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  1. Tisto

    NY's (Hochuls) Vindictive Plans - special session next week to respond to SCOTUS's ruling.

    We're not that lucky. She was born with a golden horseshoe up her ass. She has done nothing to deserve her good fortunes, and been installed as a Congressman, then she got installed as Governor. She has managed to position herself at the right place and time to reap rewards that she hasn't...
  2. Tisto

    30 cal 220gr HPBT bullets viable for .308?

    220's will stabilize in a 1-9" twist barrel. I haven't tried them in the more common 1-10" barrels, but i wouldn't hesitate to try them.
  3. Tisto

    Targeted Home Invasion’: Homeowner Armed with Handgun Shoots and Kills Two Teenagers During Attack

    And the invaders would sue his estate for the cuts received when breaking the glass to get in. And the trauma caused to them by having to fight him.
  4. Tisto

    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    You could have gone to your issuing authority yesterday or for that matter, a month ago to ask them to remove administrative restrictions. Did you ever bother to try ?
  5. Tisto

    What's in your hunting bag ?

    I was hanging out in the garage this evening, just doing a few things to my motorcycle, and my friend stopped by to drop off a few things he wanted me to store for him while he moves. Somehow we got talking about the get-home bag I keep in my truck, and what's in that. That of course led to...
  6. Tisto

    Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund Endorses Kathy Hochul for Governor, Antonio Delgado for Lieutenant Governor, Letitia James for Attorney General

    You and me both. I would never have believed it if I didn't read it here.
  7. Tisto

    NY State farm directory survey Every farm in NY State required to respond...

    Do you know just how many of those farms have a backhoe ? I would think messing around with them would be a bad idea. You might never be seen again.
  8. Tisto

    Whopper Plopper (top water lure)

    I can honestly say I haven't eaten a single thing from Burger King in over 20 years. I don't visit McDonaldsmore than a few times a year, and only then for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. Those are delicious, but that's the only thing I ever go there for. Wendy's only very rarely gets my...
  9. Tisto

    Trail cam pics

    Three fawns relaxing in my back yard. Then the same fawns and a bunny as seen through my thermal scope.
  10. Tisto

    Whopper Plopper (top water lure)

    I thought this thread was going to be about having the shits after eating at Burger King. Silly me.
  11. Tisto

    Shooting at Texas elementary school

    Admittedly, it's been more than a few years since I was in school, but I remember the classroom doors having locks on them but they were keyed on both sides so that the teacher could not get locked out by some kid.
  12. Tisto

    Shooting at Texas elementary school

    This whole event just keeps getting worse, and every time som new bit of information surfaces, the more it looks like the government had something to do with it from the beginning. Conspiracy theory ? Perhaps, but wow, there sure are a whole bunch of coincidences.
  13. Tisto

    Falmouth residents oppose AR-15 deal between police and gun store

    Wow ! 300 signatures in 10 days ! I think I could get 300 signatures to ban girl scout cookies in 10 days ! If her comittee is so passionate about destroying them, why don't they pool their money and buy them from the dealer then destroy them ? If there are 300 people and only 20 guns...
  14. Tisto

    Let's see your reloading room! (Pics only please!)

    How do you like that Dillon swage tool ?
  15. Tisto

    California ... Mandatory Firearm Liability Insurance To Own Guns Introduced!

    Precisely why the rightful owners of the guns that the criminals stole and are shooting people with should be liable !
  16. Tisto

    WTB: thermal scope. Best bang for my buck?

    What you say is true. If you look at a person through nightvision, you see and can recognize that person. If you look at them through thermal, you can identify them as a person, but you may not be able to distinguish who is who.
  17. Tisto

    WTB: thermal scope. Best bang for my buck?

