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  1. Beerman

    Velocity Ammo - NY ammo shipping

    Pretty sure it’s all ammo. If you don’t use it up then it’s never gonna be on target.
  2. Beerman

    Velocity Ammo - NY ammo shipping

    It goes bad, ya know. If you don’t use it regularly it won’t be accurate at all. :D
  3. Beerman

    Tish James supports ATF rule

    Just don’t forget the de-burr. ;)
  4. Beerman

    Looking for a new CCW.

    Naw, we’re cool. I re-read my post a while later and it sounded a bit “know it all” -ish. I just love the 365 series guns and how interchangeable the components are.
  5. Beerman

    Velocity Ammo - NY ammo shipping

    Agreed, on all points. There are no secrets. If you have a smartphone, internet usage, a bank account and name, you’re on the radar. Everyone’s radar. It only matters if/when/why that radar gets focused on you. Otherwise, as the cool kids say: meh. (Doesn’t mean I like it or approve of...
  6. Beerman

    Velocity Ammo - NY ammo shipping

    Kind of funny how some forum participants refuse to buy ammo in NYS now due to the required info (name, address, DOB, occupation, etc) and talk about going out of state and paying cash, while some others seriously consider turning over their credentials to the feds for a “seller of ammunition”...
  7. Beerman

    Looking for a new CCW.

    I didn’t mean to sound like a dick, I just wanted to point out how customizable swappable the parts are for this series of guns. There are so many options with factory parts alone. I’d like to shot shoot a comped version just to see what it’s like.
  8. Beerman

    Looking for a new CCW.

    Also, note the mag well shape differences between the standard and X/XL in regard to the magazine floorplate shapes.
  9. Beerman

    Looking for a new CCW.

    That’s not the X grip in that pic. That’s a WC standard 365 grip module. (The P365X and XL models both use the same grip module. The X uses the same barrel and slide as the standard 365, but with the bigger XL grip module. The P365XL has a longer barrel and slide AND grip module than the...
  10. Beerman

    Lets talk Red Dots on handguns

    My dot is my only aiming setup. The rear sight is removed on a 365X when you take the factory cut plate off to mount a dot in its place. Rear sight is attached to that plate, do no more rear sight.
  11. Beerman

    Lets talk Red Dots on handguns

    Keep in mind that taller sights, so that you can cowitness the irons with the dot (green is best, ha!) can frequently occlude/impede/block/interfere with each other, making a mess out of things. On a handgun, pick a method that YOU like, and run it. Be safe out there!
  12. Beerman

    BIG NEWS! ATF Put On Notice!!

    Big news: my dog took a giant dump today! And yesterday. More of the same anticipated tomorrow. Just like .gov BS.
  13. Beerman

    UPS & FedEx Making Firearm Registries For ATF?!?

    Bro - “Just move to a free state.” Dude - “Bro, there ain’t no more free states.” Bro - “Uhhhh… keep movin’?”
  14. Beerman

    Looking for a new CCW.

    It’s why I bought the X. I liked the plain 365. Side by side, though, it’s like the X was custom made for me. Such a great fit. And the slide comes with a factory cut for a green dot. ;)
  15. Beerman

    Looking for a new CCW.

    I’d say most people can get a full grip on the 365X, especially compared to the 365. The grip on the X and XL is just enough longer to make it feel more secure for a gun you want to shoot a lot. If pure concealment was the only consideration, the 365 would be the choice. For shootability AND...
  16. Beerman

    Looking for a new CCW.

    I really like my 365X a lot. A whole lot. It’s small enough to disappear, accurate, and shoots nicely with a pretty light recoil. If I needed another carry gun I would buy a second one. Because I really really like it. A lot. It just runs. Eats everything in 9x19 flavor with no issues...
  17. Beerman

    Former superintendent Bruen hired by warren county

    As a Warren County resident, I hope ol’ Kev does his new job as poorly as he performed his last job, and all of his clients go straight to jail.
  18. Beerman

    BREAKING NEWS FROM Target Sports USA (NY Ammo Shipping) Free shipping over $99. No sales tax. ;) Still shipping to your door.
  19. Beerman

    BREAKING NEWS FROM Target Sports USA (NY Ammo Shipping)

    Gun bans: coming to a state near you, REAL soon. You can’t keep running away forever. Enjoy!
  20. Beerman

    Temporary Restaining Order Issued For Concealed Carry Improvement Act (merged thread)

    Is that Flo from Progressive Insurance?
  21. Beerman

    CNN brings a “women” on to say Q nightclub shooter is not trans gender by looking at him

    It’s ok in this case, like when a black person uses the “N” word.
  22. Beerman

    Car Jacker Shot in Chicago by woman with CCW

    Draw the remaining opposition away from her vehicle/mobile drug store so she can isolate them and pick them off one at a time, without getting her vehicle shot up?
  23. Beerman

    Lets talk Red Dots on handguns

    Right. Green dot sights (I like green much better than red) allow you to shoot with both eyes open, which becomes a habit pretty quickly. The dot and the POA/POI are on the same focal plane, so there’s no need to put a sharply focused iron sight over a fuzzy target, or vice versa. Just aim...
  24. Beerman

