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  1. Apeman

    Expert on Squatters Warns Nation: We’re in for a ‘Nightmare’Once Illegal Immigrants Discover Housing Law Loopholes

    I agree with your plan but if you try that in a liberal state you're screwed. Illegals have more rights than us law abiding citizens here in NY.
  2. Apeman

    Expert on Squatters Warns Nation: We’re in for a ‘Nightmare’Once Illegal Immigrants Discover Housing Law Loopholes

    This just shows how fucked up our government is. "Squatters rights" shouldn't even be a thing. There shouldn't be laws saying who can be removed or not. If they don't own it - they're out. If they're not paying rent - they're out.
  3. Apeman

    The list of retailers selling guns used in crimes is now public record

    So which Stewart's shops will make the news for selling beer that made someone drive drunk?
  4. Apeman

    American Express, Visa, Mastercard move ahead with code to track gun store purchases in California

    Anything with a serial number has to go through an FFL and they have the same bullshit ammo background check policy we have. Other than just screwing people over for fun why do they have this? The cc company going to report a case of ammo? Doesn't matter what kind of gun you buy since it'll...
  5. Apeman

    Ruling on school shooters parents soon

    I get it but it's the direction we're headed. They allowed the sandy hook victims to sue bushmaster. The kid killed his mother and stole the gun, but somehow its the manufacturers fault? There's no accountability for an individuals actions. It's always someone else's fault.
  6. Apeman

    Ruling on school shooters parents soon

    What's next? Someone borrows or steals your car and uses it to commit a crime and then you're charged? Your kid hits and kills someone while driving your car and you're charge with involuntary manslaughter?
  7. Apeman

    Mean Arms Magazine Lock being sued over Buffalo Top's Shooter illegally removing it.

    While I don't agree with any of these bullshit laws I can see them not allowing bullet buttons like they used to have in CA. People started wearing rings with a protusion on them that would release the mags so you didn't have to use a tool. That made mag changes easy
  8. Apeman

    Mean Arms Magazine Lock being sued over Buffalo Top's Shooter illegally removing it.

    I actually do plan to sue the state if I get hit by a repeat drunk driver that was able to buy his way out of jail. I work with guys here that have more than 1 DWI arrest that haven't done more than the first night in jail. One guy here didn't do jail time after his THIRD DWI. While they chose...
  9. Apeman

    Mean Arms Magazine Lock being sued over Buffalo Top's Shooter illegally removing it.

    A local FFL told me he had a visit from the state popo after the safe act had been around for a while. They told him that if it had a spur or other type of compliant grip on it they needed to put epoxy over the screw head so it couldn't be removed. He said no. 1 - nothing in the law says...
  10. Apeman

    GOP Calls to Invoke 25th Amendment After Special Counsel Casts Doubt on Biden’s Mental Acuity

    I agree. Leave him in and force the democrats to deal with their own problem. There's no way the media can spin it that biden isn't fucked in the head. If they remove him in the next couple months the left will have time to plan out who to put on the ballot in November. If he stays in office...
  11. Apeman

    Mean Arms Magazine Lock being sued over Buffalo Top's Shooter illegally removing it.

    So what's the difference between this and using a set screw and epoxy on the mag release like quite a few FFLs are using/selling? If someone wants a noncomplaint gun they drill out the mag release and install a new one. Same thing if you buy a complaint AR with a Thorsden on it and you take...
  12. Apeman

    Gun rights advocates sue over New York's concealed carry law

    Even with the liberal courts I can't believe WE still have to deal with this horseshit. NYC residents that have carry permits can go anywhere in the state but permits from outside NYC are not honored there. Even if the permits are issued by county its a NEW YORK PISTOL PERMIT. NYC is part of NY...
  13. Apeman

    Ruling on school shooters parents soon

    I read that he was 15. She was found guilty for lack of controlling her minor son. The left says kids can take hormones and change their genders at any age. Some on the left want to take your kids away if you don't agree with their choice. So you're responsible for their bad actions by not...
  14. Apeman

    NYC robbery pattern involving "migrants" busted: police

    Until they're voted out. Problem is the next liberal idiots will keep it going.
  15. Apeman

    NYC Launches $53 Million Pilot Program to Provide Pre-Paid Credit Cards to Illegal Aliens

    The liberal fucktards on the federal level will fund this stupidity soon so if we can't get fair elections it won't matter what state you move to. Our debt will keep getting bigger while they shit on Americans to help illegals.
  16. Apeman

