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    Governor Hochul announced she will be signing a bill aimed at giving reparations for slavery.

    Its like liberals want to bankrupt the state they represent .
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    State slavery reparations commission passes with bipartisan support

    Will I get a discount on my taxes because our house was used in the Underground Railroad ?
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    National Fuel pushback against gas ban

    If my furnace or water heater craps out after 2030 I’ll just go to PA and get what I need . Doesn’t say anything about not being able to replace in existing home .
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    NYS is on the same path energy wise as CA with having brownouts/blackouts

    If one does not have a generator , get one . I’m having a transfer switch installed in my main line this spring . I run extension cords from the generator now but it gets old .
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    So, what is going on? Five mass shootings in a matter of a few days...

    Biden’s classified documents , this gets MSM off of talking about them .
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    PSA - Remember to check your pistol permit recertification date Go in a see , click on check recertification status
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    PSA - Remember to check your pistol permit recertification date

    Just went in a did the wife’s PP renewal , and rechecked mine and don’t forget it’s every 3 yrs now so mine was 2027 now due in 25 . 10 more years and I’m gone out of this mother f*#kin state .
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    All things Midterms/Primaries

    We were discussing this monday at work , I mentioned that most moving out of this state were conservatives . I just had a gut feeling he wouldn’t beat the hag . But I suppose we could look at the flip side , he came that close with less republicans
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    All things Midterms/Primaries

    And yet again we can’t out vote the cities, 10 years till retirement and we’re gone . I hope it flys by …
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    All things Midterms/Primaries

    Wife and I voted , go Zeldin..
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    Joe Bye-din is still pretty unpopular (outside of here too)

    The glaring number in the presidential job approval rate is Trumps 40% to Biden’s 42% . President Trump had 24/7 fake bad press , where’s Brandon the press covers up all they can for him, and he still can’t get his percentage up.
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    Debt in NYS reaches highest level

    51 years old and 100% debt free ..
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    Hochel says republicans should leave From the article .. Ironically if all 3.27 million Trump voters in NY voted for @leezeldin in November, it would be enough votes to beat Kathy Hochul," author and podcast...
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    DONE Lee 38/357 4 die set

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    DONE Lee 38/357 4 die set

    I bought these as bulk purchase , die’s look good $40 tyd .
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    PSA - pistol permit recertification

    Yep , get pulled over trooper runs your license and your pistols come up .
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    PSA - pistol permit recertification

    Since we’re in a new year check your due date on your recertification . Gotta love NY and our unsafe act .. Colossal PIA , and I feel sorry for those with a large collection .
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    PSA - vote no , on prop’s 1-3-4 tomorrow
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    Rob Astorino running for Governor of NYS.

    I voted for Astorino last time a wet rag is better than governor cumhole
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    Hit the range this morning with my 10mm & 44 mag

    I like the 10 just have to get used to it, my first semi .I reload so I’m set for a time on shooting .
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    Hit the range this morning with my 10mm & 44 mag

    Are you missing a part on the 10mm Ha ha yep, I had field striped the 10 then decide to take the photo
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    Hit the range this morning with my 10mm & 44 mag

    I’m shooting my 10mm in our outdoor pistol league and it’s going ok, this revolver guy needed some extra trigger time with her. Counting this morning it’s the 5th time shooting it, I really needed to sight it in a bit better and I believe I dialed it in. So as long as I do my part Wednesday...
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    Anyone hunt with their handguns ?

    Been hunting with my 44 super redhawk for years , I picked up a 1911 in 10mm last year and I’d like to take that on a hog hunt . So tell me whatcha got ..
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    Hey guys

    Not to far away Steuben county here .
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    Hey guys

    Hello from the southern tier ..