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    Keeping my NY CCW after moving out of NYS; Potential Issues? Firearm Transfers?

    Depending on how many firearms you have on your NY Permit, it might be better to remove them. If you only left whatever you planned on carrying to NY on your permit at least the rest of your firearms would no longer be a NY issue.
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    Off-duty police officers banned from carrying firearms at New York State Fair

    It really comes down to trusting ourselves. The intent of the constitution was to limit government ability to infringe on the people. Maybe there is some concern with how untrained citizens will react. I actually am for state funded training that would be free to the citizens ( besides for our...
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    Off-duty police officers banned from carrying firearms at New York State Fair

    Quoted wrong post. While there are more dangerous jobs, most don’t put family or friends at an increased risk for being with them. I understand both points and am retired law enforcement. I just won’t go to the fair.
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    To reload now or wait???

    Do both. No such thing as too much ammo. Also as stock market crashes and the dollar loses value, ammo always goes up in value.
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    We're on our own (new gun carry law)

    Retired Feds under 2.15 aren’t included in new law either, but are covered under LEOSA. Also doesn’t look like off duty out of state are covered since they only referred to 18USC926c. I qualify under LEOSA, but I’m more concerned with friends that no longer will be able to carry with new law.
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    Biden going after 9mm

    It’s about banning military calibers first. That’s what they have done in other countries before banning everything
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    Biden going after 9mm

    I’m glad my S&W 460 is safe. Definitely not as dangerous as 9mm.
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    RPR 338 Lapua and Magpul PRS3

    I have exact same stock and scope on RPR 308. Im also 5’8 and have no issues.
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    My newest pistol - Smith & Wesson 1911

    They are great 1911’s. I have the performance center scandium 4.25” and it’s been reliable with everything so far.
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    A Quote From Biden's DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

    I’m so glad I retired last month.
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    Where to get leather holster?

    Ritchie definitely. They are great guys that make quality.
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    WTT .270 ammo

    I have plenty of slugs and looking for a couple boxes of 270.
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    HK USP Thread

    I had a USP 40, p30 9mm. Also a HK45. Much preferred the HK 45 to the USP model. Also have a P2000sk Lem trigger. HK DA/SA triggers have been terrible in everything, but the HK45. The LEM trigger is usable. If they only made a HK45 striker fired with the VP9 trigger.
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    Cuomo declares NY state of emergency to address surge in gun violence.

    The obvious solution is to get those guns out of the suburbs!!
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    Pocket gun

    Take a look at the new Ruger LCP Max. It’s 10 rounds of 380 in about same size as LCP 2.
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    Are We Nazi Germany?

    Good post!! Crazy times!!!
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    DONE Win 94 30/30

    Looking to trade for handguns?
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    Socialist candidate, stuns longtime incumbent in Buffalo mayor’s race.

    There is always write in candidate.
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    Socialist candidate, stuns longtime incumbent in Buffalo mayor’s race.

    I don’t think she will win the election. Even without a republican challenge, Brown will run on a separate ticket and win. The primary had a low turnout. In the election just about every republican will vote for Brown over a socialist.
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    DONE Win 94 30/30

    Are you near Buffalo?
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    Glock 17 or Canik TP9 SFL?

    I would buy that Canik over a glock 17.
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    Glock 17 or Canik TP9 SFL?

    I carried a glock 17 for years on duty. For reliability I would go glock. Glock has more after market support. The canik has better stock trigger, better sights and are also very reliable. If I was buying the glock I would upgrade the trigger, sights and stipple the frame. The canik I would...
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    Virginia cops pepper-sprayed Black and Latino Army officer who had hands raised during traffic stop, video shows

    Actually for law enforcement use of force actions the standard is reasonable officer not reason person. See Graham vs Connor which is the Supreme Court Case that set the standard used today. The "reasonableness" of a particular use of force must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable...
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    ICE, Customs and Border Protection to stop referring to migrants as 'illegal aliens'

    They better re-write title 8 USC then since that is the legal term.
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    Scope for a 10/22??