    NYC Launches $53 Million Pilot Program to Provide Pre-Paid Credit Cards to Illegal Aliens

    Migrants confessed to The Post in the days after that they would rather cook in their hotel rooms because the provided meals were so “bad.” Then go the fuck home and cook in your own country.
  17. Apeman

    Judge rules California background check, anti-importation rules for ammo unconstitutional

    You know shits bad if someone makes this comment
  18. Apeman

    New York’s New Red Flag Gun Grab

    That won't happen because of the double standard in this state and country. The elite have rights but we don't.
  19. Apeman

    New York Changed Laws to Enable Crackpot E. Jean Carroll to Sue Trump

    I don't understand that bullshit. I had to sit for jury selection a few years ago. The plaintiffs attorney gave his speech about why we were there and then said it's up to the jury to award what they asked for, nothing, or more than they were asking. WTF? Why should they get more?
  20. Apeman

    Hochul proposes repeal of marijuana ‘potency tax’

    I'm shocked that the twatwaffle is actually considering removing a tax on NYs even if it makes sense to do it.
  21. Apeman

    German Farmers Begin 8 Day Massive Protest Against Increased Government Taxation and Alarmist Climate Agenda

    The left won't change and they don't care who starves. What's really pissing people off is all these governments crying poverty and claiming they need more taxes from us and then giving our money to other countries and illegals while their own citizens go without. This has become a worldwide issue.
  22. Apeman

    License to own guns on the chopping block… Gun License challenge ACCEPTED in Circuit Court. .. 4th

    I don't see why he'd need an "escape" plan. Put it in the will that you're leaving your guns to "joe" who is an out of state friend or family member. Then the executor just transfers them out of state. When the son is old enough transfer them back. Or if you have a friend in NY with a permit...
  23. Apeman

    Post office ban going down ?

    Maybe I'm wrong but I think that got struck down. I don't know the case but I'm pretty sure someone won the right to keep a gun in their vehicle in the parking lot.
  24. Apeman

    Post office ban going down ?

    He's right. A basic security guard with no gun standing at a metal detector isn't enough. Anyone that wants to shoot up a crowd will just shoot the guard and walk in.
  25. Apeman

    New York and California consider wealth tax

    From an article yesterday The tax would also apply to nonresidents who have recently left the state. You can check out of the state, but you would still have to pay California’s wealth tax if you do. I don't see this happening. You can't pass a law tomorrow and punish someone under that law...
  26. Apeman

    New York and California consider wealth tax

    The NY budget is as balanced as her diet is.
  27. Apeman

    Wayne LaPierre resigns

    What's funny is this is from an article about that twat suing the NRA "The lawsuit accuses the NRA of violating multiple laws including false reporting of annual filings with the IRS and New York’s charities bureau, improperly documenting expenses, improper wage and income tax reporting and...
  28. Apeman

    Mayor Eric Adams issues executive order aimed at migrant buses

    Yup. It shows just how fucked up our government is when illegals have more rights than citizens
  29. Apeman

    Hersey’s is being sue for 5 million because lack of artistic details on its candies

    You're right about the packaging vs actual item and Hershey screwed up. It's ridiculous tthough that any judge would allow a lawsuit for this amount to even proceed. Give her $500 and an apology then pull the candy off the shelves until you fix either the candy or the packaging. It's that...
  30. Apeman

    Assault Weapon Ban Challenge

    The attorneys for the state officials also contended that the lawsuit should be dismissed because the individuals have not proved that they have “suffered an injury-in-fact.” Just not being able to buy the same gun that 90% of Americans can buy is an infringement and unconstitutional. The...
  31. Apeman

    Mayor Eric Adams issues executive order aimed at migrant buses

    There's so much bullshit in this article. “I’m proud to be here with my fellow mayors to call on the federal government to do their part with one voice and to tell Texas Governor Abbott to stop the games and use of migrants as potential as political pawns,” Adams said The feds should do their...
  32. Apeman

    We have to make changes’: Commission would look to pinpoint why New Yorkers leaving

    "Santabarbara said he believes Democrats will accept the proposed changes because both parties will be committed to working together on solutions." That's hilarious I agree with you. Here's what will happen. They'll push their narrative instead of the truth and "make changes". Then when the...
  33. Apeman

    California pay increase leads to mass layoffs This is just one of many that will happen. These idiots either don't care or don't understand that some businesses...
  34. Apeman

    Texas begins flying migrants from southern border to Chicago — the first plane carried over 120 people

    Good. They deserve it. I read something the other day that city leaders said they don't care if their residents vote to no longer be a sanctuary city they'll still be one because the city leaders want to be. That's fucked up. Your constituents overwhelmingly vote for something and you tell them...
  35. Apeman

    NY candidates pressed by WFP to support $40 billion tax hike, voting rights for asylum-seekers

    I don't think the "working families party" actually has working families in it. Everything they want will hurt the average family. Unfortunately too many people believe their bullshit and will vote for them.
  36. Apeman

    So with some assumptions, how would you believe the future plays out?

