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  1. Saltwater60

    NYS gov handout for development of window sized heat pumps for apartments

    More handouts to companies. Why do we do this? If there is a need for it let the market develop it on its own. I would potentially purchase one for my third floor if they are much more efficient than what I have now. It’s 520 square feet but I don’t hear it because heat rises but I do cool it...
  2. Saltwater60

    Hochul signs legislation eliminating the term inmate.

    Wow super important and I’m sure this will make a dramatic change.
  3. Saltwater60

    The left is now claiming the right wants to defund police and other LEO

    Just because we don’t want the federal spending and the IRS a size doubled doesn’t mean we don’t want police or enforcement of laws. We want dangerous criminals killing people investigated first before these financial crimes are investigated. Seem odd to me that they think they can make $44...
  4. Saltwater60

    Anyone get a DMP yet?

    I went to order my hunting license and it says they are available as well as DMP’s but when I go to order my hunting license nothing comes up for DMP’s for me. There is a slot for it to select one, but there is nothing there and no plus sign to add is what it shows and yes I had already...
  5. Saltwater60

    NC sheriff and school aggravate some by adding AR-15’s to schools

    I have no issue with this at all. The long guns will be locked in a safe and out of view from the kids day in and day out. They will also have ammo and breaching tools to avoid what happened in Uvalde. I’m sick of hearing school resource officers lead to an increase in violence because I doubt...
  6. Saltwater60

    Canada to ban import of handguns until new law comes into effect

    Gotta love Canada and where people have no rights.
  7. Saltwater60

    Senate passed $750 billion dollar liberal wishlist.

    I see this will help me in no way at all. I’m not sure how this will reduce inflation in anyway and seems like a corporate welfare handout.
  8. Saltwater60

    Bernie Sanders blast inflation reduction bill

    This is how you know it’s bad.
  9. Saltwater60

    Hochul to launch tackle box app for fishing

    Wow a good thing she has done. I have to hand it to her one good thing.
  10. Saltwater60

    Sig summer promotion buy a 365 and get a free mag and box of ammo

    I’m posting this here since I want it to be more visible. If mods think it should go in the promo section(rightly so) I get it...
  11. Saltwater60

    China responds to Pelosi visit and it’s not good

    More Biden winning. He truly is a moron.
  12. Saltwater60

    Hochul plans to fire Alan Briggs, Manhattan DA I’m sure he will have another job with the state.
  13. Saltwater60

    Hochul showing off at a press conference in Albany about gun confiscations

    Of these are assault rifles why is there a mean arms fixed mag loader there?
  14. Saltwater60

    China does military drills near Taiwan and fired missiles near where Pelosi was Biden will do nothing.
  15. Saltwater60

    16 year old defends himself and girlfriend - robber ends up dead.

    I like the cops take he defended himself. Pretty straightforward.
  16. Saltwater60

    Women loses custody of child after refusing to acknowledge gender transition

    Wow. We’re here. Probably more to the story
  17. Saltwater60

    Hochul’s lead over Zeldin is not insurmountable

    Let’s hope Zeldin can beat her. I’m slightly hopeful. Look at the lead she has in NYC.
  18. Saltwater60

    BLM activist set up political PAC and spent $40,000 of that money on a family pet

    This is rich. A $40,000 dog seriously? Spent $56,00 on political candidates so he spent almost as much money on a dog as he did for what the money was supposed to be spent on.
  19. Saltwater60

    Soros to continue to back woke DA’s saying it’s popular and effective I do t really think it’s popular and it’s effective at harming innocents. Many are complaining about this and if the republicans were smart they would link the spike in crime to the liberal...
  20. Saltwater60

    Tutorial on how to properly grip a handgun

    I thought this was very good and explained things well. I’m sure I’m not doing number one and number four properly and that’s leads to number three being slightly low as well. I will practice this week and next week the take the sigs to the range to see how I perform.
  21. Saltwater60

    NYS to help pay overtime costs passed onto farmers

    If this is the way they are going to handle it then why did they even pass the cost onto the farmer on the first place? NYS should have just paid the cost to start with but we all know this will be short lived and is for her re-election campaign...
  22. Saltwater60

    Hochul declares and state emergency over monkeypox in NYS

    If you all feel this should go in the all things monkepox fine, but I feel it needed it’s own thread. So 1450 people have a virus and it’s now an emergency. I can tell you that the large gay pride parade and pride month in NYC has helped this. We are 25% of the cases in the USA in NYS. This is a...
  23. Saltwater60

    Recidivism rates skyrocket as bail reform took hold in nyc

    I’m shocked.
  24. Saltwater60

    Nys passing out planes like they are candy

    Wow I’m beyond baffled. I can’t believe hochul needs a plane and a helicopter, that the NYSPA needs to get anywhere that quickly, and same with the NYSP. Pure corruption.
  25. Saltwater60

    The pope apologizes to native people in Canada for their role in indoctrination schools

