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  1. dwa12479

    BREAKING NEWS FROM Target Sports USA (NY Ammo Shipping)

    The email I got said December 2nd was the last day to order. And it's hard to blame any business that doesn't want to do business in NY. It's not their fault, it's our elected and appointed "leaders" that we have to thank. Not the retailers.
  2. dwa12479

    Gov. Kristi Noem Blocks TikTok from state devices, plus she hunts

    Don't disagree there. Theres pluses and minuses to everything.
  3. dwa12479

    A pharma millionaire is suing four hunters for $7 million

    What a major douche canoe. Guy's like this asshat usually get whats coming to them in the end.
  4. dwa12479

    Gov. Kristi Noem Blocks TikTok from state devices, plus she hunts

    Certain platforms can be useful for communicating things to the public from PDs, FDs, and other .gov agencies, especially in an emergency. When you've got government employees on the clock using their government issued device to mindlessly watch idiotic cat videos on tik tok is when theres...
  5. dwa12479

    BREAKING NEWS FROM Target Sports USA (NY Ammo Shipping)

    That sucks. FUNY.
  6. dwa12479

    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    ONLY in the case of an occupied dwelling though. If someone is setting fire to your garden shed in the backyard you will go to jail if you use DPF to stop them.
  7. dwa12479

    NYC, is as safe as ever ~~~~not

    Dude in the RR was fucked no matter what due to the shear numbers he was overwhelmed by. Running over a bunch of them was about his only option, but that wasn't going to make the rest tuck tail and run. It actually made them angrier and more aggressive.
  8. dwa12479

    New Member/Vendor

    Welcome to the back of the short bus where all the misfits congregate.
  9. dwa12479

    Portland stores closing amid thefts

    Store owners are racist for pulling out and leaving the community "underserved".
  10. dwa12479

    NYC, is as safe as ever ~~~~not

    Did you watch the video of the Range Rover I posted? That's exactly what happened.
  11. dwa12479

    NYC, is as safe as ever ~~~~not

    Did you watch the video of the Range Rover I posted? That's exactly what happened.
  12. dwa12479

    NYC, is as safe as ever ~~~~not

    And when there are murders in that area it's huge news. Look at the current cycle with the murder of the 4 college students in Idaho. Meanwhile in Chicago...
  13. dwa12479

    NYC, is as safe as ever ~~~~not

    The only way you stop this is to literally declare war on these gangs. And we know that our elected leaders don't have the balls to do that. These gangs operate with impunity because there are zero consequences for their actions.
  14. dwa12479

    NYC, is as safe as ever ~~~~not

    When you're outnumbered 50 or 60 or 100 to 1, you're fucked. You'll never be able to get them all, they'll keep coming. And no, the cops cannot and will not help.
  15. dwa12479

    NYC, is as safe as ever ~~~~not

    This is a very bad idea. You won't be able to get away, and the police won't be able to help.
  16. dwa12479

    Biden says you're sick

    Well , I mean the scarf, shoes, and speedos are all well coordinated, but everyone knows you don't wear white after Labor Day.
  17. dwa12479

    Biden says you're sick

    Says the clown that raised this waste of space.
  18. dwa12479

    New York Gov. Hochul Signs Law Restricting Cryptocurrency Mining Over ‘Environmental Concerns’

    For the Environment. Right. Odd timing right after FTX went belly up...
  19. dwa12479

    SFPD is authorizing the use of robots for killing suspects

    Cyberdyne Systems seeking one Connor, Sarah J. All units converge on last known location.
  20. dwa12479

    Cop draws down on legal gun owner during traffic stop, after becoming alarmed by pistol permit in her wallet

    Wow, what a disaster. That cop needs to go run a toll booth somewhere and she should be getting 7 figures.
  21. dwa12479

    Congress Creates Federal "Assault Weapon" & Magazine Capacity Ban!!! again 11/21/22

    Well there's that too.... I've been wanting this to go national for years and years. It's the onlyo way to get the rest of free America to stop laughing at us in NY and join the fight.
  22. dwa12479

    Congress Creates Federal "Assault Weapon" & Magazine Capacity Ban!!! again 11/21/22

    GOOD! PASS IT, PLEASE!!!! We need the SAFE Act to go Federal if we ever hope for a repeal.
  23. dwa12479

    Assailant breaks into Pelosi home and attacks husband

    You could work for MSNBC.
  24. dwa12479

    NY State Police say they recovered illegally possessed PSAK-47 during traffic stop......

