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  1. Catskillkid

    Henry Big Boy

    I don't know why but I keep thinking that I need a lever action in my stable (everything I have is either semi-auto, bolt, or pump action). Was reading an article about the new Ruger made Marlins and I started getting all tingly inside thinking about them. The Henrys are cool too.
  2. Catskillkid

    Shooting in Monticello

    Cool. I'm going to be near there tomorrow. Guess I should pack the kevlar. And Monti-ghetto is a shit hole. Has been for a while and has only gotten worse in recent years. There's a shooting there at least 2-3x a month. Investigations are usually "ongoing."
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    Gun Humor thread

  4. Catskillkid

    Hospital Employee had large cache of guns

    Gotta pump those numbers up!
  5. Catskillkid

    Hospital Employee had large cache of guns

    Cops Checking NJ Hospital Bomb Threat Find Weapons Cache of 39 Guns in Worker's Closet
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    Gun Humor thread

  7. Catskillkid

    Gun Humor thread

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    Gun Humor thread

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    Yonkers Man with AK-47 Arrested Outside Iranian Dissident's Home

    Man With Assault Rifle, 66 Ammo Rounds Arrested at Iranian Dissident's NYC Home: FBI
  10. Catskillkid

    Nys passing out planes like they are candy

    Can't this woman have a sex scandal of her own and be forced to resign already?
  11. Catskillkid

    NYC wifi hubs attract homeless, drug addicts, and masturbators

    Damn. That photo the grate with the needles at the bottom. Maybe I'm just naive but that looks like a shit ton of used needles. How the fuck can these assholes even afford heroin if they have no money?
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    Gun Humor thread

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    Gun Humor thread

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    Leaked video shows Starbucks CEO is closing stores due to liberal policies

    When you have to navigate around human feces and used needles to get to a store that continually gets robbed because prosecutors refuse to prosecute anything under a certain amount (I believe in San Francisco it's $5,000) an you blame them for closing stores?
  15. Catskillkid

    SHOCKING, Saudis tell biden to go pound sand

    Plenty of sand to pound in Saudi Arabia. Just don't tell him about the camels. He might want to sniff them too.
  16. Catskillkid

    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Haven't picked up a new gun in a couple of years now so I felt it was time to add a new one to the stable. I like the concealability of my Sig P356 but for more comfortable shooting I'd like one with a larger grip. Today I picked up its big brother, the P365XL with Romeo Zero.
  17. Catskillkid

    Which Pro-2A organization to join?

    Whatever happened to SCOPE? I mean I'm still on their email list and enjoy the commentary they send out (mostly on national politics now) but are they doing anything substantive for NY these days?
  18. Catskillkid

    100% true facts about guns, from the Babylon Bee ( this is stupid, its hilarious )

    After watching this video I have to reevaluate my entire stance on the Second Amendment, self-defense, and US History. I'm even questioning my sexuality and gender identity.
  19. Catskillkid

    Filmmaker Michael Moore pens his own 28th Amendment to ‘repeal and replace’ Second Amendment

    Michael Moore's July 4 message: 'Cannot in good conscience' continue to accept 'full citizenship' privileges Does this mean we can deport him then?
  20. Catskillkid

    VP Harris calls for 'assault weapons ban' on guns 'intentionally designed to kill' people

    VP Harris calls for 'assault weapons ban' on guns 'intentionally designed to kill' people So we should also ban bows and arrows too. And knives. And cars that are intentionally made to drive. And food that is intentionally grown/raised to eat. I think Dementia Joe just raised a few IQ points...
  21. Catskillkid

    If They Lose, You Will Eat Bugs – Dutch Farmer Spokesperson Explains How EU Climate Change Goals Will Reduce Farm Production

    I recall Marie Antoinette saying something to the effect of "Let them eat cake." I also recall her losing her head over that turn of phrase. The Dutch politicians would be wise to listen to their farmers.
  22. Catskillkid

    At least 14 dead in a mass shooting at a bar in Soweto, South Africa

    Clearly it's all that white supremacy at play.
  23. Catskillkid

    Democrats mad that gun companies are making money

    Heaven forbid a company actually makes money! Don't they know who ultimately pays for all those .gov handouts?
  24. Catskillkid

    the current farmers protests and the World Economic Forum global food hub initiative.

