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  1. Podmonkey

    DONE M&P Shield 1.0 w/ holster, case & extra mag.

    Need a low cost yet quality carry gun? I am offering my Gen 1 Shield with everything pictured for $200! I have about 1,000 rounds through it, everything is nicely broken in yet it has been carried more than shot. Meticulously maintained as well I would much prefer payment via Zelle. All...
  2. Podmonkey

    2022 Best LPVO round up review

    @Edwardteach72, you get your scope yet?
  3. Podmonkey

    Finally addressed the baffling lack of a .22 pistol in my small collection.

    Ruger Mk IV hunter blued version 'cos I am not particularly fond of shiny guns. I had been planning on getting the Target model but when I saw this blued Hunter model in my LGS I opted for it instead. It has the fiber optic front sight which is nice and the fluted barrel and aluminum frame is a...
  4. Podmonkey

    Boer War Showdown! Lee-Enfield vs 1895 Mauser

    This is a great channel for anyone interested in historical arms, ballistics or practical application of marksmanship.
  5. Podmonkey

    Let's play a "What would I like to do/see post NFA" game.

    And for the purposes of this discussion all you back pillers can take that pill and shove it up your ass, make it a suppository. Anyways- First things first I would take the pistol brace off the Galil Ace "pistol" and put on a proper stock and replace to angled fore grip with a proper vertical...
  6. Podmonkey

    The Remington Rolling Block, and related single shot musings.

    Does anyone here own a Remington Rolling Block, or one of the reproductions? I recently watched a lengthy and entertaining video of the Rolling Block rifle on C&Rsenal channel and I have become fascinated with it. Interesting history and mechanism, the action was described as being a...
  7. Podmonkey

    Rethinking the trash cannon (How to Shoot the Shockwave w/ Demonstrated Concepts)

    I find this pretty interesting. Judging from the comments on this video many folks are missing the point here.
  8. Podmonkey

    Aero Precision to produce new bolt gun

    Looks cool, like the green color, like the minimalist design. 3 locking lugs, 60° bolt throw, uses Savage type prefit barrels, modular chassis. Didn’t say what magazine it would use, I assume an ACIS pattern. All seems pretty good to me, can't wait to hear more about it.
  9. Podmonkey

    Open carry in Walmart still a thing

    In small town PA anyway. Spotted a fellow, out with his lady, open carrying a G19 on his hip. While wearing a mask which I found highly incongruous. I was surprised to see someone open carrying in a Walmart after that incident with that guy what got banned for life for open carrying. I...
  10. Podmonkey

    Federal's .30 Super Carry. All that is old is new This is basically a recreation of the 7.65x20 French Long cartridge, which is what the French called the .30 Pedersen cartridge when they adopted it as their service pistol round. The .30 Pedersen was developed for the Pedersen device which...
  11. Podmonkey

    The AR-15 is still the most modern rifle there is

    It's uncanny how simple updates in materials and configuration have been able to keep this 60 year old design on the cutting edge. Everytime a new rifle is released, the Bren 2 for example, I think "it's nice but is it better than a AR........ no I don't think it is."
  12. Podmonkey

    Of 1911s, boycotts and comprised ideals

    O have long wanted a 1911 though it's never been a high priority. With S&W 686 Pluses been so hard to come by I have been thinking of skipping over to a 1911 for my luddite handgunnery fix. The model that has always fit the bill best for me was the Springfield Armory Range Officer as I wanted...
  13. Podmonkey

    Meet the 1911's grandpappy- the Colt Model 1900

    I have long subscribed to this excellent channel. He is going to do a series of videos on this line of revolutionary pistols starting here with the 1900 and through to the 1911.
  14. Podmonkey

    I shall be experimenting with shelf stable prepping foods tomorrow

    I wanna find out if you can make an at least somewhat palatable grilled ham n' cheese with this stuff. The butter at least is said to be extremely good. The other items are more subjective though I love the B&M bread toasted with butter so..........
  15. Podmonkey

    Incredible footage from Finnish Brutality match.

    That match looks so frggin' cool! If you can perform well in conditions like that you are set.
  16. Podmonkey

    NYPD 12lb trigger possibly discontinued. I remember an article in which a NYPD officer discharged 15 shots at a suspect only to hit everything but including multiple bystanders. Perhaps this will help with that.
  17. Podmonkey

    Happy customer

    Just received 500 rounds of 9mm 124gr +P HSTs from these folks. $557.79 shipped (to PA). Not bad, $1.10 per round which is a pre panic retail price. I've actually seen them go for more than that yet in the middle of the Trump Slump no less. I ordered noon Wednesday they shipped an hour later...
  18. Podmonkey

    Just renewed my PA RESIDENT permit today online

    Via my phone. Apparently the backlogs in my area have been worked through- applied for renewal online, received approval 30 mins later and scheduled an apt to pickup my card tomorrow. Can non residents apply online also? Things are running smooth again it seems. Also- FWIW, there is no way...
  19. Podmonkey

    Holosun QD mounts, do they suck?

    Just bought a 515 that was unbelievably on sale on Midway, it's on my doorstep now, waiting for me. Now I have heard from a few different sources that Holosun's QD mount is not the best, does anyone have any experience with them? Would I be better off replacing it straight off? Ordinarily I'd...
  20. Podmonkey

    Anyone else seeing a massive influx of new shooters on their range?

