

    While not the intent of the OP I imagine (didn’t watch the video), I’ve used both red and white wine powder in cooking
  39. fnfalguy

    DONE Black Powder kit with percussion caps and lead balls

    If you end up around dutchess or rockland counties, I’ll take it.
  40. fnfalguy

    WOW Shotgun PISTOL?? OUCH

    It might be worth it if for nothing else then to see the looks on the faces of the Perazzi crowd at the skeet field.
  41. fnfalguy

    Nuke Alert

    Too late, I’m screwed
  42. fnfalguy

    Force on Force in Carmel in March

    I'll pipe in to say it was a great experience. Woke up this morning and the body did let me know that I did something last night. BTW, @Dr. Evil It appears you did "win" our grappling/tussle. When I went to take a shower, I had a 6mm welt which grazed my gut. Congrats!
  43. fnfalguy

    World in chaos, affecting you?

    There are a few things that I prep for and human stupidity falls into a couple of the scenarios. People laugh at this worn down sticker on the back of one of my protective cases. I think they stop laughing when they don’t see me smile in return.