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  1. Apeman

    gas prices are about to go back up

    We'll be screwed by then even if there's a red wave. The brain dead idiot in charge will deplete our reserves trying to keep prices down to make people happy while trying to keep his party in charge. On top of wasting our reserves for that He's already sent a ton of OUR oil reserves overseas
  2. Apeman

    ‘Orbeez challenge’

    Shoot me while I'm in my truck and I'll turn around and put them in the ditch. These idiots need to be dealt with fast and harsh so this shit ends. If it hasn't happened already someone is going to lose an eye. If they hit my kids they better hope the cops get them before I do.
  3. Apeman

    ADK park a gun free zone .. sorry homeowners ..

    Cool. Depending which map they use it might include my house. Some say I'm in it and some say I'm a couple miles from it. They can go fuck themselves.
  4. Apeman

    IRS job posting requirement to 'carry a firearm' and 'use deadly force, if necessary'

    Yeah because the majority of the idiots in charge of making or enforcing the laws uphold their oaths.
  5. Apeman

    Syracuse man spent two years in prison before higher court rules gun search illegal

    This is the problem. There's no accountability for their actions. Same for politicians who make illegal laws. There should be no immunity for illegal arrests and anyone that makes an illegal law should be removed from office
  6. Apeman

    California Drops Bombshell on Private Well

    CA has bragged about having an $80 million budget surplus after all the covid lockdown bullshit. Why do they now need to steal money from people? What idiotic progressive idea are they trying to fund next? CA fined and then threatened to turn off people's water if they watered their lawns...
  7. Apeman

    WNBA's Brittney Griner reportedly detained in Russia after officials found hashish oil in luggage

    Whether anyone agrees with how it played out she was tried and convicted. Our government is siding with her and trying to get her freed. Yet our government held Jan 6th protesters in jail without granting them a trial. Sounds about right for this administration
  8. Apeman

    How to help FPC, Amazon smile

    And it's a kick in the nuts to Bezos. I'll set mine up to do it
  9. Apeman

    I knew to be careful buttttt (Wrong rounds in a rilfe)

    Luckily I didn't chamber a round, but I found out that a Shield 9 mag locks in place in a Shield 40 and vice versa. It would've sucked if I had chambered a 9 in the 40 and pulled the trigger. At least the 40 wouldn't have chambered in the 9. You feel stupid but at least you know you're not the...
  10. Apeman

    Kathy Hochul used state aircraft 140 times to drive home.

    “We are using the state plane to allow me to connect with constituents, voters all across the state, as well as citizens. So, our objective is to be a different kind of governor – one that is not locked into Albany or New York City, but there is an entire state out there,” she told reporters...
  11. Apeman

    More from the nanny state, bicycle safety included now to get a driving license

    I understand what you're saying and to a point I agree. The driving test in this state is a joke and they'll give almost anyone a license, but even if you make more qualifications for obtaining a license it won't change the idiots around you. There will still be idiots jumping off the curb in...
  12. Apeman

    N.Y. Gov. Hochul Funds Program To Combat Shootings, Despite Tightening Gun Restrictions In State

    ” I said, you know what? Let’s triple that amount of money,” stated the governor. “Okay, let’s triple that. So that’s exactly the $20 million that we’re investing in snug type programs as well as money for law enforcement, for retraining and to help them have strategies to reduce crime because...
  13. Apeman

    More from the nanny state, bicycle safety included now to get a driving license

    Fuck that and fuck her. How about they start cracking down on stupid pedestrians and stupid bicyclists. I had to jump out of the way because some dumb 20 something twatwaffle was riding on the sidewalk. Shes lucky she didn't hit my dog. Every day I see bikes on the wrong side of the road. I...
  14. Apeman

    Fire Kathy Hochul Rally

    If she wants to go back to muskets then why not go back to burning witches
  15. Apeman

    Hockul Good guy with gun doesn’t stop bad guy with a gun comment

    Once her bullshit carry laws go onto effect then she won't need her security detail right? Can't carry anywhere so she's safe. If she still keeps her detail after September 1st then she's admitting that there are people out there that will still do someone harm
  16. Apeman

    Taxpayers on hook for Biden's bailout of union pensions $90 billion

    No different than canceling student debt which is also horseshit. I agree - let them fail. It's not our responsibility to pay for their bad decisions. I don't see them reimbursing the average person for 401K losses or taking over my truck payment because I can't or won't pay it.
  17. Apeman

    Oil below $100/barrel and I’m sure Biden will take credit for it.

