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    ambidextrous charging handle deal $9.99

    They're not smooth at all, rather gritty feeling. And they're still on sale.
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    M1 Carbines A Go In NY?

    If you remove the bayonet lug (use a type 1 or 1a band), why would it still need to be registered?
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    SAFE Act prohibited rifles

    Thanks for the clarification!
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    SAFE Act prohibited rifles

    A while ago I had looked on the NY Safe Act website to determine what is considered an assault weapon. They had a handy little workflow where you answer questions and they determine for you if a rifle is or is not considered an assault weapon. I looked at the same website today. The workflow is...
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    Nothing says Christmas like a body armor sale.

    Are their carriers durable?
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    Gun Humor thread

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    SOLD Spike's 9mm stripped lower receiver

    Confirmed sold so far just need to do the transaction.
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    SOLD Spike's 9mm stripped lower receiver

    Dropped it again
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    So there was a democratic debate tonight?

    I remember it. My wife and friends were directly affected by it.
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    SOLD Spike's 9mm stripped lower receiver

    price drop
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    SOLD Spike's 9mm stripped lower receiver

    The Spike's Tactical Spider 9mm Lower is the perfect foundation for a pistol-caliber carbine build. Fully compatible with most standard AR-15 parts, this lower includes a proprietary magazine catch assembly, ejector factory installed, and last round bolt hold open functionality. Features the...
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    New site not working with TapaTalk

    Nothing but blank pages
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    SOLD Spike's 9mm stripped lower receiver

    Never fired Spike's Tactical 9mm Spider stripped lower receiver. I had mounted a Thordsen stock and buffer tube but decided to go with a MAG-ADMP9 instead so I could use my S&W magazines. This will only accept Glock magazines. In person sale at an FFL in lower Dutchess to mid-Westchester County...
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    SOLD Bucket of Remington 40S&W 300 rounds

    I thought I grabbed 3 buckets of 9mm, I guess I only grabbed 2 :banghead: 300 rounds of Remington 40S&W 180 grain FMJ. Pickup local to Southern Dutchess and south to mid-Westchester County. $75
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    WTB Thordsen stock

    PM inbound
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    WTB Thordsen stock

    I have a one if you're still interested.
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    2nd AR Build

    I thought about EndoMag but a few reviews indicated if there is any upward pressure on the magazine (shooting from a prone position), it would interfere with the built-in ejector. Trying to find the video now. I opted to go with a MAG-ADMP9 instead. I get to use my S&W magazines and not have to...