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  1. MuttCat

    Question about Recertification

    About a week or so ago, after reading this thread, I figured I would recertify early just to get it out of the way, despite all the Hochul horseshit. My recert date is in this coming November, so I'd be a few months early. I visited the NYSP website, pulled up my info, and none of it reflected...
  2. MuttCat

    We're on our own (new gun carry law)

    Who is Hank Bowman?
  3. MuttCat

    The Remington Rolling Block, and related single shot musings.

    Yes, it was the real deal built in Ilion. One time I bought several rifles from a woman my wife knew. Her father was in a nursing home and she wanted to get rid of the rifles; the #5 rolling block was one of them. The breach and hammer were locked up and I had to run the cleaning rod down it...
  4. MuttCat

    The Remington Rolling Block, and related single shot musings.

    I never fired it. If you read up on it, the 7mm Mauser was a pretty new cartridge at the time...hardly standardized. It's a handloading thing that can be done, but factory stuff is length, headspacing, iffy chambers. The action is considered to be robust though.
  5. MuttCat

    The Remington Rolling Block, and related single shot musings.

    Once upon a time I had one in 7mm Mauser. I explored turning it into a 45-70...Numrich at one time sold barrels for this. But now it would be stupid money and I sold it. It can be done though if you want to hunt buffalo.
  6. MuttCat

    S&W 629 vs Colt Anaconda

    629 here. And a Ruger 77/44...and REALLY thinking about a lever to add to the mix. And REALLY REALLY thinking about a S&W 29.
  7. MuttCat

    Hello Everyone

    We're all on the lists... Wecome to the forum.
  8. MuttCat

    Hello all

    The doctor is in.... Welcome to the forum.
  9. MuttCat

    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    "How sweet it is"! John "Jackie" Herbert Gleason
  10. MuttCat

    Thoughts on Browning BAR MK3 DBM as an all-purpose long gun?

    I purchased a BAR MK3 a few years ago. Japanese made, Turkish walnut I believe, excellent bluing, very light, expensive mags that do not hold ten rounds. Super nice, and there are bits made of plastic or synthetic...whatever it is. Certainly not "tactical", but that's not my thing. Choices...
  11. MuttCat

    Mass shooting in buffalo NY

    Gramaglia is the Buffalo Chief of police???
  12. MuttCat

    Mass shooting in buffalo NY

    The shooter was from Conklin, hardly a liberal bastion.
  13. MuttCat

    Mass shooting in buffalo NY

    There are things in this world that simply defy understanding. This story has hit close to home for me.
  14. MuttCat

    2022 Lead Bullet Ban

    One indicator of lead ingestion is known to be weight gain....
  15. MuttCat

    2022 Lead Bullet Ban

    Just to clarify. NYC watersheds; West of Hudson, and east of Hudson
  16. MuttCat

    2022 Lead Bullet Ban

    Maybe NYC should treat it's water. The EPA has let the city skate on that forever. You would think that the watershed was its own private country.
  17. MuttCat

    Help choose some calibers for the user title ladder (just for fun)

    303 British 444 Marlin 45-70......
  18. MuttCat

    Another CNY Shooter -

    Welcome. I'm partial to Utica...UC on tap at Gerber's....kielbasa from the Polish market....what's not to like?
  19. MuttCat

    Pulled over with my CCW

    Fifth Amendment, right to remain silent.
  20. MuttCat

    Adirondack native

    Mango wheat? That ain't right....
  21. MuttCat

    1st attempt at a T-hawk...

