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  1. Robin

    So what’s your guess on the verdict on the MN v Potter case?

    The punishment way does not fit the 'crime?', some punishment is warranted, this is crazy! Robin
  2. Robin

    Check out this coyote

    I haven't seen one in probably fifteen years but there were a few around here back then that approached german shepherd size. Today they look pretty much coyote size, though there are some stunning color variations. I saw one that was mostly red like a fox with the grayish yellow mottling and...
  3. Robin

    80% lowers in ny

    New York, making felons out of ordinary citizens the old fashioned way, one law at a time. Robin
  4. Robin

    Check out this coyote

    We used to call them coy-dog's. Robin
  5. Robin

    NY semi to bolt conversion?

    I can't answer that. Read and reread NY purposely vague laws and I can come up with as many legal interpretations as there are words in the statute. What it comes down to is if the guy shooting next to you is having a bad day and possesses the power to make your day suck as well. Robin
  6. Robin

    Strange retailer

    I would have no idea how to use any of those payment procedures. Sometimes ignorance is an asset. Robin
  7. Robin

    30 million Americans Ready to Take Up Arms for Trump

    I must have been out that day, 30,000,000,001 Robin
  8. Robin

    Former President Trump sues NYAG Tish James, claiming civil rights violations

    Well, not a musket, I will require rifling. Simple elegance will do. Oh yeah, let me not forget voter reform. Only United States of America citizens are allowed to vote upon showing an Official identification with photograph, and its proving of New York State residency.
  9. Robin

    Former President Trump sues NYAG Tish James, claiming civil rights violations

    Oh, with my chopping block of un-American un lawfulness, the Bureaucracy would be cut, by my estimate, two thirds, enabling at the most massive tax cut in the history of man kind there by attracting legitimate business back to this once great state. Corruption?!?!?!!? The only line longer than...
  10. Robin

    Strange retailer

    Somethings are kind of unbelievably cheap and Check out the payment method options. Is this for real?!?! Robin
  11. Robin

    Facebook gun groups.

  12. Robin

    Former President Trump sues NYAG Tish James, claiming civil rights violations

    If he ends up owning the state I'll ask him to appoint me Governor till the next election. I will declare emergency powers and rescind, repeal and outright tear up thousands, yes thousands of laws and regulations going at least as far back as the Sullivan act and depending how much time I have...
  13. Robin

    Analysis: 1.5 Million Parents Could Drop Out of Workforce Amid Biden Child Tax Benefit

    Tax code is made to restrict you in all ways it can, IRS, Americas Gestapo. When they find out those parents are now home schooling, actually taking responsibility away from the government for raising their kids they'll cancel that shit faster than a NY second. Robin
  14. Robin

    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    What a wretched person she is. Robin
  15. Robin

    Airmont deputy mayor arrested with arsenal of weapons

    Crime in New York, like real estate, its all about location, location, location. Robin
  16. Robin

    Biden's Folly thread Huh, commander, probably call it Commie for short. Robin
  17. Robin

    80% lowers in ny

  18. Robin

    80% lowers in ny

    Well, if I engrave a serial number on it and by all other measures it is legal ( think SAFE ACT), and not a pistol, why should I register it. Robin
  19. Robin

    Gun Humor thread

  20. Robin

    80% lowers in ny

    I must have missed something. Serial numbers? Robin
  21. Robin

    80% lowers in ny

    Sad fucking times! Robin
  22. Robin

    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    I am all these things, and, young at heart! Robin
  23. Robin

    Biden's Folly thread

  24. Robin

    Seriously thinking of downsizing

    Got any parts ds? Looking fo an AR barrel, 7.62 x 39. Robin
  25. Robin

    Judge Hands Down Big Win to Gen. Flynn, Will Allow His Family to Sue CNN

    I feel bad for the kid, instant wealth might be of some compensation on one level, that to me wouldn't be all that fulfilling, but his life was and is forever altered from whatever hopes and dreams he may have held as a young man. I pray he finds the wisdom to carry on successfully by his own...
  26. Robin

    Judge Hands Down Big Win to Gen. Flynn, Will Allow His Family to Sue CNN

    They don't care, they nearly destroyed him and by proxy the Trump administration, mission accomplished. The money? Hah, don't be surprised if through the back channels of unaccounted for tax dollars, we pay for it. Robin
  27. Robin

    NY Bill A 416 . In relation to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public healh

    You need mass communication of truth to cause mass outrage and that just does not happen these days. People dragged away in the middle of the night would go unreported and be the stuff of localized rumor. Is you think we need more than the plethora of unconstitutional and un-American laws...
  28. Robin

    NYC voted to put limits on carbon output on any new building and any requiring a building permit. No gas allowed!!

    They are determined to turn that place into North Tijuana, rated one of the top two worst and most dangerous cities to live in, on the entire planet.
  29. Robin

    Gov. Kathy Hochul wants all New Yorkers to have vote-by-mail option

    When Dominion isn't enough? Fuck you Hokel! Robin
  30. Robin

    NYS DEC survey on lead vs non-lead ammo

    Conservation department has become a political too. The fact that they are even asking this crap means we will be taking a big one up the shit chute in the near future. FUNY! Robin
  31. Robin

    'Reestablish our Commitment to the Cause' Top Dem. Senator Richard Blumenthal Praises Communist Party USA, Gives Award from Senate Dem's

    It is him and his like that have all but put a steak in the heart of this great nation. Robin
  32. Robin

    Four arrested for hate crime robbery

    I hate when they do that, is that a crime? Robin
  33. Robin


    Beverly hills, um, which side do we root for, I forget. Robin
  34. Robin

    The state of the country in 2021

    Maryland, and a fairly 'normal' area. Which goes to show how deeply embedded the commie union propagandist sheep, er teachers, really are. Robin
  35. Robin

    Speculation Grows That Hillary Clinton Positioning Herself To Run Again In 2024

    BEGONE!!! Thou evil spawn of satan blood sucking leech! Robin Stoker
  36. Robin

    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Nah, the most evil cover up was the election fraud in the last presidential election and its' cover up, but I have no doubt that these events are somehow connected, not directly, but in the mix. Robin
  37. Robin

    Gun Humor thread

  38. Robin

    Biden's Folly thread

  39. Robin

    Gun Humor thread