    At this point it doesn't matter what the price of oil is. They new world leaders have screwed up this planet so bad. Great - oil is under $100/barrel. Why then are we still paying $4.50/gallon? It's because they're gutting the industry and they don't care who it hurts. They're pushing their...
  18. Apeman

    NY's Vindictive Plans for carry - special session next week to respond to SCOTUS's ruling. (Merged)

    They'll make them use a subcompact 45 or 357. That way it'll be harder to control. There will be intentional screwing along the way to prevent as many permits as possible
  19. Apeman

    NY's Vindictive Plans for carry - special session next week to respond to SCOTUS's ruling. (Merged)

    Every time these idiots pass laws I think they can't get any dumber. Then they one up themselves. Live fire training - in a state that won't let you touch a handgun without a permit. Wonder how that works?
  20. Apeman

    NY's Vindictive Plans for carry - special session next week to respond to SCOTUS's ruling. (Merged)

    The counties are stuck in the middle. They still give you your permit. Anyone that tries to apply and is told they aren't accepting applications should sue that county. The state passed these bullshit laws and most of them will be thrown out but the training requirements will probably be upheld...
  21. Apeman

    Biaggi Introduces Legislation to Target the Sale and Distribution of Semi-Automatic Rifles

    “Bullets fired from an AR-15 are shot with exceeding velocity, escalating typically sustainable injuries into immediate fatalities,” she said. So a bullet coming out of a bolt or pump action is going slower than it does out of a semi? Wow. The stupid is strong in this one "To date, this year...
  22. Apeman

    Buffalo man arrested for ghost gun, body armor, SAFE violation

    I don't think anyone here is going to argue that the guy isn't an idiot. He was already under surveillance for his actions. The add on charges are the problem. They're assembling his gun parts and then charging him for them.
  23. Apeman

    Buffalo man arrested for ghost gun, body armor, SAFE violation

    Exactly. Why not charge someone with DWI when they get into their car after walking out of a store with a 12 pack? That "assault weapon" charge needs to be fought to the end. Let's say you have 2 ARs. One with a pinned mag with a muzzle device and the other was made compliant with a detachable...
  24. Apeman

    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    This is from channel 10 news Many times judges won’t look past 10,” explains Sheriff Apple about some of the qualifications, “so again, the judge could look at those qualities and look at your character and say, ‘I would have given you this and restricted it but now I don’t think I’m gonna.”...
  25. Apeman

    Buffalo man arrested for possessing a loaded gun in a vehicle

    The article said it was a handgun. They're allowed to be loaded. The fact that he wasn't allowed to have one doesn't change that.
  26. Apeman

    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    I don't see the point in getting a new card. They charge you for it. EVERYONE knows about the ruling. There were no laws against carrying on a restricted permit before anyway. The only risk was pissing off the judge if you did something wrong and he could suspend it. The restrictions are just...
  27. Apeman

    Macron loses absolute majority in parliament in ‘democratic shock

    Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire called the outcome a “democratic shock” and added that if other blocs did not cooperate, “this would block our capacity to reform and protect the French.” Looks like they are protecting the French. Only the idiots on the left think that putting others needs...
  28. Apeman

    NY - 21 to buy and AR, and now, 21 to buy whip cream

    “Nitrous oxide is a legal chemical for legitimate professional use but when used improperly, it can be extremely lethal,” said Addabbo Sounds like he's talking about guns. A legal item that a fraction of a percentage of people use to harm others. But yeah let's ban more shit because of a...
  29. Apeman

    Teen Arrested For Shooting In School Parking Lot ... Released ... can't make this crap up .. unfkin real .

