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    NYSP say they have a zero tolerance policy if you break the CCIA and hochul says you need permit in hand by 9/1 to avoid the expanded training

    They cannot afford to press the issue within an otherwise law-abiding person, as all it will do is create a perfect plaintiff with standing to challenge the law. They need to enforce this through fear without actually creating a court case, which the judge made quite clear they will lose.
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    Will the CCIA be Enjoined this Week? Case dismissed

    I just read the opinion. The judge basically agreed with the plaintiffs on all issues, but claimed he was forced to deny the injunction on procedural grounds - lack of standing and an improperly identified defendant. One the one hand, it’s kind of BS. On the other, it should be pretty easy to...
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    Where are we not allowed to concealed carry upstate?

    The "places of worship" restriction really bugs me. There seems to be no way that a place of worship can opt out of this restriction, even by posting. And the chances of even getting something posted at most places of worship are slim to begin with!
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    F/S Chinese SKS

    Mostly looking for cash, but if you have a trade in mind send it and the worst I can do is say ”no.”
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    Status of Remington TAC-14 / Mossberg Shockwave

    Did the law just change such that possession of one of these now makes you a criminal?
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    F/S Chinese SKS

    Resurrecting this old post to see if anyone wants to make an offer on this Chinese SKS I never shoot before the semi-auto license nonsense gets started. Happy to see this go to a good home.
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    NYPD Announces Emergency Rule, Effective Immediately, For Receiving A Concealed Carry Handgun License

    So, anybody look into applying for a special carry to validate an out-of-city permit before September 1?
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    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    Nothing on the site talks about whether a NYS permit is now valid in NYC. Seems like a pretty important question, no?
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    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    How long did it take Chicago to cave and introduce a “reasonable” carry scheme when they lost their case? Eventually, they stopped fighting it and put a CCW system in place.
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    DONE LEGO sets sealed

    And what would the price be on the 911?
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    DONE LEGO sets sealed

    Is there a Porsche 911 in there?
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    NYC Special Carry

    Anyone ever have any luck getting a Special Business Carry Permit out of the NYPD? (It’s the permit that validates your otherwise invalid non-nyc county permit in the city.) I've been appointed executor of a rather large estate in NYC and will be going there often to catalogue, appraise, and...
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    WTB Israeli Surplus Guns

    Looking for two guns for my collection: 1) Israeli surplus Browning Hi Power. 2) Israeli surplus Mauser K98 rebarreled to 7.62. One with both Nazi and Israeli markings would be a “holy grail” find for me. let me know if you have such a thing sitting in your safe.
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    F/S 40 S&W and 38spl +p ammo for sale

    If you're coming to fishkill let me know - I'll deal for some .38 and meet you there as well.
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    F/S 40 S&W and 38spl +p ammo for sale

    I’d be interested in some of the .38, but don’t need all of it.
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    Hudson Valley NY (new member)

    Putnam Valley checking in!
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    If I could get fiber, I would. Unfortunately, I'm limited to Altice One - which in general sucks.
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    I received my dish last week. Pretty sure the roof is the only place it can go to get a good view of the sky, so I can't set it up until all the ice melts!
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    WTB Sig P229

    Who’s got one they don’t want anymore?
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    WTB Gen 3 Glock 17 or 34 Slide / Complete Upper

    Looking for a spare complete upper for a Gen 3 frame. Let me know what you’ve got! Even if it’s not complete and I need to add parts, I’ll consider it.
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    Running for office: Part one - Intro

    I ran for school board once. It was an... interesting experience,
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    WTB FlintLock

    Rifle, pistol, blunderbuss - I really don't care. I just finished watching "Turn" on AMC (I went to high school with the actor who played George Washington) and now I want a flintlock. Anyone have one they want to part with? I'm not looking for an original collector's piece - just something to...
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    Knife Sharpening Karma

    My RSK Mk1 designed by Doug Ritter of the Equipped To Survive Foundation never leaves my pocket. This is a photo of the spare I had in the safe that I sold when the price rose to astronomical levels after it was discontinued by Benchmade.
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    Manchin: ‘I Will Not Vote’ for Court-Packing, Ending Filibuster if Dems Take Senate

    I read a very interesting prediction that Manchin will be switching his party affiliation to R before long. He has tons of leverage up until the runoff election in GA is decided. If he switches now, he can guarantee R control of the Senate and probably get himself a committee chair all at once.
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    Karma - Electronic Scale

    I'm in. Thanks!
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    F/S Beretta A300 Outlander 12Ga 3”

    How about Putnam County?
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    Election Night Plans ?

    It’s a Tuesday night, right? Eating tacos!
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    Putnam Full Carry Process

    Putnam should not be a problem. Apply. Get a restricted permit. Stay out of trouble. Take a live fire course and submit it with a picture of your safe with an upgrade request in six months.
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    F/S Remington Tac-14 Barrel(s)

    I have two barrels for Remington Tac-14 "Other" shotguns. One is the factory stock barrel with a front bead sight. One is modified choke with rifle sights. A quick Google search shows these out of stock everywhere. $250 for the plain barrel with bead sight, $300 for the modified choke with...
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    F/S Chinese SKS

    One last bump, then back in the safe for the apocalypse.
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    F/S Chinese SKS

    Bump. Make me an offer. Someone out there needs a N.Y. legal semi-auto with ammo right now!
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    F/S Chinese SKS

    Also, I counted the ammo boxes and it's 600 rounds that I'll throw in.
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    F/S Chinese SKS

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    F/S Chinese SKS

    I’ve got a Chinese SKS sitting in my safe that should go to someone who waited too long to get into guns and now is looking for a semi-auto rifle and ammo, all in one shot. This is a Norinco with a blade bayonet and 500 rounds of ammo. These look to be starting on Gunbroker right now for...
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    DONE 9mm fmj

    And they’ll ship for $40 per case...
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    DONE 9mm fmj

    Have any .300 Blackout to trade?
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    .300 Blackout Anywhere?

    Anyone have a source for .300 Blackout? Can’t find it at any price in my usual places. I’ve got 7.62 x 39 to trade in a private deal if anyone has any they don’t need.
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    AR Pistol In Putnam

    Before I go down the rabbit hole, does anyone know if Putnam County will let you put an AR on a pistol permit? Thanks!
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    Lets talk Red Dots on handguns

    Glock 26 with a Holosun.
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    F/S Ruger MKIV 22/45

    Interested, but nothing is open right now, including the clerk’s office.
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    Lets talk Red Dots on handguns

    Gen 3 Glock 19 & Gen 4 Glock 17, each with a Suarez custom slide and Trijicon RMR with co-witnessed suppressor height sights.
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    Donahoo Consulting Training in Peekskill

    I took my ”live fire” course with him for my upgrade. Nice guy, easy to schedule, not terribly expensive. I’d say go for it.
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    WTB M1 Garand

    Greek return M-1
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    WTB M1 Garand

    I’ve got a Greek Return M1 I purchased from the CMP over a decade ago that I’d be willing to let go. PM me if you’re interested.
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    Glock 19 Comps!

    Are these legal in NY? Do they not require a threaded barrel to install? I thought that was a no-no, as it makes you want to do bad things with your gun or something like that.
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    So this just happened - MA

    Can you provide some details on the process? This interests me...
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    Putnam County

    Has anyone applied for a license or upgrade since the untimely death of Judge Reitz? Have there been any changes?
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    WTB Mosin nagant, Chinese SKS.

    I have a Chinese SKS for sale. PM me for details.
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    WTB .44 Magnum 3" Revolver

    I like mine. Comfortable to carry and comforting in the woods...