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    Liz Cheney is done!!

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    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision The Supreme...
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    Targeted Home Invasion’: Homeowner Armed with Handgun Shoots and Kills Two Teenagers During Attack

    They won't be robbing anyone else. I like happy ending.
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    Shooting at Uvalde Texas elementary school

    Head of state police calls Uvalde response an "abject failure"
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    Lawful Self-Defense?

    LMAO.. The guy wearing shorts keeps calling the other guy (with handgun) a bitch. But after he gets shot he cries like a little girl. Jackass
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    Permanent 5 round AR’s

    NO, it doesn't matter if it has a permanent 5rd mag. AR15 & AK style rifles are Banned in NYC. The ban was in effect even before NY safeact. NYC has different rules.
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    Optics Planet Went Full Retard

    Primary arms would also be my choice. But if you're still considering the DSI barrel why not order from them directly instead of going thru optic planet. DSI has their own website. they're located on L.I.
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    New Bolt(ish) build - .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor?

    OP: " Target shooting toy, maybe to 500 m or a touch longer if I can find the range." I love .308. it's my favorite hunting cartridge. But if I was looking to build a custom target rifle/ precision rifle, I would go with 6.5 creed and a 24+" bbl for 500m and on. It's also easier on the...
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    Transport a Handgun Through LaGuardia to FL

    Have you tried calling /asking your airline, PAPD/ TSA about the rule of flying with your firearm? I've never done it because I think it's a pain in the a$$. But it's possible & legal (Another site.. I'm not going to post someone else message from another place. not right. you can google it.)...
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    Riverhead Town Board mulls ban on gun stores downtown

    They're (town board) full of $hit. bunch of gun haters. Meanwhile the Riverhead prison is just down the road. What is that a tourist attraction? morons
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    Semi auto rifle license law passed and headed to governor

    It's going to SUCK. Around here folks are waiting up to 2yrs for a handgun license. I can't imagine how long it's going to take someone to get this "NEW" S.A. rifle license. good luck with that. I wouldn't be surprise other States... NJ, CT, MA + CA will follow.
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    Semi auto rifle license law passed and headed to governor

    Yes, the semi-auto rifles that you already own are grandfathered. Imo.. when the bill talks of "take possession" it refers to when a person "takes possession" of a S.A rifle whether it's from an inheritance, gifted or wins(raffle) the rifle vs. buying it. I read a semi-auto license is required...
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    Would you support a ban on semi-automatic weapons and ammunition?

    Op/ Troll's 1st post. Go back to FB.
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    NC Gas Station Shooting Caught on Camera

    Probably gangs/ drug dealers having a shootout. 2 have surrendered to the police...
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    Ruger 10/22 5 Round Mags?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    NYC only allows 5 round capacity in rifles and shotguns.
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    Utah hunting guide faces felony charge for Donald Trump Jr.’s big-game hunt

    I agree. I that's not hunting. I never liked it. imo, hunting requires doing the work yourself. Going out and looking for signs of the animal. Tracking it. Or waiting to see where you think it may appear.
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    I know a couple of friends that raise quails (chickens and rabbits too) for the meat & eggs. I wouldn't let quails run loose on the property. Keep them penned up or in a chicken coop (make sure it's possum/ racoon proof. a possum got into the friend's coop & he lost a couple of birds.) I helped...
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    Looking for the Mossberg 590 Shockwave 20Ga ... (NYC) permit. Any recommendations for a arms dealer with reasonable prices.

    OP, there are many firearms that NYC (5 boroughs) residents can't possess, where the rest of NYS can. NYC has their own set of rules. And because you need to register your firearms with NYPD. They will not let you register/possess anything that is banned in NYC. Because of the length. shockwave...
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    Babies having seizures because of watered down formula.

    It was on the news. Pediatricians warned about watering down formulas and women trying to make their own formulas. The Dr said women trying make their own formula could be unsafe for infants. Dr. said back in the day, women tried making their own formula and it led to some infant deaths...
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    Hello from Western Suffolk County Long Island

    Welcome to the forum. Congrats on getting your license. What did you pickup for your 1st pistol?
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    Another Florida sheriff recommends shooting intruders.

    This is my kind of sheriff. "See, dead men don’t receive three hot meals and a cot in prison. They’re just tossed in a grave. It’s cheaper."
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    F/S Various Rifle and Pistol Ammo

    Pm sent. I'll take the Winchester 9mm, .308 Federal, 357 mag
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    A Ruger/Marlin Lever gun ? Hmmm.

