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    1A auditor Dan from Erie County hits Livingston County .. And Gets a Full Tour

    I wonder if the frauditor was disappointed since he couldn't bait anyone into a confrontation.
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    'He shot my arm off': Store owner shoots would-be robber

    Situational awareness - shop owner was monitoring his security cams and was prepared to act accordingly when faced with a deadly physical force situation.
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    Actions of Wyoming County deputies raise constitutional questions

    Agreed. These "auditors" have been around for some time now. The proper response on how to deal with this should have been covered during an in service training day. Unfortunately there are still agencies out there that fall below that standard for training.
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    Actions of Wyoming County deputies raise constitutional questions

    Is he really interested in protecting constitutional rights as he states, or more hoping to bait police officials in a confrontation ?
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    Glock 34 Gen5 mods

    Not exactly. Look at the data from the USPSA from some of the major matches and I think you'll find there are other quality options out there, in addition to just the SRO.
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    Filmmaker Michael Moore pens his own 28th Amendment to ‘repeal and replace’ Second Amendment

    Sadly Moore must feel his opinion passes as intelligent dialogue.
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    We're on our own (new gun carry law)

    The Gov has effectively eliminated all conceal carry in NY. I wonder how long this has been sitting on the sideline in anticipation of the recent ruling of the SCOTUS. This vindictive legislation makes the SAFE Act appear tame.
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    Reporter Asks Biden Why He’s “Afraid Of” Taking Questions

    Sadly this is becoming worse on a daily basis. We are now perceived as weak on a global stage, absent of true leadership. We can only hope the midterms this fall will start to turn the tide.
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    Runnings in lockport

    Just curious, what are they getting for a box of 9mm ?
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    Go gun gas peddle?

    Super easy to install, priced right, and USPSA legal on the Sig. Did not realize they had a version out that works with the Glock.
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    Our Vice president in Poland.. She prepped to deliver this gibberish 3/10/22

    Sadly this situation appears to get worse almost daily. We are now perceived as weak. I'm fearful the road of recovery could be a long one.
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    Tactical Steel Match at West Point

    That sounds like a fun match for a great cause. Is this an annual event, have not heard of it in the past ?
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    Clinton gets warm welcome in NY

    I find it amusing the mainstream media has gone largely quiet on the story. This has the potential to be far bigger than Watergate ever was. Credible allegations of spying on a presidential candidate , followed by spying on a sitting president. Will be interesting to see how this one plays out.
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    Time for a new leather gun belt

    As mentioned above, do yourself a favor and check out Kore Essentials. I have two of them and they both see heavy use. Everyone I know that has purchased them also has been happy with the product line.
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    New pistol modify it or not?

    Tough to say without knowing the intended use of the pistol. The Grey guns trigger you reference is one of the best for that pistol that I'm aware of.
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    Does anyone else find this blade making vid to be oddly soothing?

    Cool video. The attention to detail and the level of craftmanship is outstanding.
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    Any one in GSSF? Have questions about competing

    As mentioned above, check out the links posted. This will give you an idea of the course of fire and what to expect. There are matches hosted around the country, this upcoming season there will be two here in NY. Unlike a USPSA match, there is no movement required. Ultimately your score is...
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    Any one in GSSF? Have questions about competing

    I've shot quite a few of their matches. Low stress, lots of fun, decent payouts.
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    Speculation Grows That Hillary Clinton Positioning Herself To Run Again In 2024

    Some people simply don't know when to leave the party.
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    In one WEEK, 22,651 Illegal Aliens from 40 countries Caught in Texas

    Amazing the media refuses to pressure the Biden Admin on these numbers. Hyper focus on Covid with travel bans now in place, yet an open border to the south where apparently Covid is a non issue.
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    Alec Baldwin “Discharged” Prop Gun That Killed Cinematographer (Merged Threads)

    Can't help but think Baldwin was coached prior to this interview. With that being said, I believe the advise given him did nothing to further his cause. Many now view him as the master of deflection. In the end it was him that failed to check the gun properly and ultimately discharged same...
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    Walker's Razor ear pro $30 at Amazon today

    That's a really good price. I might pick up another pair to have as a spare.
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    Glock 19 gen 4 magwell suggestions .