    You really want to help solve global warming? Ban private jets. They emit far more carbon and pollution to any fertilizer or livestock operation. But funny enough, all the ones that are pushing these climate initiatives seem to have no problem jet setting in their own personal air craft...
  25. Catskillkid

    What holsters do you like for the sig 365

    I have a Crossbreed Minituck holster for my P365. I'm actually in the process of acquiring a P365XL so I'll let you know if it fits.
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    Gun Humor thread

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    Planning challenge to licensing requirements

    Good luck to you. I'm hopeful that lawsuits like these will prove fruitful. If there ever is a need for crowdfunding set something up. I'm not a rich man but I can spare a few bucks.
  28. Catskillkid

    4th of July shooting at Chicago suburb parade, - multiple people shot

    When I first heard the report they mentioned "high-powered rifle" and I immediately assumed it was probably a 30-06 or a .308 and figured now they're finally coming for the hunting rifles. The clips posted show a different story. Clearly it's semi-auto. Guy was pumping out rounds with abandon...
  29. Catskillkid

    NY's Vindictive Plans for carry - special session next week to respond to SCOTUS's ruling. (Merged)

    Kind of my thinking too. I'm on the fence right now about recertifying now or waiting and seeing. I'm due at the end of the year. They can't reasonably expect people to fulfill training requirements that don't even exist yet. My feeling is that they'll probably make you recertify when your date...
  30. Catskillkid

    Second Amendment Foundation

    I sure hope so. I have agita trying to read through the new CC legislation.
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    Gun Humor thread

  32. Catskillkid

    Gun Humor thread

  33. Catskillkid

    List of companies urging Congress to restrict our rights

    Each and everyone of those CEO's can take turns licking my balls.
  34. Catskillkid

    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    Yup. You know they're looking for ways to fuck us still. Besides expanding the definition of "sensitive area" they'll take the authority for issuing permits away from the counties and make it top-down at the state level. They'll figure out some other restrictions too I'm sure.
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    Gun Humor thread

  36. Catskillkid

    “ Squad “ member Bowman predicts Civil War if GOP wins in November

    I would argue that we're in a low level civil war right now. BLM and Antifa burning down buildings and taking over portions of cities certainly looks like that.
  37. Catskillkid

    Obamas Cause Suspicion By Ordering Huge Propane Tank For Posh Island Mansion

    I agree. I wouldn't necessarily subscribe anything nefarious to this other than they probably have a big house and everything is propane, plus they love to throw parties so they probably use a lot. Now if he was order a lot of fertilizer that might give me pause.
  38. Catskillkid

    'Ugly' inflation report could put Fed rate hike of 75-basis points on the table

    They've been going on since this time in 2020. Did they ever really stop?
  39. Catskillkid

    Suffolk County uses red flag laws the most in NYS

    With the new laws it's very easy to red flag someone. I would caution everyone here to not make comments, even in jest, about harming anyone or any institution. Very easy to take guns away in NY. Not so easy to get them back, especially in places like Suffolk County.
  40. Catskillkid

    New York Republican Gubernatorial Primary - Candidate Selection?

    I'm leaning towards Astorino too. He seems the most genuine to me and the GOP National Committee screwed him over. Even with all that I think he did respectably in this state. I'm with gunpoliticsny on Zeldin. I have nothing against Zeldin but he seems to be the state GOP sacrificial lamb. I...
  41. Catskillkid

    Gift from the Governor. Is she Greek?

    My uncle was talking to my mom the other day. Apparently he got one too. No one else I know got one. At least not yet.
  42. Catskillkid

    Biden live at 7:30 6.2.22

    Let's Go Brandon!
  43. Catskillkid

    Biden live at 7:30 6.2.22

    Assault weapons ban/raise age to 21 Universal background checks Red flag laws Gun manufacturer liability Democrats wet dream of gun control
  44. Catskillkid

    Would you support a ban on semi-automatic weapons and ammunition?

    I like my infringement like I like my men... There's a joke in there somewhere but I can't think of one at the moment.
  45. Catskillkid

    Many back out of performing at NRA convention

    Vincent is a good Don McLean song. That's probably about it though.
  46. Catskillkid

    Many back out of performing at NRA convention

    They're making a conscientious decision based upon the most important thing in the universe (in their mind): Money. They're likely figuring that they'll lose more money in the long-term performing at the NRA convention than if they back out. Like it or not, the NRA is rapidly becoming a poison...
  47. Catskillkid

    Hochul seeks to change age of gun ownership to 21

    Whether it's 18, 21, 25 or whatever it's all or nothing. One age of majority to vote, own a gun, buy a beer, serve your country, sign contracts, etc. None of this, well you're kind of sort of an adult for this, but definitely not for that.
  48. Catskillkid

    Shooting at Uvalde Texas elementary school

    I know. But is should be.