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    Pistol Permit (4) References?

    Ulster county doesn't care where your references comes from and they can be related as well.
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    Could this possibly swing the vote in November? They are a big number of votes. Could be enough to get FUKH out of office.
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    Sensitive zone, no firearms (sign at Hudson Valley Garlic Festival)

    I'm sure there was at least one person saying concealed is concealed ;)
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    Sensitive zone, no firearms (sign at Hudson Valley Garlic Festival)

    This is the sign that greeted my wife and I at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival held in Saugerties NY. I just shook my head but I guess I really shouldn't be surprised.
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    F/S Conceal Carry OK Stickers

    PM sent
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    Wayne County Pistol Permit Procedures

    Update on my PA permit. I filled the application out on Sunday March 29th, my references were mailed the questionnaire ( 5 question ) and received on Thursday March 31st. I received a text and an email yesterday April 5th that my permit is ready to be picked up. Total process - 7 business days...
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    Ulster County Amendment Times

    If memory serves correct, the last one I did took 6 weeks. I believe my judge ( you always get the same one) only does them every so often so it depends on your timing.
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    Wayne County Pistol Permit Procedures

    I'm curious about the time frame as well. Just filled my application out Sunday night.
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    Ulster county judge mcginty

    I thought for sure we would have to have another meeting but about 4 or 5 weeks later we both received our full carry in the mail. Not sure if that is his normal way of doing it or not but I would assume it is.
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    Ulster County Permit Question/general question

    It isn't the Sheriff, it's the County. This was in place before the present Sheriff took office. Being that it is Ulster County, your 4 references can be from anywhere ( Some Counties require references from same County only ) and can include pretty much anyone. (There are a couple of...
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    NYGF Handgun Pictures Gallery: Show off your Pistols and Revolvers !

    Just picked one of these up myself. Love it.
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    DONE Colt Competition 1911 - Raffle Tickets

    I am interested. Will send Paypal if you give me your info.
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    Young man sustains multiple gunshots to chest in Poughkeepsie

    That is right next to the police station
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    Sig being sued for P320 shooting it’s owners

    I find it odd that they showed the hole in the purse but didn't show the holster. I would like to see what it was holstered in.
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    Beaver removal

    I would say keep it to yourself and not involve DEC. One of my favorite sayings. easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
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    Ulster County pistol permit question?

    I am not sure about the cabin and residence, but your references DO NOT need to be from Ulster. They do not even need to be from NY and you can use relatives as well. Hope this helps and you get your answers for the other questions. You might try the Ulster County Sheriff's Pistol division for...
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    Ulster county judge mcginty

    My wife and I both had the male McGinty. He will issue a restricted license until you engage in a class for live shooting and then will revisit. He issued full carry once we finished the class. Be prepared to wait anywhere from 4-12 weeks for an amendment. And he will always be the one to give...
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    Shooting at New Paltz Mexican restaurant

    That is why I am always carrying when out to eat and watch everyone while trying to keep my back to a wall. Always watch your surroundings.
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    Fun Thread: Wish List Pistols

    Shadow Systems MR920
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    Yet another P320 unintentional discharge

    Not to mention the M18 has a manual safety
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    New member from Orange county

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    Knives You Don't Hand People

    M&P can not be shipped to NY. Good price point at $53 though.
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    Kingston City Police confirm homicide victim was 12-year-old girl

    This is truly sickening. Kingston has as of late been trying to surpass Poughkeepsie and Newburgh. These guys are shooting it out in broad daylight without a care (not the latest one but others). The lack of police funding is certainly not helping.
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    NYGF Handgun Pictures Gallery: Show off your Pistols and Revolvers !

    Curious if your Agency Arms trigger pinches your finger when shooting. I have put about 150 rounds through mine with this trigger and my finger is basically toast when done.
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    NY 2022 Governor Race

    Unfortunately The sheep of NY think he is doing a great job handling Covid. I am around enough of them and just can't wrap my head around their thinking.
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    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    The comments are unbelievable. They are 99% for Biden. Not sure why anyone uses Twitter. Total disgrace.
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    Hello all.

    Welcome. I am your neighbor in the next county north of you.
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    More fake reports of racism.

    I have a friend that is an investigator for an insurance company. He told me a story of a guy that got a friend to rent a Uhaul, complete with full insurance and got said friend to total his car while it was parked on the street. Sometimes they get crafty, other times they really don't think...
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    President Harris

    At least two years so she can run on her own ticket twice more for a total of 10 years. And she will win because the left has figured out the voting equation.
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    Candance Owens and Fact Checkers

    I looked for the website and couldn't find it.
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    The USA needs MORE STATES !

    If I am not mistaken, PR had a chance to be a state and they turned it down. I'm pretty sure it was voted on but the Gov't there is or was very corrupt and the idea was squashed.
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    76th NRA Director Elected

    Got a call from the NRA today. Wanted to know if I wanted to extend my membership by 5 years at a special rate. Told them I wasn't interested at this time as I am saving my money. Goes right into the next spiel asking if I wanted to do the Life Membership. Told them I would probably outlive them...
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    Ulster County executive's budget includes pay raises of up to 40.5%

    Just another reason to get out of this god forsaken state.
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    DONE Sig P238 Extreme

    Pm sent
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    Trump Supporters vs. Biden Supporters

    Not really surprising but for sure sad.
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    Newest P320 offering... AXG

    I put the Agency Arms safety trigger in mine and love it. Nice crisp break. They are out of stock again but I just kept watching their site till they had one in.
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    DONE Kimber Ultra Carry II .45

    PM sent if first offer falls through.
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    Skylight replacement

    Job well done
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    ammo storage

    You should tell your wife to get her dishes out of your ammo cabinets.
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    Legal ammo limit?

    I'm just curious here. So if by chance one gets caught with more than 200 rounds in the city, would that just be a citation from the fire dept? Or is it a felony charged by police. Not my circus as I don't live in the city but just thinking out loud.
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    Ranges That Are Open During the Covid19 Epidemic

    Back before all this started they were getting $.23 a round. I do know it went up but not sure now. They have prices on their website but not sure if it's been updated. If you get their yearly membership you can bring your own ammo. I plan on going in the next week or so and will update prices...
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    Ranges That Are Open During the Covid19 Epidemic

    Safe shoot in Kingston is open. Range time by appointment and membership not required ( Have to buy their ammo )
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    Glock 26 vs Sig P365

    Safe Shoot has one for rent here in Ulster County in Kingston. Not sure how far away you are. Just across the border in Woodland Park NJ is Gun for Hire. I believe they have them to rent as well. I actually purchased a 365 for the wife and am now waiting for the Judge to sign off.
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    Hudson City Police investigate homicide

    Allen St and Union are up and coming as well. Lot of money being put into some of these places.
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    Hudson City Police investigate homicide

    The City of Hudson isn't really all that bad. There is a certain area, as is the case with most cities, that you wouldn't want to be hanging around later at night of course. Lot of city people have moved up and bought a lot of these places and putting lots of money in them. This is not all good...
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    Purchased a handgun, County Clerk is closed...

    Yes, this is the way Ulster county pretty much works as well. Waited 9 weeks for my last coupon. Have one at the ffl now that I have been waiting for about 6 weeks now and who knows how much longer with all the shtf business.
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    Bloomberg Targets North Carolina Next

    It would probably be easier to find someone to hack Bloomturds accounts and drain them.
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    Albany gun show this weekend

    I was not impressed with the Fishkill show either.