    Way cool!
  22. MuttCat

    Central New York noob

    Welcome. Frequently shop in Utica. Beers at Gerber's.
  23. MuttCat

    Classic .22 Rimfires That Still Make Great Squirrel Hunting Rifles

    No mention of old Mossbergs...sacrilege.
  24. MuttCat

    New Guy - Finger Lakes Concealed Carrier

    Hello, and welcome. Love wine tours...
  25. MuttCat

    Remington Settles $73m with Sandy Hook families

    As I understand it, Remington is defunct. It was the insurers that settled. Bad decision. Had it gone to court, it is reasonable to expect that the plaintiffs would have lost.
  26. MuttCat


    Now that's different.
  27. MuttCat

    Thompson Center Benchmark 22 target rifle

    Sucks getting old. Heavy recoil would probably put me in the hospital. Motorcycle has to go this spring as well.
  28. MuttCat

    Thompson Center Benchmark 22 target rifle

    Likewise. Now I just sit out back with a bolt 44 mag and would never even think about my slug gun or 308.
  29. MuttCat

    Thompson Center Benchmark 22 target rifle

    It's kind of a thing, I've always had something that I bough for one reason or another and just never used it. I've got a brand new BAR Mk3 on the wall that always wanted for deer hunting up north. My deer hunting days are pretty much over, the rifle has never been fired, or even outside of...
  30. MuttCat

    Thompson Center Benchmark 22 target rifle

    That was a nice rifle...caught my interest...last thing I need is another 22...yeah, sure...
  31. MuttCat

    Mystery box-Any Clue?

  32. MuttCat

    First meeting of the Interstate Task Force on Illegal Guns

    Should promise to be a regular Mensa meeting....
  33. MuttCat

    Thompson Center Benchmark 22 target rifle

    Those rifles were spoken of as very accurate, but the mags were a bit sketchy...and hard to find. The way things are today, I can't imagine you would have any trouble selling it for a bit more than you paid.
  34. MuttCat

    Thompson Center Benchmark 22 target rifle

    Nice. Rotary magazine?
  35. MuttCat

    Hello from Westchester (Yonkers) NY.

  36. MuttCat

    Syracuse Mayor is hiring

    Perish the thought!
  37. MuttCat

    Carl Gustaf Mauser

    Elmers makes a wood filler that, in MHO, sands very well and takes stain good to boot. You could try the saw dust and epoxy, but the epoxy won't take color. Correction, "won't take stain" ....there are dyes/colorants that can be added to epoxy to color it. I put new handles on a chefs knife...
  38. MuttCat

    Syracuse Mayor is hiring

    "evidence based solutions to reduce gun violence" Code for permit to purchase laws, firearm safe storage laws, and red flag laws.
  39. MuttCat

    Hello all! FNG from Westchester

    Come on...bunch of pussycats here. Welcome to the forum.
  40. MuttCat

    Carl Gustaf Mauser

    Swedish Military Firearms Forum
  41. MuttCat

    NYS Styrofoam Ban

    I once saw a vid of a guy drinking styrene, the stuff peanuts are made from. Oh wait, maybe that was PCBs? Still NY....
  42. MuttCat

    who manufactures the BEST 22cal semi-auto rifle

    I'll stir the pot. Sold my 10/22 and purchased a Remington 597...years ago. It was finicky, magazine issues early on, although I never had a problem I have purchased the upgrade mags. But it is dialed in and will shoot 50yd cloverleafs all day. I've also got an old Mossy semi that I've...
  43. MuttCat

    NYS DEC survey on lead vs non-lead ammo

    If DEC is behind it, more laws will be coming. And you will not be happy.
  44. MuttCat

    Hello From Camillus, NY

    Welcome from Schoharie.
  45. MuttCat

    Average price in NYS for a long gun transfer?

    My last experience back in August was $50. Plain robbery by a guy I've known and done business with for over twenty years. No more. My barber has gone the same route, haircut is now $25, and he doesn't even work fulltime any more. I don't begrudge anybody who is in business to charge...
  46. MuttCat

    Putting Guns in Storage

    As mentioned above, ensure that your agreement with the storage facility allows firearms. My wife's elderly aunt got into a shit storm in Massachusetts when it was discovered she had an antique rifle stored at a one. State police got called, took a whole day for them to figure out she violated...