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    gas prices are about to go back up

    Got my wood stacked high...
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    The state of the country in 2021
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    Oneida County will hire outside vendor to screen your social media accounts for a PP

    I don't do social media. What I post on forums I carefully think about before hitting "Post reply"..... I treat it like I can't call back a bullet. The forums I belong to they will find nothing but helping folks out or me asking questions. Hint: Auto/Farm related crap. I only belong to 3 gun...
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    Apartment Tells Tenants No Lawful Concealed Carry on Premise after September 1st

    And they go on to say that after the 1st they don't need to post this sign as Hochul said a sign needs to be present to allow lawful CCW.... My question is... can they really uphold this onto the tenants? Asking for a friend who told me about this.
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    I'm taking the chances are recerting well after September 1st. I'll have a better determination after 8/23-8/26 to see where things are headed...
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    NYS gov handout for development of window sized heat pumps for apartments

    I heat my whole house with my wood burning appliance. I did a lot this past year with the cost of fuel. I used it 90% of the time. I saved a TON of money. I heat with propane, even though prices have went down a little, I think this year will be another year of wood burning. We'll see how the...
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    Why does no one actually read the Second Amendment ?

    That is why I've invested the time to learn how to make my own powder (22lr for now), learn to reload and most importantly know how to safely operate a variety of guns in case that time ever arises. Next steps are casting my own bullets, figure out how to make my own primers, and eventually...
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    Governor Hochul will make an announcement on "gun safety" today at noon
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    Governor Hochul will make an announcement on "gun safety" today at noon

    Here we go again, Friday's Gun Control Show.......... Tired of it. FUKH
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    Post NYSRPA V. Bruen, what comes next.
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    Post NYSRPA V. Bruen, what comes next.

    I smell more lawsuits if this were to be implemented and engaged...
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    Post NYSRPA V. Bruen, what comes next.
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    Hochul signs legislation eliminating the term inmate.

    They have installed a special weapons detection system. I'm assuming it's almost like an airport X-ray machine, but without the X-rays... could be something similar to a low power MRI or something. Another reason I am not going to the NYS fair. Waste of money and resources........
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    NYS gov handout for development of window sized heat pumps for apartments

    What about the electric circuits in the apartment buildings? They can't handle the load.
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    Off-duty police officers banned from carrying firearms at New York State Fair

    I kept telling my friends who fall under that infamous LEOSA act, they better by on high alert as the rest of us law abiding citizens... folks they are taking it all away.
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    NC sheriff and school aggravate some by adding AR-15’s to schools

    They should properly train and arm teachers who want to assist.
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    CCW sign from Fulton Co. Sheriff

    I'm not sure if I want to post a sign, only because that might invite thieves to want to get my guns. It's none of anyone's business CCW'ing. It should be the other way around, where if you don't want guns on your premise, you need to post a sign...
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    Ammo Companies Say Packages Shipped With UPS Mysteriously Go "Missing"

    Been doing business with Natchez and they use FedEx. I like FedEx because if I am not home that day, all I got to do is call and tell them the date and time when I want them to come and I they come. Been doing this for a long time to avoid porch pirates. Have to do this now with primers cause of...
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    ATF, FBI & Local Police To Start Investigating Gun Buyers Who Are Denied or Delayed

    I read this, and it's a waste of tax payer's money.
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    Post NYSRPA V. Bruen, what comes next.

    Said this from the onset. Can't agree more! FUKH is one those terrible bosses that takes everything to heart. This is only one example of it. COVID, MonkeyPox, and a host of other problems she has on her track record. Ain't how you do it in politics or economics sweetheart....
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    Everything Taiwan

    Since things are heating up around Taiwan, might as well make a thread about this too... I feel bad for these folks... There are a few Taiwanese folks I know that would give the shirt off their...
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    Hochul: NY to give health care workers bonuses up to $3K as 'a sign of our gratitude'

    What about all the other essential workers???? FUKH
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    GOA and thier combined lawsuit against new carry law

    I find it interesting what Mr. Sullivan states in that article. Not quite sure what to make of it. He seems to be very openly vocal lately concerning law abiding gun owners rights. How many other counties are there in NY?? Not much of a peep out of the rest of them. Not sure if I trust that...
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    Hochul’s lead over Zeldin is not insurmountable

    I sure hope Zeldin does beat her... we need a change of scenery.
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    Involuntary Commitment Order (Red/Yellow Flag?) Fail