    They already exist. Fusion scopes. We're talking about SERIOUS money though. It will be a generation or more before they're available to the public at a price point that anyone can afford. The price of real (intensifier tube) nightvision fell to a reasonable level and then plateaued. Since...
  18. Tisto

    Neil Oliver: Covid has been used to green light the revolution those in power had in mind

    It's talk like that, that will get you labled an Enemy of the State.
  19. Tisto

    California ... Mandatory Firearm Liability Insurance To Own Guns Introduced!

    I disagree. What California wants is a policy that would pay out even if your gun was stolen and used in a crime. Only if you reported it stolen before the crime would you not be liable for it. What New York banned would only pay your attorney fees for your defense in an act of self defense.
  20. Tisto

    Conceal Carry St. Joseph LakeView Amphitheater

    Just buy yourself one of those guns that are undetectable that the Democrats are always talking about. Duh !
  21. Tisto

    California ... Mandatory Firearm Liability Insurance To Own Guns Introduced!

    No, these are two very different things. What California wants is liability insurance that would cover any incident that might happen relating to any firearm you own, whether it was your fault or not. What New York banned was legal insurance that would cover your legal fees in the event that...
  22. Tisto


    Well, if that were the case, at least it would be backed by SOMETHING...
  23. Tisto

    WTB: thermal scope. Best bang for my buck?

    Not sure what part of Rochester you're in, but Corfu is the Rt.77 exit for Pembroke / Medina. Exit 48 A on I90, one exit west of Batavia. The club is 7 miles from the exit.
  24. Tisto

    BREAKING: Biden FALLS OFF his bike in Delaware – VIDEO

    I almost guarantee that had I been at the scene I would have beenarrested for laughing and pointing at him.
  25. Tisto

    BREAKING: Biden FALLS OFF his bike in Delaware – VIDEO

    Yeah, that's what scares me.
  26. Tisto

    BREAKING: Biden FALLS OFF his bike in Delaware – VIDEO

    I'm pretty sure that a Trump supporter PUSHED him down. There's no way that a guy that trips repeatedly on the stairs, gets lost walking to the door, takes directions from a guy in an Easter Bunny costume, shits his pants at the sight of the Pope, tells the press that "His butt's been wiped."...
  27. Tisto

    WTB: thermal scope. Best bang for my buck?

    If you care to take the ride out to Corfu, you can try out both of my nightvision an thermal scopes sometime.
  28. Tisto

    WTB: thermal scope. Best bang for my buck?

    Sorry, it's the NIGHT VISION SHOW. Go watch a bunch of their reviews.
  29. Tisto

    WTB: thermal scope. Best bang for my buck?

    Because thermal "sees" heat then converts it to an image, that image is a representation of what your eye would recognize. Therefore, certain things lose detail or get combined into one. Nightvision amplifies what light there is to generate an image the same asy your eye would see if it...
  30. Tisto

    WTB: thermal scope. Best bang for my buck?

    For mounting on something other than a flat top AR type rifle, you're going to want a traditional type scope. You'll find that if you try to mount something like my InfaRay on a traditional bolt action rifle, it winds up being way above the gun, making it impossible to get a good cheek weld to...
  31. Tisto

    WTB: thermal scope. Best bang for my buck?

    Are you sure that thermal is what you want ? Nightvision and thermal both do the same thing in different ways. They allow you to see what your eye alone can not. But they both have pro's and con's. You need to be aware of the capabilities and limitations of both in order to make a good...
  32. Tisto

    WTB: thermal scope. Best bang for my buck?

    What's your budget ? What purpose do you want it to serve - hunting ? If for hunting, what species ? At what distances do you intend to use it ? What type of thermal are you looking for - weapon sight ? Handheld viewer ? Helmet mount ? If a weapon sight, what type of weapon ? How good...
  33. Tisto

    Permanent 5 round AR’s

    He'll be back. Hochul just started the Office of Internet Spying or whatever it's called. They can't write us off THAT fast.
  34. Tisto