    What they did to these people is just horrible. I don’t get it and I find native cultures very fascinating. I do not like this pope. I’m Christina but not Catholic. I do not support the Catholic Church in much that they do...
  26. Saltwater60

    No 365xl mags to b found

    I looked at probably 15 web sites and they are out of stock everywhere. Any one have any suggestions? I just ordered two new 365 mags and I know they have base plate adapters for 365 to go to 365xl frames, but they are $20 after tax and shipping. Also I’d rather just get some xl,s of I can.
  27. Saltwater60

    NYC wifi hubs attract homeless, drug addicts, and masturbators

    People seem fed up, but will it be enough? We need an administration change.
  28. Saltwater60

    Newsome signs new gun laws modeled after Texas abortion laws. Of these gun laws work doesn’t it mean the abortion laws would work too?
  29. Saltwater60

    ATF being sent to homes that purchased multiple firearms to verify they still possess them

    Good thing my lower came in after my two pistols or maybe I’d have got the same visit. This is crazy and this proves 100% they know what guns you’re buying since they know he made multiple purchases since January 2022. I’m not sure how I would handle this. One thing I know is I wouldn’t let them...
  30. Saltwater60

    NYPD a manages to find 182 illegal guns

    Well now look my here they actually did something and are arresting criminals als with guns.
  31. Saltwater60

    Kathy Hochul used state aircraft 140 times to drive home.

    I can’t even believe this is allowed. The ethics committee needs to be fired if this is allowed. Then she used it to connect with constituents. Who knew tax payers funded her campaign...
  32. Saltwater60

    Trump derelict for not calling off Jan 6th mob

    Can’t find anything else I guess. How many democrats failed to call off protests and supported them? some just got arrested at a protest and they are proud of it.
  33. Saltwater60

    17 congress members arrested at an abortion protest

    Could you imagine if these were republicans at a 2a rally.
  34. Saltwater60

    Leaked video shows Starbucks CEO is closing stores due to liberal policies

    It seems all these former liberals are turning around to learn that liberal policies aren’t working so well. We need a few more. Musk, Bezo’s and now this. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz blames Dem-run cities for store closures
  35. Saltwater60

    Elk boneyard found in Idaho
  36. Saltwater60

    Leftist Rubenstien ruins Jefferson and Madison estates with Emphasis on slavery and racism

    This is disappointing, but I’m glad I know because I won’t visit. I’ve been to Jefferson’s home about 6-7 years ago and it was great. Just the facts is all that should be presented. If he owned slaves say it and I’m fine with that, but he made a lot of good contributions to this country that are...
  37. Saltwater60

    More from the nanny state, bicycle safety included now to get a driving license

    When will it stop? The bicyclists are the worst. Hell the state is the worst with how they design bike lanes, many near me are completely unsafe. Hochul: New drivers must take a pedestrian and bicycle safety course to obtain license
  38. Saltwater60

    Hochul donor in-line to receive billions for the Penn Station rehab project

    No surprise but I thought she said she wasn’t going to do this. Hochul donor in line for $1.2B tax break in Penn Station overhaul plan: watchdog
  39. Saltwater60

    Sig Sauer experience center opens
  40. Saltwater60

    Man makes threats against Cruz and other republicans and is promptly released

    This guy will buy a gun and kill people then many will wonder why it happened and shrug their shoulders.
  41. Saltwater60

    Clements and Murphy to defend gun makers against NYS lawsuit

    You have to hand it to them that they have principles and split off on their own to defend them and our rights. I’m sure it has to do with money but I’m hopeful it’s more than that. Doesn’t hurt they won the Bruen case...
  42. Saltwater60

    Jerone Davison political ad is sure to make waves

    Left me speechless.
  43. Saltwater60

    Democrats mad that gun companies are making money

    These people are nuts. They get mad when people make money and don’t give it to them to get them re-elected.
  44. Saltwater60

    Army says good bye to 60K over vaccine status
  45. Saltwater60

    Oil below $100/barrel and I’m sure Biden will take credit for it.
  46. Saltwater60

    Democrats are enlisting celebrities to push their narrative on tictok

    A bit concerning for sure. I think there needs to be a separation between celebrity and state as well as church and state. How does Deborah Messing think she got Biden elected? When he was running I didn’t hear anything about her stumping for him. Also pretty cool they feel like they aren’t...
  47. Saltwater60

    Zeldin found his balls. Comments on gun infringement

    I’m sure only after the party told him too.
  48. Saltwater60

    HHS Secretary say Roe V Wade overturning decision won’t stand

    Who’s going to overturn it the super Supreme Court? They truly do not think rules apply to them do they? Reflecting on my front yard... Amherst, NY Olympus E-M1 Mark II, 100-400 w/ 1.4x
  49. Saltwater60

    Another economic indicator the democrats will lose in November

    Household spending and discretionary spending has shrunk considerably. It’s down $12,000/year because of Biden’s inflation and he’s largely done nothing about it. This is a historic indicator that the dems will lose, of course history doesn’t always hold true...