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  1. Plater1

    DONE 7.62/.308 misc ammo

    7.62/.308 Talon tracer 3 boxes (2 full, 1 17rnds) $65 .308 Federal power shok 2 boxes (1 full, 1 7rnds) $30 .308 COR BON 125gn BT (green tip) 70 rnds $ Sold 7.62/.308 Winchester white box 147gn FMJ 2 boxes $60 .308 Winchester 180gn Silvertip 1 box $ Sold .308 Black Hills 168gn BTHP Match 1 box...
  2. Plater1

    DONE RCBS Rock Chucker master reloading kit

    I've had this for years sitting in the back of the closet. It's a good time to let it go. It's a single stage press with everything you need to get started in reloading. Includes 2 reloading manuals, Speer and Nosler. I will also throw in a Lyman black powder manual and a book on shotguns. RCBS...
  3. Plater1

    DONE .410 shells

    X2 boxes Remington 2.5", #4 shot. 25rnds each box. X1 box Federal 3", #7 1/2 shot. 25rnd box. Not shipping or separating at this time. $45 or BO.
  4. Plater1

    DONE 12ga Sale

    12ga Sellier & Bellot 12 pellet 00 Buck 11 boxes 25rnds each SOLD 12ga Sabots 3 boxes Winchester Super-X, 3 boxes Winchester HP, 3 boxes Lightfield $12 box ($90 for all 9 boxes) 12ga Remington Slugger 5 boxes $8 each 12ga Hornady XTP 5 boxes $8 each 12ga Federal Vital Shok 15 boxes $8 each 12ga...
  5. Plater1

    Is there a 12ga slug shortage too?

    Like the title says. I dug out a few cases of 00 buck to sell off and all this 12ga slug ammo was sitting there gathering dust too. Whats it's worth?
  6. Plater1

    F/S 2016 Yamaha FZ07

    I just don't ride anymore so she has to go. In excellent condition, needs nothing. Bike has a clean title in my name. 13,600 well maintained miles. I did all scheduled maint per the owners manual using Yamaha oil and Fram filters. I have new spare set of performance front brake pads, 1 oil...
  7. Plater1

    DONE 1895 Winchester .405

    New production dangerous game rifle. Good for stopping Lions, Tigers, Elephants, and Peterbilts. Limited edition Texas Special (TEX95). In 99% or better condition with color case hardened receiver. The rest of the metal is blued. In original box with manual. If i get full asking price i will...
  8. Plater1

    DONE FN49 8mm

    Egyptian FN49. 8mm Mauser, 10rnd non-detachable mag. Clean bore with strong rifling. Not matching #'s. As i understand it, some FFL's won't do the transfer so i am willing to travel to your FFL to do the deal(if it's far, will need some gas $). $825/BO and buyer pays transfer fee. Location: Bath, NY
  9. Plater1

    Is a FN49 safe act legal?

    The mag is non-detachable too. Similar to this one:
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    Another slimeball politician gets a free pass.......

    Court overturns Sheldon Silver’s conviction
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    Project Veritas busts CNN

    I can't believe people fall for this undercover crap. Nothing the world doesn't already know, but kind of funny. Project Veritas|American Pravda: CNN
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    Who the frack is Lord Buckethead?

    It turns out the pressure is off the USA for having the most laughed about election in the last 100 years. In England yesterday Elmo and somebody who looks related to Darth Vader actually got votes in yesterdays election. It turns out white glove wearing "rents to damn high" is no match for Lord...
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    Comey hearings Covfefe

    I can tell you now, the Republicans will find Trump a little at fault and the Democraps will scream like a bunch of little girls calling for impeachment.
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    EXCLUSIVE: John Podesta May Have Violated Federal Law By Not Disclosing 75,000 Stock Shares
  15. Plater1

    Bernie Sanders wife under FBI investigation

    Emails reveal FBI, Justice probe of Burlington College - VTDigger Good little socialist losing other peoples money!
  16. Plater1

    Maine Dems laughing about white suicide rates

    Maine Democrats caught on video laughing at rising white suicide rates Looks like the Maine Democrat party is a real class act?:mad:
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    ISIS responds.....

    Truck plows into crowd inside Swedish shopping center: report
  18. Plater1

    What happened to the .32?

    Whatever Happened To .32 Caliber? - USA Carry
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    Hey CNN, suck on this!

    Rioting erupts in immigrant-dominated Swedish suburb
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    F/S New Commercial 8mm mauser ammo

    2 boxes (40rnds) PMC 170gn PSP, 16 boxes (320rnds) FNM 198gn FMJ. $15 a box or best offer.
  21. Plater1

    DONE Hungarian 7.62X54r light steel core

    440 rnd cans light steel core. Clean and unopened cans. have several cans. $180 each or BO.
  22. Plater1

    F/S Misc 8mm Mauser ammo

    120rnds FMJ on strippers, 10rnds SP on strippers, 97rnds tracer, one bando(cut) and a few extra clips. $100
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    If calibers were famous people?

  24. Plater1

    DONE Surplus Nagant and Mausers

    1- Yugo M48 Mauser, NIB, 8mm, Bayonet, sling, ammo pouch, box, still has cosmoline on it. $600/BO 2-98 Mauser unmarked "sterilized rifle" probably Yugo made post war, unfired, bayonet, in 8mm. $600/BO 3- I have lots of ammo for all three, i will put up a separate ad soon. Pictures to follow.
  25. Plater1

    I'm not sure this would be legal here in New York?

    Ex-Army Sniper Takes Out Neighbor’s Intruder From Bedroom Window
  26. Plater1

    DONE Vintage Winchester .380 ammo

    Two boxes one full the other 45 rnds. 95gn full metal case. For vintage ammo boxes are in excellent condition. $75 for both.
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    Somebody call Jill Stein!!!!!!!!!!

    Records: Too many votes in 37% of Detroit’s precincts
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    AK cleaning kit video

  29. Plater1

    DONE 1903 Springfield collection

    1- 1903 Springfield Armory parade rifle, does function(shoot), HS barrel dated 10-44, milled trigger guard, good base rifle for restoration project, nylon sling, stock is fair, missing elevation lock screw, ser#1,377,XXX SOLD 2-Miltech restored 1903 Springfield Armory, in new unfired condition...
  30. Plater1

    Trump rally "LIVE"

  31. Plater1

    F/S 1903 Springfield collection

    Duplicate thread.
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    Came over from the dark side

    I was wondering where everybody went?