    And once again the victim gets screwed while the criminal walks free. I wonder how long it'll take to give the car back to the victim?
  30. Apeman

    700K gallons of NYS sanitizer will be disposed of now

    If they're getting rid of it does that mean they say covid is over? If they're willing to discard sanitizer then they shouldn't be able to force restrictions for any reason
  31. Apeman

    Riverhead Town Board mulls ban on gun stores downtown

    I like to look in gun shops when I'm visiting new places to see what they have. Guess I'm not the kind of tourist they want
  32. Apeman

    EPA sets new ethanol standard for 2022 at 15% minimum

    So we will have to choose to pay more for non ethanol gas or take a chance on ruining our small engine equipment that can currently run on 10%. Fucking great. Of course they don't give a shit. They should be sued out of existence for intentionally screwing over Americans. Plus it will lower...
  33. Apeman

    Florida .. COP BRAKE CHECKS motorcycle and causes crash!

    Good thing he had it on video. He's going to get some money from this. If it were me I'd push for termination. I can't see how that's anything but intentional. Then he put him in cuffs? Why? Even if the kid was speeding unless he was going over 100 it's not something he can arrest him for.
  34. Apeman

    Off-duty NYPD cop carjacked at gunpoint

    I thought they were supposed to carry off duty? The article said he wasn't.
  35. Apeman

    Babies having seizures because of watered down formula.

    They don't care about the average American's health. They only care about their vote. They're going to spout a bunch of feel good bullshit about a new plan to increase production. Even if production doesn't increase they can say they tried. Maybe if they hadn't shut the world down for almost 2...
  36. Apeman

    Wow. 8.39% school tax increase possibly coming in my town

    Is that even legal? How can they say "if you don't vote for plan A then you automatically get plan B? I thought when a budget was voted down they needed to rework re-vote?
  37. Apeman

    Autopsy Shows Patrick Lyoya Was Drunk When He Was Shot While Fighting Cop over Taser ..

    I guess you could argue then that if he was actually locked up for his previous crimes that he would probably still be alive.
  38. Apeman

    NYPD .. puts you on a list ..

    “We identified individuals that have been involved in multiple shooting incidents over the past two years. One of those shooting incidents, this individual must actually pull the trigger,” LiPetri said. “That population is less than .009% of the population in New York City.” But yet they still...
  39. Apeman

    Northern Ireland will need to lose more than 1 million sheep and cattle to meet its new legally binding climate emissions targets

    Yup. Plus the cost of clothes when you consider the wool lost from the sheep they want removed. There's already hundreds of thousands if not 1 million plus chickens being put down here alone due to bird flu. That'll drive up egg and meat cost fir a while
  40. Apeman

    NYS now giving free air conditioners to the poor. What what about the environment??

    Nice to know they consider $32/hour to be poor $5249 ÷ 4 weeks = $1312.25 $1312.25 ÷ 40 hours = $32.8
  41. Apeman

    Niki Fried sues Biden admin over rule banning medical weed users from owning firearms

    I agree this isn't to help gun owners but maybe it will. If Hunter can put blow up his nose and still have a gun then why shouldn't weed users be able to?
  42. Apeman

    State-Wide plan to ban fossil fuels in home introduced

    And anyone that had a gas stove top was able to cook.
  43. Apeman

    National Guardsman Bishop Evans, who drowned ... Psaki answers He was he worked for Texas not the federal government.

    Speaking of both ways - if he belonged to TX then how come the feds put up a stink when TX said Guardsmen don't need to be vaccinated?
  44. Apeman

    DONE FLOW Bee hive with tons of supplies

    I'll check with my sister inlaw. She has 2 hives. How far west are you? We're in saratoga county
  45. Apeman

    Mortgage delinquencies starting to rise

    I agree. My wife paid off her student loans on her own. She's not going to be reimbursed because she did the right thing. I don't know if Biden has the power to do it on his own. If he or the idiot demoncraps do get it to go through it will only be for federal debt. Not that it makes it any...
  46. Apeman

    Mortgage delinquencies starting to rise

    They're going to cancel student loan debt. They'll use the excuse "people can't afford to live if they have to pay them". It's bullshit. They don't care that millions of Americans have paid back previous student loans by working extra jobs and that those that owe now just don't want to work...
  47. Apeman

    TX gov to bus illegal immigrants to DC

    None of this shit should even need to happen if the idiots in charge would secure our borders. On top of all the freebies they got before now they get a free cell phone when they cross.
  48. Apeman

    Georgia becomes the 25th state to constitutional carry

    Good and bad. It's good to see more states do thus but it's bad that only half the states recognize our rights, and that it's taken this long