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  1. speedkills27

    DONE Primer trade?!

    Looking to trade 1000 small rifle for 1000 large rifle FTF only i won’t ship. Erie County
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    Socialist editor fires staff for trying socialism "We were fired by the editor-in-chief of a socialist magazine for trying to start a worker co-op," five fired staffers wrote in a letter posted on Tuesday.
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    WTT Marlin 336C 30-30 new in box never fired with scope and rings

    Just looking to see what's out there and gauge interest I am looking to trade up for a precision bolt gun in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor can be with or without glass
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    Class review: OFT Red Dot Pistol

    Ever since I decided to take the plunge into red dots on pistols I have been struggling with picking up the dot quickly and re-acquiring the dot for follow up shots. I knew I needed a class to show me the small things I had been missing. I signed up with Onsight immediately when they offered a...
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    Where in WNY to buy Powder????

    Any of my fellow WNY’s know who/what shop has any powder in inventory???? Heinrichs in Eden is my usual go to but they shut the doors until further notice.
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    Starting to rollback the Patriot Act?

    Looks like a bill has been introduced that will start to put some limits on big brother. Interesting to see how far it goes, my guess is not far, but I'm an optimist. Bill Would Reform NSA Surveillance Program
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    Machine gun arrest in Amherst

    Seems like this guy had quite a collection going. Maintenance man went into the apartment to do an inspection and ratted this dude out to the police. Wonder what’s coming down the for the guy in Texas that shipped the rifle. Alphabet bois probably drooling over this one...
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    DRYFIREMAG Anyone have experience with this?

    Anyone wanna share experiences, or input on the DRYFIREMAG. It looks like a good training aid when live fire is out. Product description say it cycles the slide to allow for reset, just looking for first hand info on whether or not its a worthy investment.
  9. speedkills27

    Fatal stabbing in Hamburg/ McKinley mall

    Looks like a domestic violence incident turned fatal. Could a good guy with a gun have prevented a death here? Just another reason to carry EVERYWHERE Hamburg police: Man arrested in fatal stabbing at McKinley Mall
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    Special Operations Training in NC thought this was pretty interesting, especially the line below The students will match wits with more seasoned soldiers, who will “act as realistic opposing forces and guerrilla freedom fighters,” officials said in a release.
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    "Practical Shoot" at Wolcott?

    Does, or has, anyone shot the Friday night practice shoot hosted a Wolcott guns? They say its their version of IDPA and/or USPSA but I was looking for more information. Cost? How many shooters usually show up? or any other info you had that is useful would be appreciated.
  12. speedkills27

    This cant be true! Are we doomed? Four in 10 Americans Embrace Some Form of Socialism

    Im really hoping this survey is slanted and there is something I missed. Scary direction and scary times we're living in Four in 10 Americans Embrace Some Form of Socialism
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    Help with Glock sight replacement

    Can anyone in the buffalo area or south towns help me swap sights out on a Glock pistol? Just bought new night sights and although it doesn't look all that hard of a task, I don't own the tools. Any help would be appreciated more than happy to compensate you for your time and knowledge.
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    Am I being impatient or is this ridiculous

    I placed an order for a GCode Incog holster on Jan 14th. Apparently the color kydex I chose is a "limited edition" which I must have missed at the time of ordering, no big deal. Last Monday I sent an email as I had yet to hear anything from them regarding the order. The response email promptly...
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    Glock 19 modifications and reviews

    A while back I made the decision to move away from my EDC carry gun, which at that time was a G23, and switch to 9mm. There were a few reasons for this like weight, cost savings on ammo, and less perceived recoil.At this point I already owned a few 9mm "duty guns" but seeing as I was already...
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    Ginsburg will sit out of court arguments

    Has her time finally come? has she finally run out of fresh virgin blood? Ginsburg missing Supreme Court arguments for 1st time
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    The plan was to steal tools. Then customers drew their guns |

    The plan was to steal tools. Then customers drew their guns | if they felt their lives were in danger why shoot out the tires? why not shoot the driver? The good Samaritans might have stuck their noses in when they shouldn't have, especially considering there was no threat to...
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    Use this when they ask why you need a carry permit

    The cops have no obligation to protect you. Even though most cops are brave and will put themselves in the line of fire for strangers I wouldn't bet my life on it. Judge: Sheriff's Deputy Had No Duty To Protect Parkland Students
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    Some stats on active shooters and CCW

    Interesting read considering the latest shooting in Ca. Armed Citizens Are Successful 94% Of The Time At Active Shooter Events [FBI]
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    Wack job liberals try to delay the inevitable

    Chaos: Kavanaugh Hearings Kick off with Belligerent, Shrieking Democratic Hecklers, Calls to Adjourn seems like a hail mary pass by the communists to delay the inevitable
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    2nd Amendment lawyers

    Another thread posted recently, got me thinking about legal issues and running afoul of the law. I have never been in trouble and don't plan on it anytime soon, but I do like to plan ahead. Does anyone here keep a second amendment lawyer, or a lawyer in general, on retainer? For those of you...
  22. speedkills27

    Any Interest in a Tac Med class from Buffalo members?

