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    NYGF Easily view all your attachments / media / pics

    Asketh and you shall receveith. Because of the generosity of many here on the forum with their donations, we can purchase add-ons that will improve the experience here on NYGF. I'm glad to do it, especially for something that should be built into the core! There's now an "Attachments" link when...
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    @cgrutt in the house

    I'm happy to announce that @cgrutt is an official NYGF Sponsor / Vendor! Chris is an extremely talented carpenter that can build just about anything, including my new shed that he is starting next week! Not only has he helped several members here, but he has also helped keep NYGF alive with...
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    FFL Alert -- New York FFL Alert public safety advisory to FFLs

    Figured I would post the exact email from USDOJ. Subject: FFL Alert -- New York FFL Alert public safety advisory to FFLs
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    Bushnell TRS-25 - Currently $55 on Amazon

    Figured I would share since this usually is upward of $79.99 but today I see it listed for $55 on amazon Bushnell TRS-25 - $55.51
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    NYGF New Site - NYGF 2.0 (Light + Dark)

    I purchased and modified a light and dark theme for the new software on the forum. The new default is the light theme but you can easily pick any of the 2 other dark themes. To switch between light and dark, click the light bulb next to your username (from a desktop) or the "Style Chooser"...
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    NYGF New Site (Basic Dark)

    Let's try this again... NYGF has undergone it's biggest update yet, we have updated our core software to XenForo 2! Our previous software was reaching its end of life (EOL) and would no longer have security updates available after December, so it was time to finally do what I have wanted to do...
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    Deal on Remington 870 - Grab A Gun

    Remington 870 Express Wood Laminate / Matte Blued 12 GA 3-inch Chamber 28-inch 4Rd Good deal, $269. Remington 870 Express Wood for Sale | Laminate / Matte Blued 12 GA 3-inch Chamber 28-inch 4Rd Mfr # 25568
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    F/S Free - Craftsman Lawn Sweeper (needs parts)

    I was using my lawn sweeper mid dethacthing yesterday and the frame inside the bag snapped, so I ended up buying a new one at lowes. Anyone want my 42" Craftsman sweeper? The sweeper itself works great, it just needs the frame for the bag and a few cotter pins, but the parts can be ordered...
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    Dropping off my NYGF AR to LV this week

    Can't wait, having @LV Cerakote fill in the NYGF logo to match the actual logo and doing the rest (including the scope) in something similar to this. Will post pics when I get it back!
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    NYGF Welcome to NYGF, Franklin Armory!

    I am very excited to announce the Franklin Armory (@franklinarmory) is now an official vendor on NYGF! Franklin Armory® (@franklinarmory) is a Nevada corporation that specializes in manufacturing Binary™ triggers, and quality AR style firearms for sporting, military, and law enforcement...
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    NYGF Welcome LV Armory / Cerakote!

    We are thrilled to have LV Armory / Cerakote on board as an official NYGF vendor! They are hitting the ground running by offering an insanely good priced group buy, check it out here - NYGF - LV Armory Cerakote Group Buy! NYGF Exclusive! Insane Price! They are located in Highland NY and are an...
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    NYGF LV Armory Cerakote Group Buy! NYGF Exclusive! Insane Price!

    So after picking up my Glock 17 from these guys today, they agreed to allow me to share their awesome work on the forum via a group buy. In my opinion the price they are giving us is insane and their work is top notch, I could NOT be happier with my Glock 17 they did in digital camo. Here is my...
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    Range Day Pic Thread

    Do we not have a thread like this already? Let's post up range day pics here as we go. I picked up a Kimber K6s today and decided to give it a try. Really nice!
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    The cerakote thread

    I'm in the beginning phase of getting a pistol coated, thinking of distressed flag, by LV Armory - Who here has had something cerakoted? Let's see pics!!
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    DONE Desert Eagle L5 .357 magnum

    For sale is my Desert Eagle L5 chambered in .357 magnum. I'm selling it not because I want to, but because I want the same gun in 50 AE and can't afford to keep them both. The firearm comes with 3 OEM magazines and is located in Orange County. Asking $1,400 here before I list for $1,500 on...
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    NYGF Reminder how to use the classifieds