    Looks like the lugs may be flattened off. Someone went to the trouble of trying to make this rifle legal in the commie hell hole here.
  25. dwa12479

    FDA= do not use Ivermectin, only a suggestion, say what now?

    Here's video of footage of the FDA spokeman as they release this statement....
  26. dwa12479

    Utica City School District to replace $4 million weapons system following Proctor stabbing

    Is that the new Glock 7 model that costs more than we make in a month?
  27. dwa12479

    Trump has officially entered 2024 Politics...

    Sadly I think this is spot on. Trump was great for this nation for the 4 years he ran the show. But he's galvanized the haters against him, they're all very much in the mindset of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". The mountain for Trump to climb in 2024 I fear is too great. I just hope that...
  28. dwa12479

    Good Samaritan with a gun saves a sex trafficked women who was nearly beaten to death

    Holy hell, what a story that was. I cant stand human filth like Dice Capone. Extermination is too kind for them.
  29. dwa12479

    Mass shooting in buffalo NY

    Firing squad. Live by the gun, die by the gun... good riddance to a piece of filth.
  30. dwa12479

    Attorney General James Cracks Down on Online Ammunition Sellers Illegally Shipping Ammunition to New York

    Just ordered a case of 9mm from my favorite supplier late last night. Tracking number already in my inbox...
  31. dwa12479

    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    The test is obviously racist.
  32. dwa12479

    NYS law will force recycling events to stop

    Salvation Army takes old electronics... but only in their after hours drop boxes. Weird..
  33. dwa12479

    Nys election results suck

    Oh I know full well it's never going to happen, I wasn't suggesting that it was even remotely possibility.
  34. dwa12479

    Nys election results suck

    NYC makes up 45% of the states population... residing in 0.5% of the states total land mass. It drives the statewide politics all by itself every election cycle . If we split this state and chopped those 5 counties off NY would be red.
  35. dwa12479

    All Things Lee Zeldin For Governor

    Hochul remains. Oy Vey NY. WTF.
  36. dwa12479

    Transfers into New York

    The only way you can get it on your permit is for it to be received by an FFL in NY. If she brings it here that can't happen, she can't walk into a dealer here with it and turn it over. She'd have to send it back to AZ to someone there and have them ship it from FFL there to FFL here. Aint NY grand?
  37. dwa12479

    Reloading 223 Vs. buying factory

    I find it to be rather relaxing. The slow rhythm of the press can be soothing on the soul. Lol.
  38. dwa12479

    U.S. court: Mass surveillance program exposed by Snowden was illegal

    Yet there will be arrests, no investigation , no convictions , and no punishments. Jist a shrug of the shoulders and a "Whoops , my bad" from the .gov
  39. dwa12479

    What's your EDC knife?

    I'm on my 3rd or 4th of this Smith and Wesson M&P Magic assist 4". Been on my pocket clip for probably ten years at least maybe?
  40. dwa12479

    Assailant breaks into Pelosi home and attacks husband

    There is NOT enough popcorn in the US for this story. Holy hell. I can't wait to see what comes out next. Probably involves ice cubes and a 9 iron.
  41. dwa12479

    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    WTF with people making videos while they're fucking eating. Fucking disgusting.
  42. dwa12479

    Mayor Adams Successful in Halting Online Ghost Gun Retailer Indie Guns from Unlawfully Selling Kits to NYC Residents

    I wish I could say i was shocked at the willful ignorance of the libs running NYC and NYS. But I'm not....
  43. dwa12479

    need help for mental health letter

    Thats complete non-sense. Thats extortion. Thats some bullshit that Saul Goodman MD would pull. Yoy need a 2A attorney.
  44. dwa12479

    This BS from MidwayUSA

    They've been given really poor legal advice then. It seems that they've applied the NYC laws to the entire state.
  45. dwa12479

    This BS from MidwayUSA

    That says NYC. Looks like its probably just an incorrect input on the website by whinever created the listing. I doubt there's nefarious intent there on Midways part
  46. dwa12479

    Election Day is approaching. Blue wave or a Red wave?

    I predict a red wave, but I don't see it changing much either. About the only thing that happens is maybe we halt some of the libs pipe dream legislation, but I don't see the Rs making any meaningful changes.
  47. dwa12479

    The chilling numbers that reveal the scale of Bidens Border Disaster

    Why are they coming here? We are a racist, misogynistic, homophobic nation country that's oppressive to minorities.