    A friend owns both the Remlin SBL & Ruger Marlin SBL in his collection. He said there is a noticeable difference in quality, fit & finish. (he sent me pics.) Everything about the Ruger Marlin SBL is smooth, polished, fits like a glove. Like it was sent to a pro shop. the action is butter smooth...
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    I think I own two Bald Eagles

    That's cool. Bald eagles are huge. They can easily take down a cat. Even a hawk can take down a cat. Eagle attacks fox
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    So thinking of getting into trap and skeet and pondering shotguns. Need advice.

    Depending on the manufacturer, choke tubes may be marked in lettering or notches. Examples of Notches at the front of choke tubes: Lettered..
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    recommendation for a new 308 long range bolt action

    I would go with any of these... Savage, Tikka, Sako, Howa, Fieldcraft, Weatherby. Or build a custom long range rifle. I know a few guys that have. I had a Remington 700. I had the recall completed and sold it. I like their old shotguns, otherwise I'm not a fan on Remington.
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    Florida teens test body armor – one dies they were taking turns shooting at each other”

    Play stupid games, win stupid prize. Learning the hard way.
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    Double barrel sawed off vs Shockwave?

    Something like this ? (from the internet) It's cool and all but I would prefer a shockwave (more rounds.)
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    three people are dead after a robbery at a gun range in Georgia

    Terrible news. RIP. Prayers for the family.
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    So thinking of getting into trap and skeet and pondering shotguns. Need advice.

    A friend shoots with an Ethos SuperSport. He loves it. For clay I personally prefer an O/U. For upland hunts, I can go either O/U or autoloader. Being that you're new to shotguns/ trap & skeet. I would also recommend going somewhere that rents shotguns for the sport. Try a few different...
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    So thinking of getting into trap and skeet and pondering shotguns. Need advice.

    The Ruger Red Label is a nice gun. You mentioned a rule you live by- Buy once, cry once. The Benelli O/U is a better gun. Others are Franchi Instinct. Beretta Silver pigeon. You'll appreciate the O/U when shooting skeet.
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    Adirondack native

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Bills new taxpayer funded stadium

    If they want a new stadium the owner of the team/ and the players should pay for it. They're rich. (Some people don't even like football or the Bills. Way to go Hochul. (sarcasm))
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    Picked me up a Beretta 1301 today

    Nice collection:cool:
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    F/S /Trade Precor Elliptical machine

    PRECOR USA EFX 5.21i Elliptical machine. $350. cash. digital display. used, works as it should. Pick up in Suffolk, L.I. Will consider trading for a rifle, shotgun or ammo (9mm or .223).
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    Priorities? (prepping and what to buy next?)

    This has always crossed my mind when we talk of prepping. But what if you& your family had to leave because of the bombing/ invasion, (or even a natural disaster.) Towns in Ukraine have been reduced to rubble. People trapped in the rubble. Citizens being shot in the street trying to buy bread...
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger's speech to Russia

    . . . Arnold Schwarzenegger's speech gone viral..
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    21-22 Predator Season

    Congrats on a successful hunt. Your friend is probably having a blast now.
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    South Carolina allows Firing Squad for Executions

    I don't care if they shoot them, hang them or fry them. I just wish NY would exercise the death penalty instead of wasting tax dollars on housing them.
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    Housing prices up almost 20% in a year

    It's a great time to sell, but it may be a challenge to find another place w/o paying above their norm. Prices of homes are up all across the country. (I'm glad I have land down south.)
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    NYS AR-15 question

    Your friend is a typical liberal HYOPCRITE. "He doesn't like oil companies, but he likes muscle cars. He hates guns until the pandemic hit." And now he's talking about getting an AR15? But he's too afraid to research/ google AR15 on the internet because he thinks the FBI will watch him? LOL I...
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    'Fragile, left-wing children': Yale students condemned after interrupting free speech seminar

    Imo, the youth of today lack discipline & respect. It's the me, me, me society. (They're in for a rude awaking once they start working. How many employers will put up with that nonsense.)
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    ID, wallet, keys all in your hand: Sweden moves into the future with microchipping

    No thanks. What's next? A cell phone embedded in your hand like in the 2012 Total Recall movie...
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    The New Savage - Stance- what say you

    I don't care for the looks of it. Especially the cutout slots on the slide. Their "S" (Savage) logo would have looked better on the grip than that TV antenna design.
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    Be sure to post pictures when you get it home ;)
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    There will be No time to say "Goodbye". Add your thoughts! (if electricity goes down long term)

    The same thought has crossed my mind often. More and more electronic gizmos pops up every year. Manufacturers rely on consumers. And many folks fall into it... example: i-robot, Larger TV, Alexa/ Siri, electronic/wireless this and that, keyless entry, tablets, earbuds, electronic appliances...