    I have a BSA sweet 22 on a savage mkII and a Redfield Revolution Accurange 2-7x32 on a 10/22. The Redfield was around $150, but feels like a more expensive scope. The savage is more accurate, but I shoot the 10/22 more because of the better scope. Both are good for the price.
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    WTT 9mm ammo for 22lr

    I’m looking for 45 too.
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    WTT 9mm ammo for 22lr

    I am in Erie County just North of Buffalo
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    WTT 9mm ammo for 22lr

    I’m in Erie County, but willing to meet halfway
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    WTT 9mm ammo for 22lr

    I have some standard, mini mags and green tag for CCI. Should have some Aguila too.
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    WTT 9mm ammo for 22lr

    I will trade
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    Virginia cops pepper-sprayed Black and Latino Army officer who had hands raised during traffic stop, video shows

    Necessary and use of force are dangerous terms. The standard has always been reasonable and for good reason. If the standard was necessary use of lethal force, it changes things and not for the better. For example if criminal has unloaded firearm and aims it at police or any citizen it would...
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    Virginia cops pepper-sprayed Black and Latino Army officer who had hands raised during traffic stop, video shows

    You can unbuckle seat belt while parked. Is it possible? Msybe, but unlikely.
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    My issued rifle for last 7 years has been a colt m4 with 10.5” barrel. It runs great and have about 7k rounds through it. I keep it wet with slip 2000 ewl. Maybe mine is rare, but haven’t noticed any of ours having problems. Prior to this we had 14.5”.
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    Virginia cops pepper-sprayed Black and Latino Army officer who had hands raised during traffic stop, video shows

    I don’t agree with the officer’s actions. I would not have conducted the stop that way based on current info. I will say, I tell my wife and kids to keep license easily accessible and that if pulled over to: 1- place license and reg on dash 2-roll down the windows 3-unbuckle seat belt 4- turn...
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    DONE SKS type 56, Factory 26, 1967

    What area are you located? Pics?
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    Thinking about a “finer things in life” pistol

    If not looking to compete, maybe a Sig P229/226 legion or a Dan Wesson 1911 in 9mm. They both could be used for competition, home defense or CCW. Both are in your price range.
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    DONE Esstac Kywi 556 3 mag pouch and single mag pouch 50$ shipped to Ny

    I just bought 3 pistol and one rifle pouch. So far better than HSGI tacos.
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    9mm recommendations

    Sig P226 or P229 (hard to find in 9mm) Sig P320 AXG CZ 75 1911 S&W Pro series, Springfield..... Beretta 92 Jericho 941 (CZ type made by IWI-mini Desert Eagle)
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    F/S Remington Model 14 w/ Weaver Scope

    Interested in trading for hi standard Supermatic citation with redfield red dot?
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    The wealthy are dumping money.

    Where do you recommend buying silver and gold?
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    Cuomo signs bill banning sale of Confederate flags and "symbols of hate".

    How backwards is it that burning the Stars and stripes is freedom of speech, but burning a rainbow or BLM flag is 15 years in jail.
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    DONE Misc Ammo 5.56/.223, 6.8 SPC, 22 Hornet, 45Auto, 12 GA, etc

    Are you looking to trade 45acp? I have a decent amount of 10mm.
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    F/S Primers and Bullets for sale

    Sorry, but not even sure what bitcoin is yet
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    F/S Primers and Bullets for sale

    1000 CCI NO 500 small pistol $100 1000 CCI NO BR-4 small rifle $100 SOLD 100 Hornady XTP 230 Grain 45cal bullets $50 Tonawanda, NY
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    US Army DID seize Dominion Servers in Germany

    It’s also not possible to have 2 or 3 times more votes than registered voters which apparently happened in some counties.
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    Biden’s Gun Control Plan

    I haven’t heard much about hoe this would effect NY, but seems it would be difficult to register semiautomatic firearms with the NFA since NFA are not an option for New Yorkers. Anyone hear of any pro gun organizations looking at that potential issue or am I missing something?
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    NYS Compliant AR-15

    I would still prefer featureless vs fixed mag. There are plenty of work arounds to reload through ejection port and different ways to pull back pin if you go fixed mag. I would just want my rifle to function as designed and clear malfunctions, if needed,the way I was trained to.
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    F/S Crimson Trace Laser Grips 1911s

    In house the green is noticeably more powerful, but outside it’s not even close. The green laser is bright and visible as far as I can see.
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    F/S Crimson Trace Laser Grips 1911s

    No, but the 903’s fit on round frame. They were on a S&W pc1911 4.25”. I replaced grips with VZ’s and Hogue original for scorpion. I attached pics