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    vehicle carry

    With the new law, can you still carry while driving in your vehicle if not in a sensative zone. Just driving.
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    Will gun ranges have to post "guns allowed" signs?

    nowhere does it say that when a firearm is left in a vehicle that it must be tethered to the vehice, just inside a case.
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    Anyone get a DMP yet?

    yes you can order it online. But has anybody received it in the mail after ordering online
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    Illegal alien rapist & Westchester County - LET FREE!

    what we need is a tunnel from mexico directly to coumos house
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    mailing firearms

    I have a NYS permit and a Fllorida permit, can i legally send my firearm to myself in Florida
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    Schoharie county restrictions

    I live in Schoharie county and there is only 1 judge. Some of his permits say unrestricted and others say no restrictions and others say for all lawful purposes. Do they all mean the same thing?
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    transporting firearms 1200 miles south

    I have a hunting and target in New York. I have a non resident in Florida. Can I legally drive to Florida or mail the gun to my self.. I will be there at least 3 months.
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    Which new york county easiest to get permit?

    schoharie county took 5 weeks start to finish. after 5 years automatic full carry no restrictions
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    Watch them savage 10-year old Barron Trump

    even if he is 10 years old and ugly, he probably has a billion dollars in his savings account more then me and you. With that kind of money, does it matter
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    what is it?

    upstate Cobleskill area. I thought it was a wild hog, even though I have never seen one in my area.
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    what is it?

    anybody have any idea on what is it.
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    Carrying a Sidearm while Hunting

    I strictly hunt deer with a revolver S&W 29-2. I hunt on my property only and when I walk out the back of my house the sidearm is oc. If anything I also carry a 9mm auto in my pocket.
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    Transplant From NYF

    1 more transplant from NYF