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    That Biden is awesome, BP to ukrane
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    Gas stove ban in 3..2..1........
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    Please call it the "Democratic" party

    apparently "democrat" party is a right wing extremist insult to the sensitive demoncrats What's in an adjective? 'Democrat Party' label on the rise
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    Nevada governor proposes giving tech firms power to govern
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    2020 USMC scout sniper raffle
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    Ginsburg retirement

    came across on another site, only place a google search came up. So its either fake news or everyone else is sitting on it. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January, 2019
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    Sierra bullets afraid to be connected to NRA

    Notice the join the NRA button on the old Sierra home page is now gone, instead the new page has click here for gun safety. No mention of NRA yet the button takes you to NRA.
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    New rider on the Dem crazy train

    and you thought the navy tipping over the Philippines was bad Brianna Wu claims companies could destroy cities by dropping rocks from Moon
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    It was just a robbery

    So it turns out a black guy gets arrested for starting the fire at a black church and painting vote trump a week before the election. Which by the way was investigated as a hate crime, turns out it was just a robbery and nothing was stolen. Arrest of black man in black church fire stirs debates...