    I just wanted to gauge interest from any members in the WNY area in a tactical medicine course with EMS Tactical Group. It would be a 16 hr class (2 days), date and venue are TBD based on commitment. If you can make holes, you should probably know how to fill them too. Course description below...
  23. speedkills27

    Nice news piece done at my gun club

    Although I'm not in the Gowanda district, their high school trap team shoots/practices at my club. Local news ran a cool story about it so i thought Id share. Seems to go hand in hand with the recent bill to ban things like this in NYS. Trap shooting giving students new opportunities to try...
  24. speedkills27

    Range Report Defensive Pistol and Defensive Rifle with Onsight 4-21 & 4-22

    Saturday morning in Pittsburgh I arrived at Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsman's Club, which is beautiful facility! The club offers something for every shooter, between trap and skeet fields, steel challenge bays, and a long range rifle range, this place is a playground! Those of you close enough to...
  25. speedkills27

    A real conspiracy right here in our state

    Joseph Percoco, Ex-Cuomo Aide, Found Guilty in Corruption Trial
  26. speedkills27

    Micheal Moore has gone from leftist to full out Marxist

    I know, I know whats the difference right? this is extreme even from him though Michael Moore: America Must be “Cleansed” of its “White Male Privilege”
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    Aannnnnddd just like that its gone

    GOP bill to ease gun silencer rules appears shelved after Las Vegas shooting
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    20+ confirmed dead in Vegas shooting

    WATCH LIVE: Person of interest sought after Vegas mass shooting No word as of yet if he was looking for the snack bar
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    Anyone have any training lined up for end of summer/fall?

    Also, who are your favorite to train with? I'm getting the training itch again but there are so many good instructors out there its hard to find the time and money to do it all. I would love to get into a few of Craig Douglas's classes but they book months in advance, and are hard to find within...
  30. speedkills27

    School me on the Garand

    Iv always had a Garand on my short list of guns to own but dont know a ton about them. What should I be looking for? Whats everyones best resource for info. Any experience/advice on the issue helps.
  31. speedkills27

    EMS Tactical group medical training

    Just finished a two part course with EMS tactical group called "Civilian response to trauma" (Basic & Advanced). The class was held in Rochester with Rochester Personal Defense hosting the class. The basic class was informative and set the ground work for the more advanced skills. Some of the...
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    My Sons Birthday Today....

    My oldest turns 9 today and hes been showing an increased interest in shooting sports. So unbeknownst to his mother I bought him a Crossman pump BB gun with a tub of BB's and a cool looking package of targets. A couple years back I came across a great deal on a 20ga Remington 11-87, thought that...
  33. speedkills27

    Am I being unreasonable?

    I took advantage of some black friday deals this year and ordered a G-Code Incog holster with the mag carrier attached. After the order was placed they send me a confirmation email and within that email it says expect 4-6 weeks for delivery. How long does it take to make a Kydex holster?!!?? I...
  34. speedkills27

    Recommend me a bag old get home bag has seen better days and it's time to pass it along. This bag usually sits in the cab of my work truck stocked with what I think I would need if I needed to walk home (approx 30 miles). The old bag carried food, water, fire making supplies, extra gloves, extra socks...
  35. speedkills27

    FBI to reopen Clinton email case!!!

    FBI to conduct new investigation of emails from Clinton’s private server I wonder what else they found that would warrant this
  36. speedkills27

    Interesting thing happened today, something to learn from

    So I had to help a family member today after work, which held me up from home later than usual. As I pull into my driveway and start unloading my truck with things that need to go inside a strange vehicle stops at the end of my driveway. A younger looking skinny guy about 5'9"-5'10" gets out...
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    9 Charged in Buffalo Billions corruption

    a handful of Cuomos scumbags and some developers got nabbed by Preet today. Hopefully Preet is getting closer to the big fish Local developer among nine facing charges in bombshell state corruption case - Politics Now
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    Training at Sig Sauer Academy

    Hey everyone feel free to use this thread as anything related to the Sig Academy. I have been there once before in early summer of 2016 for their carbine 102 class it was a one day (8hrs) course covering topics such as point of aim point of impact, nomenclature, zeroing, reloads, clearing...
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    hey guys

    just wanted to say hi, seems like everyone's bailing on that other place, maybe its just me