    I don't think DeSantis has a chance of winning the general election at all. He's made it a personal battle to go after Disney and I'd compare that to our bloated AG going after Trump and the NRA. It's pissed off both sides because of the time and money wasted on a personal agenda. He reduced the...
  37. Apeman

    Governor signs bill allowing Syracuse’s deer culling program to target more animals

    I'm not implying that people are in danger. It's the noise and nuisance of having them that close to your house.
  38. Apeman

    Governor signs bill allowing Syracuse’s deer culling program to target more animals

    That's not what I meant. It doesn't matter who authorized this or if the cops know. How pissed would you be if someone started shooting 250' from your house in the middle of the night? Even during the day if they start popping them in someone's neighborhood it's going to cause an issue. I...
  39. Apeman

    Governor signs bill allowing Syracuse’s deer culling program to target more animals

    Funny how they get to use everything we can't AND get to hunt at night. I bet they aren't limited to 5 round mags either. A suppressed rifle 250 ft from a building is still going to be loud I hope they get 1000 calls from pissed off residents that are bothered by the shooting so close to them
  40. Apeman

    Hunter (Biden) indicted on 9 tax charges

    I don't give a shit what he spent his money on. It's his to waste. I'm sick of this two tiered justice system and the do as I say not as I do bullshit. These elite assfucks need to be held to the same laws the public is held to - no exceptions. It was bullshit all those years ago when Wesley...
  41. Apeman

    Hunter (Biden) indicted on 9 tax charges I'm sure he'll weasel his way out of them. In a fiery response, defense attorney Abbe Lowell accused Weiss of “bowing to Republican pressure" in the case. “Based on the facts and the law, if Hunter’s last name was...
  42. Apeman

    NY schools given five years to buy electric buses

    Good luck splitting routes unless you're in better shape than we are with drivers. Saratoga barely has enough drivers as it is. At the beginning of the school year they put out an email saying if a driver couldn't work there might be a route canceled and they'd let parents know as soon as...
  43. Apeman

    Judge Rules Contents of Seth Rich Laptop Must Be Released…

    Whether it's a time frame or an actual order to turn it over it doesn't matter. Anytime there's an order to produce evidence that could get the left in trouble they're given a future date to hand it over. Then there's an accident and the evidence disappears. It's the same bullshit story with...
  44. Apeman

    New York City Mayor Eric Adams Accused of Sexual Assault in Legal Filing

    Why not? Let's just throw out common sense with all the laws the left doesn't like. Here's how I look at it If something really happened to you it sucks and you should have the right to go after someone. Just not this long after. I've never been it that situation and don't know anyone that...
  45. Apeman

    New York City Mayor Eric Adams Accused of Sexual Assault in Legal Filing

    New York Adult Survivors Act before its one-year window to sue closed Thursday. The law, which Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul signed in May 2022, created the one-year window for people who were 18 years or older at the time of an alleged offense to file a lawsuit against their alleged abusers and...
  46. Apeman

    Newsom meeting with Xi in China

    He's probably trying to get China to ramp up their factories so the US can import more products instead of making them here. Then when US factoies close Newsome can say the US is fighting global warming by closing unneeded factories that produce carbon. These idiots can't possibly be stupid...
  47. Apeman

    Support for Hamas on social media has exploded lately

    Isreal has probably done some shitty things to Palestinians. Maybe they deserved it or maybe they didn't. Not my call - I don't live there and see what happens every day. To me it doesn't matter. What Hamas did to start this is inexcusable. You don't attack a giant group of civilians and kill...
  48. Apeman

    Stopped vehicle in the lane leads to DWI and gun arrest

    Which is horseshit if you're sleeping it off in the backseat in the bars parking lot. Or you recline the passenger seat and sleep there. Even if someone takes responsibility and chooses not to drive they get screwed. Now most vehicles use fobs and push button start so as long as the fob is...
  49. Apeman

    Connecticut Limits Number of Handguns Law-Abiding Citizens Can Purchase in a month

    They've proven it often enough that they need to change their plates to unconstitution state