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    Bush should just stick to painting Unbelievable slip of words, I still regret voting for this clown twice, can’t stomach these RINO’s. A lot of our problems were seeded while he was in office, patriot...
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    Mystery box-Any Clue?

    Been a conversation piece for a long time? Any clue?
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    Thompson Center Benchmark 22 target rifle

    Brand new never fired, are they still popular? Thinking about selling it and was curious to know where to start pricing at. Do they still make them? Any help appreciated. Thanks update: rifle has a bull barrel, hardwood stock with high comb consistent with a target style stock. Metal is blued.
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    Biden finally is building a wall. (some kind of wall being built at white house) any ideas? Very strange
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    Checking if your rifle is stolen before selling?

    Like most, we all acquired a rifle pre safe act by means of a face to face sale which was perfectly legal at the time. Although it was a nice luxury to do this legally it didn’t always come with some unique risk, such as the rifle being stolen or used in the commission of a crime unbeknown to...
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    Thompson center pro hunter

    I have a Thompson center pro hunter in SS with the ”flex tech” stock and a never fired SS barrel in 300 WIN mag that has become quite the safe queen. Thinking about selling it but am wondering if they are still popular these days, any feedback appreciated. Frame was used very little with a...
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    Proposal to make DC a state

    predicted by many prior to the election and now probably a reality with 2 additional democratic senators. Didn’t take long,
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    Should assange and/or Snowden be pardoned?

    I have to admit I was not pleased at the time they were “whistle blowers” and regarded exposing state secrets, assets and such as a detriment to this country’s safety. Fast forward to current times and knowing intelligence programs were used to spy on citizens, a presidential campaign, election...
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    Predictions from now until January 20, 2021

    POTUS returned to DC earlier today, cutting short his planned new year’s celebrations at Mara Largo, Florida. Rumors of preparing for a rigorous couple of weeks. Waiting for the fireworks to start regarding this crazy election cycle.
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    Jeffrey Epstein alive?

    Crazy amount of information going on, Lin Wood is a high profile reputable attorney who says he never puts anything out there that he cannot prove. Also his specialty is defamation law, is he baiting Roberts for discovery or just went batsh$t crazy.
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    Hypothetical Biden win

    Biden wins and by executive order or new legislation it is the law of the land to register your AR/AR type rifles/magazines over 10 rounds to be registered under NFA rules and pay $200.00 tax/fee on each. What would you do?
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    Removal and prevention of mold/mildew on leather

    came across a few leather holsters and rifle slings that had white mold on them, what's the best way to salvage these items. Would like to remove/kill mold and prevent it from coming back. Any info appreciated.