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    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    Don't get me wrong I'm absolutely ecstatic for this ruling but more for what it may bring in the future and less about what it does for now. Seeing as it doesn't get rid of permitting schemes its like "yea! I don't have to ask for as much permission!" Also from what I understand, the way its...
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    DONE Primer trade?!

    All good got what I needed thanks tho
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    Fitness and prepardness.. but im tired today

    Finally got to compete in my first BJJ tourney yesterday. Had to cut about 10lbs to compete in the medium heavy division. I have been training for this tournament four days a week for about 2 months. Won both my fights to take home gold!!! first match went all 5 mins and I won 12-0 was really...
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    Don't Bring a Knife to a Gun fight!!

    both wanted to be tough guys but neither of them wanted the smoke
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    Don't Bring a Knife to a Gun fight!!

    dudes lucky he didnt get popped
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    Hello to all-

    Well I don't want to seem unwelcoming, bbbbuuuuttttttt I think its strange that someone who lives in Ca. joins a gun forum in NY days after a mass shooting goes nationwide. Maybe I'm paranoid idk
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    Hello to all-

    you joining have anything to do with the mass shooting?
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    Mass shooting in buffalo NY

    Well clearly it didnt, as evidenced by the video you posted ‍
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    Mass shooting in buffalo NY

    I dont think one needs to be a ballistics expert to punch a few holes in this but here's my non expert opinion, also I know people that were there who could tell you it wasn't a hoax -the video of the women is a grainy lower quality but you can still see spray come out between her head and the...
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    Mass shooting in buffalo NY

    wtf is this!? is this a super scientific YouTube clip showing a women losing her life compared to something that has few similarities to reality do you believe this or are you just trying to muddy the water for those susceptible to this crap?
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    9th Circuit uses strict scrutiny to strike down CA gun law

    I don't disagree with that, but its almost like 9th circuit held their nose during the ruling and tried to find a way to inject any kind of government oversight into this ruling that they could. No matter how much of a stretch it was.
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    9th Circuit uses strict scrutiny to strike down CA gun law

    I didn't read the link, someone fill me in, what's the correlation between a hunting license and owning a centerfire semi auto? I mean yea, great, the ruling was kind of in the favor of the 2nd amendment but we have to get away from linking gun rights with hunting
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    P320 10mm

    hhhmmmmmm This may be what gets me to finally stop dragging my feet and add a 10mm to my inventory Patiently waiting for more details
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    NYS now giving free air conditioners to the poor. What what about the environment??

    This program has been in place for a few years now. Sad to see it expanded
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    Rittenhouse trial thread (multi-merged)

    Whos Carl Rittenhouse and whys he suing Whoopi Goldberg? smells like fake news to me
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    Canadian arrested in Mt. Morris with 58 pistols

    This is one of the first gun arrests that I can honestly say well done police! Clearly no good was to come of this
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    Troopers arrest five Rochester residents for possessing an illegal loaded Ghost Gun

    when in doubt, everyone gets a charge :rolleyes:
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    Bidens SCOTUS nominee "SCOTUS established 2A as a fundamental right"

    yyyyeeeeaaaaaaaaa kinda what I was afraid of
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    not today but in the not to distant past I picked this up
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    @OnSight Firearms Training your class prices vs info and quality of training is already an absolute steal hopefully people take advantage of this
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    Bidens SCOTUS nominee "SCOTUS established 2A as a fundamental right"

    what's her judicial record on the Second Amendment? I giver her past history of judgments more weight than what she thinks people want to hear at her confirmation hearing
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    DONE Primer trade?!

    I'm going to be honest I'm fairly new to reloading, 30-06, and the Garand. What little I do know is that without an adjustable gas plug its not a great idea to shoot modern hunting loads through this old ass rifle. At a quick glance both those powders look like they're designed more for 6.5...
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    DONE Primer trade?!

    haha sorry but I was looking for components to make it easier/cheaper to feed my Garand
  24. speedkills27

    DONE Primer trade?!

    thanks but no thanks.
  25. speedkills27

    DONE Primer trade?!

