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    DONE Lee 38/357 4 die set

    I bought these as bulk purchase , die’s look good $40 tyd .
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    PSA - pistol permit recertification

    Since we’re in a new year check your due date on your recertification . Gotta love NY and our unsafe act .. Colossal PIA , and I feel sorry for those with a large collection .
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    PSA - vote no , on prop’s 1-3-4 tomorrow
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    Hit the range this morning with my 10mm & 44 mag

    I’m shooting my 10mm in our outdoor pistol league and it’s going ok, this revolver guy needed some extra trigger time with her. Counting this morning it’s the 5th time shooting it, I really needed to sight it in a bit better and I believe I dialed it in. So as long as I do my part Wednesday...
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    Anyone hunt with their handguns ?

    Been hunting with my 44 super redhawk for years , I picked up a 1911 in 10mm last year and I’d like to take that on a hog hunt . So tell me whatcha got ..
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    Hey guys

    Hello from the southern tier ..