    I see several people requested threads deleted or changing the titles after something is sold or no longer available.....This is the wrong way to do it. Please edit the thread and simply change to the "DONE" thread prefix. That's it!
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    Glock 43X & Glock 48 review leaked

    Read more: Sootch00 Glock 43X Review Published Ahead Of Release Under Creative Commons License: Attribution (THIS ARTICLE IS ALLOWED TO BE POSTED HERE on NYGF) [This article was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission.] It appears that the Sootch00 GLOCK...
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    Kimber to make striker-fired pistols

    Kimber announced this week their new product lineup for 2019, and along with small tweaks to their usual fare, the company offered something totally new: an all-metal striker-fired 9mm handgun they’re calling the EVO SP. The EVO SP departs from the 1911-style handguns and revolvers the company...
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    DONE *FREE* Mini Fridge

    Works great, just don't need it anymore. Free to whoever wants it. Located in Peekskill but I can bring it to Orange County.
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    DONE *FREE* 2 desks and 2 file cabinets

    I'm selling these on Craigslist but would be more than happy to give them away for free to a fellow NYGF'er. Everything is in good condition and ready to be used. They are Staples "Bush Business Saratoga" L shaped corner desks. Dimensions: Desks: 66 1/8"W x 71 1/4"D x 30.5"H Cabinets: 29.5"W x...
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    S&W 500 - Lew Horton...Good deal?

    My buddy is selling his 10 year old, never fired S&W 500 Lew Horton but is kind of unsure of what to ask. He is hovering around $1k but I figured I would ask you all. I am interested but that's a lot of coin that I shouldn't be spending. Thoughts?
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    Anyone bury ammo cans?

    I know there are "special" cans made to be buried, seems kind of excessive but kind of cool. Anyone bury ammo, money, supplies, etc.? If so, why? Why should I?
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    NYGF FFL Map Added to NYGF

    We added an FFL map to NYGF, you can see the link in the navigation on top. We are still adding phone #'s and websites, but if you would like to contribute, please contact us. LINK: FFL Locator
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    $34.99 Anderson Lowers - 24 hour sale

    Got this email from Primary Arms today, check it out! Shopping
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    Picked up a Desert Eagle L5

    I picked up a Desert Eagle L5 from @Rescuestuff today. I ended up getting the 357 (f.u. caliber haters :p) so I don't break the bank everytime I order a case of ammo and it doesn't become a safe queen. Will report back after I shoot it!
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    Finally tried out my new ultrasonic cleaner

    I finally tried out the new ultrasonic cleaner I got my wife for Christmas "for her jewelry"..........oh while I'm at it, I can use it for my guns!!! It's a Tek Motion 10L cleaner I got from Amazon - paired with some Simple Green solution -
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    Gen 1 Night Vision worth it?

    Is Gen 1 night vision worth it? I won't hunt with it, more a novelty / camping / shtf item that I stumbled across on Amazon for $85 - Thoughts?
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    Ruger Mark IV 22/45 - $279 on Grab a gun

    Seems like a good deal Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Black .22LR 5.5-Inch 10Rd
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    How many guns did you get in 2017?

    Don't be shy or paranoid to respond. How many firearms did everyone get this year?
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    What does Astorinos loss mean for Westchester?

    What does it mean for Westchester? Can we kiss the gun show at the county center goodbye?
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    Went out west so I bought a revolver

    Went out west recently w/ the lady and decided to treat myself to a Ruger Super Blackhawk while there. I visited a few LGS' looking for a .44 magnum and found one for a good price. My first 44 mag. Star not included
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    Recommendations on flashlight / laser for NYGF AR

    I'm looking for some recommendations on a flashlight / laser combo for my NYGF AR. What do you guys use?
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    NYGF Post all deals, sales, coupons & rebates in this section

    Post all deals, sales, coupons & rebates that are NOT yours, in this section.
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    Picked up a new 10/22 and scope

    Grab-A-Gun had a great deal on 10/22's ($169) a few weeks ago so I grabbed one and had it shipped to @Rescuestuff. I also ordered a UTG 3-12 scope that I really like a lot Looks like every other 10/22 but I figured I would post it anyway because...
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    Check out this HUGE .22 pistol I just got

    North American Arms, 22LR and 22 MAG. Thanks @Rescuestuff! Let the waiting begin.
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    New (to me) Glock 23