    For what you're describing, I would look at Taran Tactical. I've used their products over the years and have been very happy with the quality.
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    Pocket gun

    As many have mentioned above, for your stated mission tough to beat a LCP.
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    Ammunition found locally today

    Based on what I've been seeing over the past week or so I would tend to agree. 9mm is no longer flying off the shelves at .60/rd, and prices are gradually decreasing. Inventory is slowly starting to come back, and hopefully this will be the beginning of the return to "normalcy".
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    New Gun Store in Buffalo

    Not sure I would call that a bias. Many companies offer police / military a discount on their products or services. One way of saying thank you for your service.
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    Ammunition found locally today

    Runnings in Lockport today had limited supply. 223, 40, and 38 special. Also 22lr with a one box limit.
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    Wolcott gun range, no friend to the 2nd

    Interesting thread, and I can only speak to Wolcott as a pre pandemic consumer. I was a frequent supporter of the range/store, often purchasing supplies of anything firearm related. In addition, Ken would host a practical shoot every other Fri nite that was well attended and appreciated...
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    Ammo sale

    $42 for a box of Winchester white box 115gr fmj ? Good luck with that.
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    Gun belt

    Take a look at Kore Essentials. Readily available online or some local retailers. Have two of them, top notch.
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    44 Magnum - 6 shots - 1.01 SECONDS!

    Jerry is truly a legend in the shooting sports. I have some friends that have shot with him at matches and say he is truly a great guy, always willing to help others. Would love to take a class with him if ever afforded the opportunity.
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    Ammo supply is spotty

    This will be the issue going forward this season. Even those of us that had a decent stockpile and/or reloading components will be faced with a shortage. My hunch is steel challenge will become more popular since at least you can shoot a rimfire platform.
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    Is this even real? $1,000 for a used glock.

    You're right, that's about double what one would normally sell for. During these times, I feel some people are just casting the net and see what they catch. I routinely see 9mm now at $30/box, 3X what I was paying simply 12 months ago.
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    Target sport USA has 9mm @ $0.60/round.

    They've been selling that at $30/box for months now. Agreed, I will not pay those prices either. I suppose for someone that has zero inventory it may be worth picking up a box or two.
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    Interesting firearm/ammo day

    Funny you mention Runnings in Lockport. I was up that way a couple months back and couldn't help but notice a clerk in firearms that was full of himself. Not sure if it was the same person you encountered, but sure seems likely.
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    KORE Gun belts

    Those are great belts. Just picked up a second one a couple weeks back.
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    Man killed in Penfield shooting accident was a longtime club member

    Well stated sir. Sorry for the loss of your friend, prayers for the family.
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    New Gun Shop in Niagara County

    Hope they do well.
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    Race-Obsessed Media Don't Care About the Brutal Murder of 5-year-old

    Interesting and tragic to say the least. Can't help but think if the skin color was reversed, Rev Al would be demanding justice and looting in the streets once again would prevail. Yet here we are, and all but crickets from the mainstream media.
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    DONE KARMA: Pelican 1150 case

    Thank You !
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    DONE KARMA: Pelican 1150 case

    Sounds great, thank you !
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    Competitive Pistol Rigs

    Have you attended or participated in any USPSA or 3 gun events ?
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    First Pistol

    The Sig 320 X5 Legion has really grown in popularity with competitive pistol shooters. I switched over to this platform last season after shooting Glock for years. The price tag will fit in your budget, and being 9mm ammo will be plentiful and reasonable.
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    Favorite Cleaners and Oils

    Used BreakFree CLP for years. Probably around 5 yrs ago switched over to Ballistol and have been very happy with it and no issues with reliability or functioning of any firearms.
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    belt recommendations

    Check out Kore belts. They offer a few different styles and receive very positive reviews. Use one myself and have been very happy with it.
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    Land in WNY

    You may want to look at Niagara County Sportsmans on Lower Mt Rd in Lewiston. For around $100 a year you'll have access to a great range.
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    Competitive Pistol Rigs

    As mentioned above, Double Alpha has a decent product line. Also, Blade Tech in my opinion offers a very good product at an attractive price point. You'll find most guys are eager to discuss what they like or don't, check out some of the rigs they are using and this will also help you in your...
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    Taran Tactical

    I'll add my two cents again to this thread. Taran is a high profile shooter that has done quite well in the competitive arena and promoting his business as the recognized trainer to the stars. The young girl in question was a teenager at the time of the video, and also the daughter of his...
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    Taran Tactical

    It is not my opinion to judge his actions, but I believe this will damage the reputation of Taran and the business he has worked very hard to build over time.
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    The Firing Pin

    If done properly, I believe an outdoor range in the Batavia area will do well for him. Hopefully he can get up and running sometime in 2020.