    These are the reasons why no one wants to become a police officer anymore. 10 years ago I was thinking about it, but being around retired cops telling me reasons why they retired, just made me not want to take that endeavor. Glad I didn't. 20-30 years ago... sure. You helped people out on the...
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    Propagandist warns China could shoot down Pelosi's plane during Taiwan trip

    In response to the latest blasts from the east regarding Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, the United States military has decided to send the largest ship in the fleet, the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, along with its battle group to the South China Sea.
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    Grilling some Ammo in VT at a McDonald's
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    Question about Recertification

    That's been many of folks point. There is no way it can happen. Way too many people. FWIW, my local instructors are getting full classes and can't keep up as it is with NEW applicants...
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    I knew to be careful buttttt (Wrong rounds in a rilfe)

    I do that all the time when a round doesn't go off. I now wait at least 60 seconds before doing anything. The muzzle is pointed down range. Ask me how I know...... a few years ago I was shooting a .22LR revolver and first shot went off, second shot went off... third went off, then fourth...
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    "So much for packing a, um, rod" - Moron Shoots His Own Penis

    Gee, the story is missing the caliber... was it a 9mm? If so, Xiden was wrong... 9mm can not blow a lung out but instead a pp.
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    Intelligence Committee members warn US of bioweapons targeting DNA of individual Americans You be the judge of this from the past 2 years of "testing"...
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    Congress Using Supreme Court Decision For National Concealed Carry Reciprocity!!!

    ^^ Exactly. I have already seen a huge divide in my local area from the 2A and the abortion rulings. It's like they primed folks with the whole mask and vaxx crap where that divided people. It's all divide and conquer nonsense. I've done my part and did my monetary notes to my favorite 2A...
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    Portland "We Want To Ban The Sale Of Diesel Fuel In Our City Limits & State

    How about no more diesel for government vehicles? Let's go even further and no more diesel, jet fuel, and kerosene for the government while we are at it... We'll see how that works...
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    NYPD Announces Crackdown on Bead Blasters in Wake of 18-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed After Squirting Water Gun at Off-Duty Corrections Officer

    I thought an air rifle was a pellet or BB gun that shot lead/alloy/steel shot/loads? I thought airsoft (in this case it would be considered airsoft) wasn't an air rifle that it doesn't shoot lead/steel loads? Even in this case a water gun... Man these laws they make are confusing...
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    The 5 current 2A Lawsuits against NYS, post Bruen decision

    Yep. I like sitting back watching it all crumble down. Agreed -- one brick at a time!
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    Rifle permits, Monroe County clerk's email about it

    To fill in what I meant is merely the fact that there is overwhelming compliance to something that doesn't even exist yet. It's rather interesting/mind boggling. Especially in a leadership position. I can't stand not giving people all of the facts and answers when they ask. But do we all expect...
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    Rifle permits, Monroe County clerk's email about it

    Rather interesting... I don't know what else to say at this point, but thanks for sharing!
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    Officer fatally shot, another wounded in Rochester, New York
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    NICS check for Holsters, next?

    I made a couple for my pellet guns too. I got a guy who gives me scraps and I do what I want with it.
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    NICS check for Holsters, next?

    Wow... don't these people have real crime to solve? Holsters? Really? Guess I got a couple ghost holsters that I made from cow hides.... Freakin' stupidity!
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    Medical/ Trauma Kit

    You may also want to get a skin stapler and possibly a small dissection kit that comes with a few scalpels, picks and what not, and a small suture kit. Keep a folded up page that reminds you of how to use those tools. Also train with it. I added those to my kit and I actually had to use a...
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    ATF being sent to homes that purchased multiple firearms to verify they still possess them

    Close it quick so they can't do the old "boot in the door" nonsense.
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    State Police arrest an individual for Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd Degree and Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd Degree,

    Usually more to the story on this. Something just doesn't seem right. Missing details.
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    To reload now or wait???

    Natchez has #500's in stock if anyone's interested.
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    Breaking News The Los Angeles Police Department has stopped enforcing California’s state law banning “high capacity” magazines

    Words do have a meaning.... There is no such thing as a "high capacity" magazine... nor is there such thing as an "Assault Rifle".
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    Post NYSRPA V. Bruen, what comes next.

    Yes it is. I work for a living and I come on here to check out all NY 2A related stuff, and holy cow, it's like I missed 2 weeks of crap in 10 hours... a congressman almost gets stabbed to death, to FUKH is doing some other crap to limit the 2A, to Biden licking two ice cream cones and needing...
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    Rochester - 75 shots in 24 hours

    How many lungs got blown out that day?