    I certainly have. Everytime I go there are multiple newbies out there. Some have questionable taste in guns, some splurge on the good stuff, some over splurge on really good stuff they don't really need. Saw a younger guy with a Les Baer for "home defense". First time owner too. None of em...
  21. Podmonkey

    Beretta will be importing the legendary Manurhin MR73! Will this be the first time these excellent revolvers have been imported factory new to this country? Shame about the price but considering the quality of materials, manufacturer and the features I think the $3,000+ price is justified. Unfortunately I...
  22. Podmonkey

    Death of the surplus firearms hobby

    @Fightingfish, watch this before you start in on your surplus scrounging. I agree with him too. I once recommended the Spanish FR-8 as a potential option for a good classic military style bolt action. However a recent perusal on Gunbroker shows them going for almost $1,000 these days. The...
  23. Podmonkey

    Spyderco Paramilitary 3 Lightweight sprint

    I was fondling the Delica 4 I had purchased for my step father when I realized that I really like Spyderco's FRN handles....... So I got this. In a sprint run version. I have a disease. It is crazy light and has a fantastic action, feels like it's on ball bearings even though it's a bronze...
  24. Podmonkey

    Yet another P320 unintentional discharge

    I'm sure Glock is very grateful that they didn't have to deal with instantaneous internet dissemination in the 70s and 80s when their pistol had similar issues.
  25. Podmonkey

    I have a sexy new blade!

    Spyderco Ikuchi: The unavailability of guns, ammo and related accessories has rekindled my interest in blades. What with the unrelenting wave of terrible news I decided to partake in a little retail therapy and I figured I was...
  26. Podmonkey

    .308 tear gas rounds

    You heard me- I want some. A quick internet search shows that these were available on the second hand market for a time...... at $6 a round.
  27. Podmonkey

    Beam comparison: FW3A EDC light and Modlight PLHv2 weapon light

    Top- Modlight PLHv2 weapon light. 1350 lumens @54,000cd (candella) Bottom- Lumentop FW3A EDC light. 2,800 lumens @ 10,000cd
  28. Podmonkey

    Native Video Hosting?

    Has there been any further thought given to this as a paid feature? I'd pay a reasonable fee for this service and there are all kinds of videos I'd like to do for the forums. I find using a 3rd party host to be somewhat tedious. Or is there a better/easier servive than Google Drive to use?
  29. Podmonkey

    Which of these two optics should I get?

    To be placed on my .308 Ace- Or: Cost is not a consideration.
  30. Podmonkey

    Clatsop County, Oregon to vote on whether to become most free county in Nation

    Absent regulation I wonder how much new manufacture belt fed machine guns would cost? I'd love to add one of those new Knights Armament constant recoil guns to my collection. Hell, absent regulation I would put one on a pintle mount in a pickup bed.
  31. Podmonkey

    Portland mayor reaps what he has sown

  32. Podmonkey

    3 days carrying the Glock 19 in a Galco Miami Classic

    I have never used a shoulder rig until now and I quite like it actually. I have carried this way at work for the past three days over long hours, 12 hour shift on Friday, and found this setup to be very comfortable and convenient. I wear it under a regular button up shirt and nothing else...
  33. Podmonkey

    Late starter humble prepping stash

    Just bought the shelves today. 5 gallon jugs of water on tge bottom with room for 5 more, 80 liters of water in bottles above that with room for 80 more and 2 mountain house buckets that I will continue to stack. And the little Sterno Inferno stove up top there that works perfectly for...
  34. Podmonkey

    Shotgun movie logic

  35. Podmonkey

    G36 Vindication. Also American barrels are better than German barrels.

    Well better than 90s German barrels that have been beat on.
  36. Podmonkey

    Good price on .223 55gr Gold Dot Very good price for this ammo, excellent for HD/SD and probably a good round for hunting too. The 55gr seems to do well out of short barrels:
  37. Podmonkey

    Nazis are Socialists too

  38. Podmonkey

    Another great day of training with OnSight Firearms Training

    Trained with Ben and Rachel of @OnSight Firearms Training in Pittsburgh again last weekend. I have pretty much been sleeping during all my downtime after an insanely busy holiday schedule so I am just getting to this now. As usual the training was excellent and fun. This being my third time...
  39. Podmonkey

    GM6 Lynx .50 BMG bullpup rilfe.

    I have never been a huge fan of bullpups but her eit makes good sense. Putting an semiauto 50. BMG rifle into a form factor that can be effectively shoulder fired is incredibly cool. So if you will all just crowdfund me $12,000 I will let you know what I think.
  40. Podmonkey

    Let's talk about Load Bearing Equipment

    I was just getting my gear sorted out for an upcoming class with @OnSight Firearms Training the end of this month, making sure everything fit, was adjusted properly ect. This is what I am currently running: Up top is a "Invrt Bandoleer" from IC13. On it are 2 rifle mag pouches, 1 pistol mag...
  41. Podmonkey

    Glock is evil, damn!

    Notice the front slide serrations and the lack of the annoying cutout on the front strap. Now I have to fight the temptation to replace my current, perfectly good, G19. And the temptation center of my brain is relentless, ruthless and totally unstoppable. Dammit Glock! This is how Glock is...
  42. Podmonkey

    Technical and historical review of the HiPoint pistol. And a side of forensics.

    Really interesting stuff I think. Fascinating insight into not only the technical aspects of the HiPoint product but also insight into the ethical practice of the company and an interesting look into firearms forensics.