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    The Gun Show thread

    One last post, my buddy did buy a little ammo and had to provide drivers license and occupation for a handwritten log the big vendor was keeping, with name, address, license number and occupation all entered and I think what was purchased (not sure of this last, I lost interest because it took...
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    The Gun Show thread

    Thanks @S&W Fan for the regional market tip, since I'm newly retired I'll check it out
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    The Gun Show thread

    Oh, as an addendum, since the onondaga county sheriff's department is there I figured I would go and get the ridiculous "semiautomatic" annotation on my license. Instead I got an angry lecture from a sheriff about how my "license was out of date " and I had to arrange an appointment to get an...
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    The Gun Show thread

    I went to Syracuse on Sunday. Prices were crazy, I don't know how vendors can pay for transportation and tables and their time as I did not see many purchases happening or people walking around with an obvious newly acquired firearm. Ammo was a mixed bag, mostly too high priced with a few...
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    So, I was due in January 2023, I just went online through the link above and first confirmed that date, and then did the recertification today 9/2/22, and now my expiration date shows as 9/2/2027, for what that's worth
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    Let's see your reloading room! (Pics only please!)

    A few years later and things look somewhat different
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    Ongoing PAY IT FORWARD thread 2021 Version

    Bear Swamp is one of the places I hunt also!
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    Ongoing PAY IT FORWARD thread 2021 Version

    I'm nearby and hunt in that area, I'm more than happy to help shoot some deer
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    Help choose some calibers for the user title ladder (just for fun)

    How about the milsurps I shoot, 8mm Mauser and the already suggested 303 British?
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    Another CNY Shooter -

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    The face of gun ownership is changing.

    I'm helping a coworker, one of the (unarmed) security guards at our building, learn how to shoot. She's a brand new gun owner, a great person and student, and can't wait to get her pistol permit. She's a great addition to the community
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    Central New York noob

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    The Gun Show thread

    I saw that story, he was dabbling in those "scary" ghost guns. Oaks was a great show a few years ago, especially the big 2000 table one. I've driven down twice for it, looking to go again. I don't expect the deals that were available back a couple of years, but there's always some interesting...
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    Ammo types legal to sell in NY

    Oh ok, got it. Yeah I'd like to avoid any visits
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    Ammo types legal to sell in NY

    Well, there's the rub....the black tip Garand ammo could be construed that way
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    Ammo types legal to sell in NY

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    Ammo types legal to sell in NY

    I recently had some ammunition come into my possession that is either calibers I don't run or more than I want, and I'd like to sell it. It's an eclectic mix of surplus ammo from the 50s through the 80s. The question I have is whether any particular type of ammo is problematic under the law in...
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    New CNY Member!

    Welcome from Syracuse
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    Hello From Camillus, NY

    Hello, also in Eastwood
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    DONE 10 cent Bullet sale!! And powder too! .223 added!

    This^^^ Glenn is a quality person to deal with, with fair prices and willing to meet conveniently. Second time I've done business with him and can't recommend him enough. Tim
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    Syracuse Gun Show this weekend Sept. 18-19

    It was overpriced for most items, especially firearms. Ammo was high but less than it has been, although I can't call $0.48 a round for 9mm per 1000 "low" by any stretch. I did get my buddy some 7.62 x 39 which was expensive for that round but not crazy ($12 or $15 per 20). Vendors were making...
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    Syracuse Gun Show this weekend Sept. 18-19

    Yes, Nick should be there, that's who I check first. Really nice guy,I've seen him at a big show outside Philly a couple of times too, where he was able to sell primers (and other people had powder, unlike NY).
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    Syracuse Gun Show this weekend Sept. 18-19

    I'm planning on going Saturday morning. I don't have much hope for any deals, but it's always fun to look. I'll probably buy the usual, some bullets for reloading and some pickles lol
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    Why can’t I find slugs??

    I have some I don't use because I used to use smooth bore slug barrel but I sprang for a rifled barrel that needs different ammo. If you want them I'm local too. I paid like 2.99 to 4.99 for boxes of 5
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    Range Day Pic Thread

    After some fun with the Mini14 and PC9, my friend and I went Axis vs Allies, the Garand was a treat to fire. The Enfield is actually a WW1 manufactured in 1918,still shoots great. The K98 was captured by my father in law and mailed home from North Africa, his dad cut it down for a deer rifle...
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    PM sent
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    Motherload of Firearm Manuals

    Very cool, interesting information, thanks
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    What gun did you pass on and regret it?

    I was offered a M-1 Garand by the guy I bought my first reloading press from, he was big into them and his wife was pressuring him to sell some of the many he owned. It was in great shape, and according to him had been gone over and upgraded by a salty old Marine armorer who had begun his career...
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    New here

    Welcome to the forum
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    Ongoing PAY IT FORWARD thread 2021 Version

    Yes I do, be happy to get them to you. PM me your contact info @dsdmmat
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    New member!

    Welcome back
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    DONE Powder - H4198, H4227, Universal, HP38

    I will take the other H4198 and 2 each of the HP-38 and Universal. PM sent
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    WTT Brass for bullets etc

    1-9 twist rate
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    WTT Brass for bullets etc

    62 grain seem to be best for the Mini14
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    WTT Brass for bullets etc

    Hiya @Varmint ! The .35 Rem was perfect, thanks, worked out exactly as needed. I appreciate your generosity. That is all the rifle brass I have to trade, there was a bunch of .223/5.56 that I'm looking to reload myself. Projectiles are what I need. What have you got and what do you want?
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    WTT Brass for bullets etc

    There are 28 of the 270 Win all RP headstamp, 40 of the 308 also RP with 1 oddball Hornady, and 23 of the 30.06 Springfield all FC headstamp.
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    WTT Brass for bullets etc

    I'll check the amounts of the other brass and post it shortly
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    WTT Brass for bullets etc

    Sorry about the lack of clarity, I was trying to get it posted before crashing last night, probably should have waited. I think the primers are a long shot, someone would have to both have a stockpile of those and need the brass, and as you note be close enough for FTF exchange, due to shipping...
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    WTT Brass for bullets etc

    Hi, I've been cleaning and sorting brass recently and found I have some for calibers I don't shoot. Specifically, I have 420 brass .40 caliber casings mixed headstamp mostly Win that have been decapped and wet tumbled. I'd like to trade them for either small pistol primers (I know, it's a long...
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    DONE 223 and 45 reloading projectiles

    Dammit, saw this too late! I have .45 bullets, need 223 lol. Better luck next time I guess. I might have brass to trade too, calibers I don't shoot
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    Quick pic of me spending gun money these last few months...