    Looking to trade 1000 small rifle for 1000 large rifle FTF only i won’t ship. Erie County
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    FPC looking to fight NY 10 round mag limits, looking for potential plaintiffs

    I cant imagine the plaintiff needing to pay the legal costs with this, more just the cost of time and travel to court for the two + years it will take. The bigger concern I would have would be what @RooftopKorean mentioned, political retribution and/or harassments by the government as...
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    Bringing back Trap & Skeet

    @Carlos Hathcock Im taking some newbies to the club on the 8th if you're interested in joining you're always welcome
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    Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy Is Likely the World’s Largest Vehicle Convoy in History

    The Prime minister didn't address anything. Literally not one grievance or any hint of a plan forward. Just stood there trying to explain and justify why he is in the right to target citizens and why the opposition is wrong. Does he expect Canadians to be swayed because protesters broke a fence!?!?!
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    The Prince of Gun Control himself has become a supporter of our 2nd Amendment Rights.

    someone smarter than me once said "a leopard doesn't change his spots".....or something like that. I trust a wet fart after dinner at Chipotle more than what a politician says, especially one like Beto
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    Erie County Executive Accused of Gun Threats

    if only the non existent republicans could use this to their advantage! But unfortunately they wont, because they're spineless and have no teeth
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    2022 Ice Fishing

    Today at Chaumont Bay. This is about half of what we brought in
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    Home defense choke?

    I dont agree with "it wont make a difference for home defense ranges". bullshit! it might make a difference! especially if a home intruder is 20 ft down a hall and so are my kids bedrooms or my dogs kennels. I need to know what those pellets are going to do.
  33. speedkills27

    Home defense choke?

    Anyone else super curious about this incident? It cant just be me, right? was this addressed in another thread I missed? I have so many questions
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    Home defense choke?

    If it hasn't been already said... you should find the greatest distance you would be shooting inside your home in a defensive situation. Then take your shotty to the range and pattern it at that distance with your HD ammo and a few different chokes. Find which patterns the best and use that choke
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    Guns stolen from rail cars spark LAPD concern

    isn't that.......WHAT THE POLICE ARE FOR!
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    Neil Young - Latest Virtual Book Burner

    Neil Young sees about 6 million plays a year on Spotify Joe Rogan gets about 200 million plays a month What is with all these burnt out hippies going commie? Skynyrd is better anyway
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    H&K semi auto MP7 may be on the import horizon.

    $1 a round doesn't scare me if its utilitarian, I ran two separate classes with round counts 500 or better last year in the height of the crunch. Also I doubt highly 4.6x30 was ever 10 cents a round. I'm not a hater at all, I own HK's, I just look at it guns practically. Its just my opinion...
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    H&K semi auto MP7 may be on the import horizon.

    I have a hard time justifying that cost for a pistol in an oddball caliber. To be fair I think its an awesome gun and would love to have it, BUT I would put it in the same category as the FN FiveseveN, looks awesome fun to shoot but impractical for a poor like me. Probably most working people too.
  39. speedkills27

    H&K semi auto MP7 may be on the import horizon.

    not to piss in your cheerios but that gun will be outrageously over priced and the ammo will be impossible to get. Right now Midway has the ammo for $50 for 40 rounds. Not exactly your cheap plinker
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    Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has died.

    He died in jail. Good riddance. too bad he wasn’t put in there sooner
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    2022 Ice Fishing

    Next weekend I’ll be fishing up near Watertown
  42. speedkills27

    2022 Ice Fishing

    Thanks man. I was pretty stoked on it too. Might hit SBH this weekend. Not sure yet
  43. speedkills27

    2022 Ice Fishing

    We (family and myself) do a a lot of ice fishing. Usually stay localish on the weekends and do a big trip once a winter.
  44. speedkills27

    2022 Ice Fishing

    Caught this pretty brown this weekend. Along with a buckets worth of perch.
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    Officials vote to fire 3 Pennsylvania officers accused of fatally shooting 8-year-old Fanta Bility

    there is no clear right or wrong here. just a brutal reminder that every round that leaves the muzzle is the trigger pullers responsibility. Marksmanship matters.
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    State legislature won't accept SCOTUS ruling

    speak for yourself