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  1. Dr. Evil

    Target Sports USA

    Love this company. Ordered 1000 rounds of Blazer CCI 124g 9mm on Thursday using my son's prime membership for 303.60 plus tax with free shipping. Arrived today. Can't say enough good things about them. Do you think they will still ship after September 1st?
  2. Dr. Evil

    9mm Carry Ammo

    Critical Duty 124g. Thoughts? Either that, Speer Gold dot or Federal HST for me.
  3. Dr. Evil

    F/S Glock 43X MOS And Stuff

    Now that I have the PDP F-Series I am selling my Glock. Along with the Glock 43X MOS there's Agency Arms replacement trigger, Holosun 507K, DPP adapter plate, Streamlight TLR-7 Sub 500, Talon Pro grip and 8 extra 10 round mags. I put around 400 rounds through it over 2 classes (light wasn't...
  4. Dr. Evil

    Trump-Backed Primary Candidates Score in Arizona and Michigan, Fall in Washington
  5. Dr. Evil

    Subpoenas Going to Return ‘Treasure Trove’ of Documents From Biden Administration: Louisiana AG
  6. Dr. Evil

    Mobile Voting Vans Are Popping Up In This State
  7. Dr. Evil

    Elections Called In Italy- What To Expect From The Upcoming Populist Government
  8. Dr. Evil

    Prepare For The Red Wave: The Latest Numbers Say It’s Coming and It’s Big FWIW.
  9. Dr. Evil

    Remove Mayor Adams For Breaking The Law We can dream...
  10. Dr. Evil

    Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby loses reelection bid in Democratic primary :ROFL: Brings a smile to my face.
  11. Dr. Evil

    CD Media Big Data Poll: Kari Lake, Katie Hobbs In Tight Race For Arizona Governor
  12. Dr. Evil

    Rashida Tlaib campaign events in 2018 were organized by alleged terror financiers
  13. Dr. Evil

    Lucky Gunner

    Do they still ship ammo to NY as long as it isn't NYC? Never mind. I see they only ship to an ffl.
  14. Dr. Evil

    Practice Ammo Vs. Carry Ammo

    I carry with 147 grain self defense hollow point ammo. Is it bad to train with 115 grain FMJ ammo instead of 147 grain FMJ? Would the difference noticed be worth the price increase in 147 compared to 115?
  15. Dr. Evil

    Trump has reportedly made decision that he will run in 2024, timing of announcement uncertain
  16. Dr. Evil

    Biden: "What Am I Doing Now?" Dementia Joe is at an all time low. Unbelievable that people think he is in control of anything, including his bodily functions.
  17. Dr. Evil

    Biden calls inflation report ‘unacceptably high’ but ‘out-of-date’ OK Biden fanboys/Trump haters... let me have your best spin.
  18. Dr. Evil

    Filmmaker Michael Moore pens his own 28th Amendment to ‘repeal and replace’ Second Amendment Fuck that fucking fucker.
  19. Dr. Evil

    Jill Biden apologizes for 'tacos' comments about Latinos I see what Brandon has is contagious.
  20. Dr. Evil

    Biden administration awarded $177M no-bid contract to house migrant children in North Carolina
  21. Dr. Evil

    Elon Musk blasts Biden’s latest teleprompter blunder, compares it to ‘Anchorman’ :ROFL:
  22. Dr. Evil

    White House communications director Kate Bedingfield stepping down
  23. Dr. Evil

    New Survey About Inflation Is Bad News for Joe Biden
  24. Dr. Evil

    Walther PDP F Series 4"

    As I mentioned in the training section I did another pistol class with OSFT. In doing so I learned some very valuable information. I need to carry the biggest gun that fits my hand and is concealable. I have been shooting the G43X MOS and although have improved a bit there is a bigger...
  25. Dr. Evil

    Supreme Court to weigh whether state legislatures instead of state courts get final say in election rules
  26. Dr. Evil

    CLIMATE Supreme Court limits EPA authority to set climate standards for power plants The decision is a major setback for the Biden administration’s agenda to combat climate change, specifically the goal to zero out carbon emissions from power plants by 2035 and cut...
  27. Dr. Evil

    Dutchess County Gun Control Proposals

    **ALERT** **UPDATE** Please note the updated instructions from Ben and Jackie: If you would like to express opposition to the democrat gun prohibition proposal send an email now to expressing your opposition to Proposed Local Law 113 of 2022. Your email will be...
  28. Dr. Evil

    Florida Supreme Court approves DeSantis grand jury to investigate child smuggling, immigration
  29. Dr. Evil

    Massive Trove of Gun Owners’ Private Information Leaked by California Attorney General
  30. Dr. Evil

    Project Veritas: Leaked Call with Prison Inmate Reveals Democrat Senate Candidate Calling For “Secret Sleepers” to Infiltrate South Carolina Republica Yeah, there's no cheating in elections lol.
  31. Dr. Evil

    Judge throws out NYC law allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections 2A ruling, abortion ruling, school prayer ruling, now this... The constitution is making a comeback. I'm starting to get a sense of a wave...
  32. Dr. Evil

    Voicemail indicates Joe Biden knew of Hunter deals with ‘spy chief of China’ Wait... Brandon lied to the American people?
  33. Dr. Evil

    Joe Biden inadvertently helped Hunter pay Russia-linked escorts: report It just keeps getting better and better.
  34. Dr. Evil

    U.S. Rep. Asks Why Multiple Pallets of Bricks Were Left Out in Downtown D.C.
  35. Dr. Evil

    Pelosi Elbows, Shoves Young Daughter of Mayra Flores at Swearing In Ceremony (Video)
  36. Dr. Evil

    Joe Biden Instructive Note Card from Staff: YOU Enter the Room, ‘YOU Take YOUR Seat’ :ROFL: The guy in charge of the nuclear codes?
  37. Dr. Evil

    Freudian Slip ( press secretary at press briefing)
  38. Dr. Evil

    Federal agents visit the home of former DOJ official Jeffrey Clark who tried to help Trump overturn election results All because he investigated voter fraud. See a pattern?
  39. Dr. Evil

    Trump-backed Britt defeats Brooks in Alabama Republican Senate runoff So long Mo.
  40. Dr. Evil

    Andrew Gillum charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, and making false statements The guy that ran against DeSantis for governor. Florida wouldn't be a free state. Florida dodged a bullet.
  41. Dr. Evil

    OK, I'll Bite. What Are Our Unique Strengths We Have In This Economy? BTW, no, you DON'T get it. We DO though.
  42. Dr. Evil

    This Was the Plan All Along (Brandon Video) Remember he said he wasn't going after fossil fuels? Lying piece of shit.
  43. Dr. Evil

    New Press Sec Snaps During Tense Exchange with Doocy Her shit is even full of shit.
  44. Dr. Evil

    School Board Comedian Alex Stein Involved in Altercation with Congress Crenshaw
  45. Dr. Evil

    Lawful Self-Defense?
  46. Dr. Evil

    Macron loses absolute majority in parliament in ‘democratic shock Someone show this POS the door.
  47. Dr. Evil

    Texas Sen. John Cornyn booed by crowd at state GOP convention while negotiating gun control bill
  48. Dr. Evil

    BREAKING: Biden FALLS OFF his bike in Delaware – VIDEO I just know they are going to tie this back to Trump.