    Lets talk Red Dots on handguns

    If you require a fail safe option, then it’s not an option. At typical pistol self defense range (often stated as 8-10 feet or no more than 20’) you should be proficient enough to hit a target accurately enough with the iron sights OR just the shrouded glass on a non-functional RDS, but you’re...
  25. Beerman

    Biden says you're sick

    If you’re getting shit in your condoms, well, you’re doing it wrong. Or, perhaps, someone done screwed the shit out of you. In which case I say, chapeau!
  26. Beerman

    Temporary Restaining Order Issued For Concealed Carry Improvement Act (merged thread)

    Is it because balls were bigger back then? Is that why?
  27. Beerman

    Olight Bundle

    But but but Olight ssuuuuuuxxxxxxx!!!! EddieTouch said sooooooooo!!!!!!!
  28. Beerman

    Temporary Restaining Order Issued For Concealed Carry Improvement Act (merged thread)

    That was about as hard as predicting the sun will rise. But you were right.
  29. Beerman

    ‘Multiple fatalities’ after gunman opens fire in Virginia Walmart - 11/22

    I wonder if WalMart’s response is no more guns/ammo sales?
  30. Beerman

    Lets talk Red Dots on handguns

    “Rechargeable internal battery.” Solar backup. Who shoots exclusively in the dark? :D Grooves on the side match the slide cut, not plate required. What’s not to like?
  31. Beerman

    Temporary Restaining Order Issued For Concealed Carry Improvement Act (merged thread)

    Better get ready to put your sign back up soon.
  32. Beerman

    BC-15 | 5.56 NATO Right Side Charging Upper | 8.5" Parkerized M4 Barrel | 1:7 Twist | Pistol Length Gas System | 6.5" MLOK

    I think about building something now and then, but I don’t know what to get or where to start. Just something fun for shooting steel at the range, relatively cheap (but not hot garbage) and .223/5.56 flavored. Good to know there are some deals out there.
  33. Beerman

    NYS delays retail weed licenses causing farmers to have no where to sell their $750 million in crop

    A little bit of cannabinoid oil might help with your nausea. Just, uh, sayin.
  34. Beerman

    Five dead, multiple injured in Club Q shooting

    Does it matter, or are you just “curious”?
  35. Beerman

    Shootout in Saratoga Springs: Police Shoot Off Duty Deputy

    When guns are outlawed, only cops will have guns…. Wait- that’s not how it goes. Help me out here. I thought places that serve alcohol are “sensitive locations” now, no guns allowed? So how could the patrons of that bar possibly have violated Her Majesty’s edict by bringing guns to the bar...
  36. Beerman

    FDA= do not use Ivermectin, only a suggestion, say what now?

    If you like veterinary treatments for humans, check out elastration. It would clear up a lot of trouble for a large part of America, no de-wormer needed.
  37. Beerman

    Combat Armory

    * 1 FREE ride straight to jail for NYS residents!
  38. Beerman

    New (and old) NY Gun Laws

    Welp, here’s the thing- whether you’re aware of it or not has nothing to do with an actual law or regulation. So, get educated, be safe, be careful. From NYS 265.00, 15: 15. "Loaded firearm" means any firearm loaded with ammunition or any firearm which is possessed by one who, at the same...
  39. Beerman

    Attorney General James Cracks Down on Online Ammunition Sellers Illegally Shipping Ammunition to New York

    It’s pinned right there on the cork board behind Tish’s desk, right next to the list of ammo purchasers.
  40. Beerman

    New (and old) NY Gun Laws

    Handgun or rifle? Regs are dependent upon the type of firearm, as all guns are considered firearms now in NYS. Grab some coffee….
  41. Beerman

    Dan Bongino: How much worse is it going to get?

    I miss the good old days. Like, the week before CoVid hit…
  42. Beerman

    "Fourth Turning Winter Of Death" - The Burning Platform

    What if we don’t have kids? Does that mean we can just live in the moment and not worry about a future we’ll never see?
  43. Beerman

    Holosun Launches P. ID Weaponlight Series

    First thing I thought of when I saw the OLight mention.
  44. Beerman

    Nys election results suck

    My comments were written in response to a general question about how standing and fighting were working out. Leaving for various reasons doesn’t mean anyone has given up, nor that I think they have, Staying in NY does not equal standing and fighting. For those who do choose to stay, and work...
  45. Beerman

    Nys election results suck

    I will not turn tail and run. I will not face a coward in the mirror. I will be called many things by those who lack the strength to stand upon their homes, and I will shrug it off. I will not be moved.
  46. Beerman

    What the Cluck? TSA Finds Gun Hidden in Raw Chicken

    Carrion in her carry-on? Whoodathunkit?
  47. Beerman

    NYS law will force recycling events to stop

    Is that you, Johnny Cash?
  48. Beerman

    Temporary Restaining Order Issued For Concealed Carry Improvement Act (merged thread)

    (3) the “restricted locations” provision contained in Section 5 of the CCIA; and it is further ORDERED that Plaintiffs are EXCUSED from giving security; and it is further ORDERED that the State Defendants’ request for a limitation in the scope of this Preliminary Injunction and for a stay of it...