    A month or two ago I traded a Ruger LCR .22LR for a Glock 23 w/ @PA Guns & Ammo. I picked up the Glock last week, and after running it through @Rescuestuff's ultrasonic cleaner, it looks and performs great. I also picked up a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel (extended, 2 port) to mess around at...
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    NYGF Official NYGF / Bullet Guy Lower 'Group Buy' [Sold Out]

    NYGF has teamed up with @Bullet Guy to bring you custom, limited edition, NYGF / Bullet Guy AR Lowers and Uppers!! Firstly, a HUGE thanks to @Bullet Guy for doing this for us! The lower will be the same high quality, American made lowers that he sells and will have a roller engraved (not laser)...
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    Picked up a new 1911

    I picked up a new 1911 from @Rescuestuff, it's a full size Springfield Range Officer chambered in 9mm. Hopefully will get it to the range soon!
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    DONE My Ruger LCR .22LR for your ...?

    Anyone want to trade another pistol (or rifle) for my Ruger LCR .22 LR? Doesn't have to be straight up trade, can do LCR + cash or cash + your firearm, etc.
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    Video shows good Samaritan shooting LCSO deputy's attacker

    NBC2 obtained the witness videos from the good Samaritan fatal shooting of Edward Strother, the man who attacked a Lee County deputy near Corkscrew Road. A single photo of the incident shed light on just how serious it was. Deputy Dean Bardes believed Strother was armed but was pinned to the...
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    NYGF Prepping & Survival Section is now Prepping, Survival & Security

    The Prepping & Survival Section is now Prepping, Survival & Security. Feel free to talk about home security systems, cameras, etc. in that section. Figured I would let everyone know.
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    Security Camera Thread - Home Solution Write Up

    I have seen this topic come up a few times on the forum so figured I would create a thread since I have several years of professional experience in the security camera world. Today's best bet for easy, cost effective home security cameras are IP Cameras. These run over your home network and are...
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    F/S Karma - Desantis IWB Bodyguard .380 w/ Laser Holster (New & Free)

    A client of mine bought us matching Bodyguard 380's a couple of years ago for X-Mas so I wanted to be a nice guy and buy us some IWB holsters for them, forgetting he's a lefty. So I gave him the righty holster and he asked if I was trying to get him killed :banghead: Oops. It says it's for the...
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    NYGF New "Permit" section

    We made a new sub-forum of the pistol / handgun section for all things permit related, including the process, amendments, etc. Permits :rock:
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    Springfield Armory "Gear Up Magazine Madness" - Free Stuff

    Purchase any new Springfield Armory 9mm, .40SW or .45ACP pistol between Feb 1 - June 30, 2017 and receive 4 extra magazines, double mag pouch and a holster, for free! I signed up for mine, figured I would share with :nygf: Springfield Armory GearUp 2017
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    Edible Arrangements in Orange County robbed

    Armed man robs Orange County Edible Arrangements MONROE - It was a scary ending to Valentine's Day for people working at an Edible Arrangements in Orange County as an armed man robbed their store. Investigators say a man walked into the business on Larkin Drive in Monroe around 7 p.m. Tuesday...
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    Got my Lee Armory AK-47 today

    Picked up my NY compliant AK47 today from @Rescuestuff's shop and it looks great. I stripped it all down and everything looks and feels nice. Hoping to bring it to the range this week. Thanks @Lee Armory! This is part of the group buy -...
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    NYGF Bullet Guy is now a vendor here

    @Bullet Guy is now an official vendor here at :nygf:! Most of us who have been around know of him or have done business with him, so his reputation speaks for itself. Thanks for your support @Bullet Guy!
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    NYGF Rescuestuff is now a NYGF vendor (FFL)

    We are excited to announce that @Rescuestuff is now a vendor here on NYGF! @Rescuestuff is a shop located in Peekskill (northern Westchester) who sells new and used firearms, ammo, knives, 5.11 gear and they also specialize in custom embroidery, screen printing, EMS / Police / Fire uniforms and...
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    NYGF Follow @NYGunForum on Instagram

    Follow us on Instagram and tag / hashtag us for reposts. If you're not on Instagram or/and would like us to feature a picture of yours then shoot and admin a conversation message / PM.