    Semi auto rifle license law passed and headed to governor

    Actually, there is some precedence for Bullet Buttons here in N.Y. Shortly after NYSAFE went into effect, the NYSP ( by direction from the AG ) raided a gun shop in Albion N.Y. That establishment had been selling AR's modified with Bullet Buttons. Records of sales were searched and every...
  35. Tisto

    Semi auto rifle license law passed and headed to governor

    I spoke to my pistol permit office today and after getting the information I wanted, I asked about the new license. She told me in no uncertain terms that they have received absolutely no guidance at all from Albany regarding the matter. If they haven't received anything, you can bet that...
  36. Tisto

    Semi auto rifle license law passed and headed to governor

    Until the system is actually published, nobody knows anything for sure. Speculation just for the sake of speculating is useless. At no time during the debate on the bill was anything about ammunition brought up, at least as much as I saw or heard of the debate. I would expect that if...
  37. Tisto

    Miami Police Running Illegal Firearm Buyback

    They CAN'T ship them to Ukraine. That's my point. There are multiple State, Federal, and International laws preventing it. Even if they did, the majority of them would be useless because they are chambered for cartridges for which there is no supply of ammunition. Again, I say the cops know...
  38. Tisto

    Miami Police Running Illegal Firearm Buyback

    Say they do actually "buy back" a bunch of rifles and somehow send them to Ukraine. Then what ? Exactly what is some Ukrainian going to do with a 7mm Rem Mag that he can't get ammunition for ? There is no supply line to feed anything that made it's way over there. Unless it accepts Soviet...
  39. Tisto

    Optics Planet Went Full Retard

    Try Joe Bob Outfitters. They have always been very good with anything I order. Remember to order the free T-shirt too. I ordered 2 Ballistic Advantage barrels from them a couple months ago. No issues with them being threaded.
  40. Tisto

    “ Squad “ member Bowman predicts Civil War if GOP wins in November

    Sadly, no amount of talking is going to bring this country together again. I don't believe that the midterm elections will be the catalyst for the 2nd American Civil War, but make no mistake - it's coming sooner or later.
  41. Tisto

    Ted Cruz Sends Senate into Stunned Silence

    I seriously doubt that anyone other than the cameraman and the guy you see walking in thebackground was in the room. While I admire what he said, he was speaking to an empty room.
  42. Tisto

    Columbine Student's Father 12 Years Later!!

    Sorry, but I'm a little confused. Did he stand before Congress to speak recently meaning that the headline should be ..23 years later , or is this article 11 years old ?
  43. Tisto

    King Biden Says thou shall be charging stations every 50 miles on federal highways

    Cancer from exposure to electromagnetic radiation you say ? Hmmm......More profits for Big Pharma means more donations to the re-election campaign !
  44. Tisto

    California animal shelter requires support for gun control for pet adoption

    I guarantee these broads have "Coexist" stickers on the back of their Subaru or Prius too. F'in idiots.
  45. Tisto

    King Biden Says thou shall be charging stations every 50 miles on federal highways

    You realize that I was being facetious...
  46. Tisto

    King Biden Says thou shall be charging stations every 50 miles on federal highways

    How 'bout we install a 48 volt DC system of rails on every road in the country, just like that slot car track you had as a kid. Then we could make every vehicle electric. In the process, all the roads and bridges would get fixed simply out of necessity. Of course, we would have to build...
  47. Tisto

    San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin recalled in blow to progressives

    While removing this POS from office is a good sign, don't let yourself get any ideas that there is a cultural shift happening. There isn't.
  48. Tisto

    10 House Republicans voted Yes to set the minimum age of 21 for buying semi-automatic weapons

    Chris Jacobs is going to vote against his constituents at every opportunity now. Payback for causing his early departure from the gravy train / govt feed trough.
  49. Tisto

    Westchester DA Rocah announces new gun safety plan

    I must have missed it - What's "new" in this plan ?
  50. Tisto

    House passes gun control Bill – 21 & over for ARs/10 round capacity

    I see DIESEL TECH has a new phone with a new IP address and a new screen name.