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  1. knuts

    F/S Assorted 12G ammo

    Would love to sell the whole lot, not looking to sell separately. $280. Cash or Zelle, local pick up/meet only lower westchester/rockland area. Federal truball slugs - 20 Winchester rifled slugs - 12 Fiocchi slugs - 40 Aguila minishells slugs - 57 Remington buckshots - 10 Assorted buckshots -...
  2. knuts

    Burnt bronze or FDE?

    Which one do yall prefer? Im thinking of getting a new slide for my 320 of either a burnt bronze or fde, but cant make my mind up. its this slide.
  3. knuts

    Help me find my next pistol - DA/SA

    So, my birthday is coming up next month and my wife is getting me a pistol for my bday gift, but she has a budget lol. $400-500 range only. This is going to be a range toy and possibly here and there with steel challenge. I want a 9mm, DA/SA Im leaning towards a cz p07 but I wanna hear if...
  4. knuts

    F/S Zoo Med 40 G. Aquatic turtle starter kit

    Used for about only a week. Good starter kit for the kids who wants a aquatic turtle. Includes tank, screen cover, UVB light and heater, rest pad for turtle and filter. Selling it cause the wife and I decide to just stick with tropical fishes instead. Also comes with some food pellets, water...
  5. knuts

    How is this scope?

    My buddys neighbor was having a garage sale and he sent me this. He said he was selling it for $200 (he said he probably could haggle down to 150) anyone with experience on this scope? Worth it? He didnt get to see the actual scope if there were scratches and what not. He said he will come back...
  6. knuts

    Great American outdoor show

    Anyone going or has been last year? looks really interesting Great American Outdoor Show | Home its a good 3 to 3.5 hour drive from my house, I want to know if its worth taking that trip or not.
  7. knuts

    Survival schools

    So, I've been thinking of taking a few basic classes, fire, shelter, etc. I came across this website as I was searching around. Anyone taken a class from here? or have heard about them at least. Hope this isnt mainly for kids. I dont wanna be the only dude in his 30s there while everyone else...
  8. knuts

    How easy it was for anyone to vote!

    Voting for the first time felt great for me last night even though everyone I voted for lost. It still felt like I was making or trying to make a difference. But anyways, I noticed at how easy it was for just anybody to vote, I brought my voter registration card, Drivers license and passport...
  9. knuts

    Putting more than 1 serial number on my application for westchester.

    I'll be passing my pistol application and fingerprinting soon for westchester. I ended up getting a good deal after trading in one of my rifles for a pistol, so technically i still have the money i initially intended to use to buy my first pistol. Now ive been debating whether i should use that...
  10. knuts

    Help with first pistol

    Hey guys, so I called the westchester county pistol office yesterday to set up a fingerprint appointment thinking it would probably take 4-6 months since thats what I've been reading, the lady on the phone set my appointment up on August 22. Thats closer than what I was expecting! Now I need to...
  11. knuts

    Hog hunting in Alabama

    Ok, so every year for my birthday (sept) I always go somewhere usually alone, but this year I am thinking of going hog hunting in Alabama, bringing maybe a few friends. Alabama because my sister and her family lives there, I could visit and stay with them. They live near Auburn Does anyone...
  12. knuts

    Onsight Defensive shotgun class

    I finally got to join a defensive shotgun class with @OnSight Firearms Training this past weekend and just want to share my experience. Great class! It was a private class where a friend of mine invited me on, alot of the guys that were on the class were first timers and even a few who havent...
  13. knuts

    Charter fishing Boats

    Anyone know or has suggestions on where to try one of these? a few buddies of mine wants to go on one of these but i dont know which to try, im not sure about the ones on long island as i have a feeling those will always be packed even the ones out of state im willing to try as long as its not...
  14. knuts

    HELP! mossberg 590 is stuck

    Let me first start by saying i really have no knowledge when it comes to shotguns but i do have a mossberg 590, now i need your help guys, I was planning on cleaning my shotgun today, i started by taking out the barrel, and then i was about to take out the bolt, somehow the bolt got stuck...
  15. knuts

    Gun store packed wrong ammo for m1 garands

    So i took the ol garand out recently, opened a pack that has enbloc clips with ammo on them already, this is the pack grabbed one and loaded in my rifle. Fired, nothing. Cycled a new round, fired still nothing. took that enbloc out and changed a new one thinking it was just a bad batch of...
  16. knuts

    Budget Spotting Scopes

    So, i did a quick search and couldnt find any. Can anyone recommend a really cheap spotting scope good for about 200 yards? $150 max i was looking at this...
  17. knuts

    PSA ships complete uppers?

    Hey everyone, i dont know where to ask this but i'd figure this would be a good place. does palmetto state ship complete uppers in ny? i had the impression you can ship anything to your house except the lower but then on their checkout, i saw this are they referring to complete lower receiver...
  18. knuts

    What ar9 mags are these? Plus my ar9 :)

    Buddy of mine sent me this, he said he bought it on ebay. Anyone know what brand these are? im thinking of getting a few of these plus the ar9 i got from @Bullet Guy :) pinned permanently a fake muzzlebreak on this one from...
  19. knuts

    Knife for my dad

    Hi guys, i dont know much about knives but i want to get a knife for my dad, its going to be a utility knife sort a thing. he likes to do alot of work in the house, in our neighbors house, and any kind of handyman stuff. i want to get him a small knife for cutting wires, plastics, etc etc. he...
  20. knuts

    Where to butcher deer in westchester

    Hello everyone, so opening day is coming up and this will be my first time hunting, I will be with a group of experienced hunters. The problem I will have is if I ever fill my tag, I dont know where to have them butchered and processed. I actually want to do it myself but cant do it in my...
  21. knuts

    Build my precision Rifle!

    Hello fellow new Yorkers I am now starting my next project and I decided to build a precision rifle. I want to get more into precision shooting but I dont know much about it so I will need help building one. So far here are the ones I've decided Action - Rem 700 sps aac-sd. 22inch heavy bull...
  22. knuts

    Bringing Balisongs in NY

    Hi guys, so next month I will be vacationing in the Philippines for a few weeks and I want to buy a few balisongs there. Anyone know the laws regarding customs when it comes to balisongs or knives in general? Of course if i want to buy a few it will be properly cased on a checked luggage but I...
  23. knuts

    F/S Vortex Strikefire 2 and UTG 3x magnifier

    Im selling my red dot and magnifier if anyone is interested. I really love this red dot but unfortunately I also really need cash right now :( this is set up on my ar 15. probably brought them to the range 3-4 times only. $200 for both - Like new 150 for the vortex 50 for the UTG magnifier...
  24. knuts

    American flag = Racist?

    I was in a meeting with Disney and Star wars yesterday (I work for a apparel company that uses licensed art), they were showing new artwork for the us to use. One of the parts of the meetings are the dos and donts when using their star wars license. One of the donts was using a American flag...
  25. knuts

    First year hunting!

    Hello everyone, so I decided this year I will start hunting instead of mooching from my friends stock of deer meat lol. I have never hunted, Ive seen a few threads in here that are useful (gears, clothing, etc) so i wont go into that. What I would like some help however are the places to hunt...
  26. knuts

    LGS in Nassau?

    Hello everyone, I have a friend who lives in Nassau county who recently bought a house, since hes single and alone and a first time home owner he wants to buy a home defense shotgun, ive recommended him both mossy and remy to check out. Now he doesnt know anything about firearms so he wants me...