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  1. Retired MSG

    Ammo types legal to sell in NY

    I recently had some ammunition come into my possession that is either calibers I don't run or more than I want, and I'd like to sell it. It's an eclectic mix of surplus ammo from the 50s through the 80s. The question I have is whether any particular type of ammo is problematic under the law in...
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    WTT Brass for bullets etc

    Hi, I've been cleaning and sorting brass recently and found I have some for calibers I don't shoot. Specifically, I have 420 brass .40 caliber casings mixed headstamp mostly Win that have been decapped and wet tumbled. I'd like to trade them for either small pistol primers (I know, it's a long...
  3. Retired MSG

    CMP purchase

    I just noticed the North store is open by appointment. I've been thinking about a trip there for awhile. If someone from NY purchased a rifle there can they just put in the car and come home or is it required to ship it to an FFL? Obviously the latter requires some more prior planning.
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    Sorry about the employees but screw the employer
  5. Retired MSG

    Suspect killed, officer injured in Calif. shootout

    Read short article to the end to see what type of weapons are "reported " to have been used Suspect killed, officer injured in Calif. shootout
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    Gun discussion group from Syracuse Newspaper

    Anyone else see this? We're seeking Central New Yorkers for a new kind of conversation on guns I considered it, looked at the questionnaire but have to think further on whether I would want to be involved in this
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    Ammo factory video

    Wish my basement looked like this
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    History of the AR15

    The Complete History of the AR-15 Rifle | Small Wars Journal
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    Question about FL resizing and headspace

    I'm new to reloading, due to having a great deal drop in my lap that has subsequently cost me a fortune lol. As yet I haven't loaded a single round, but I'm chomping at the bit to do so. I've done a ton of research and reading (and purchasing), and there are some really knowledgeable members...
  10. Retired MSG

    Anyone own or have experience with Tikka?

    I'm considering one of these chambered in 8x57 Mauser. I looked at some in LGS in other calibers and internet-based and wordo of mouth seems to indicate they're very accurate. Anyone have an opinion?
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    Maybe my best gun related week ever

    So, I've been easing into reloading, always had an interest but in the last month and a half I began to put together some pieces. I've been researching and I hunt with a sporterized Lee Enfield 303 British. My research led me to believe that to start slow and learn a "Lee classic loader" was the...
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    Found where everyone went

    Good to see all the familiar names around here, Hello everyone