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  1. Drinkthekoolaid

    MAGA President Trump issues clemency/pardons to decorated military members Thank you president Trump for respecting the military and having appreciation for needing hard men to keep us safe and do our dirty work on our behalf. War is ugly. We don't need...
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    Pro gun Democrats?

    I'm just wondering with the Democrats all tripping over each other to see who can be the most anti gun and pro confiscation, aren't there some pro gun pro 2a (non fudd) Democrat voters out there? I remember when we took a peek at that other board that will remain nameless that there were many...
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    Beto campaign on mandatory buy back

    Beto O’Rourke says AK-47 and AR-15 owners will ‘have to sell them to the government’ if he becomes president He's on record again stating his intention to force America to give up our rifles.
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    What do you do?

    Hypothetical Right now, wherever you are reading this the power suddenly goes out. There are zero communications available, cell phones are down and no internet. Vehicles don't seem to be affected and function as normal but gas stations are down not operating. This all happened suddenly and...
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    Magnet fishing

    Man pulls Uzi submachine gun out of a pond with magnet and rope So who's up for some magnet fishing?? ;)
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    Going to visit TN

    I'm going to visit Tennessee and the great smoky mountains next month. I'm pretty excited so I'm trying to plan ahead and learn about the state. I just went to their state website Reciprocity And found the following- Tennessee now recognizes a facially valid handgun permit, firearms...
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    Prophetic prediction to destroy America.

    Gov. Richard Lamm: My plan to destroy America This was written in 2006. It's pretty much a road map for where we are today. Very prophetic. I also remember seeing this a few years ago and it seems very relevant with modern America. It's a former KGB agent being interviewed in 1984...
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    Was there an attempted mass shooting in TX?

    I feel like I don't remember hearing about this attempted mass shooting that's referenced the the video/memes. (I'm probably not remembering it because a good guy with a gun stopped him so the media just went silent on it) Anyways an interesting take to mock shooters
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    Don't mess with Grandma

    Alabama granny grabs her gun, helps take down suspect Well done. Another successful use of firearms. Imagine the potential outcome of she wasn't able to use her rifle.
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    Virginia is starting to turn

    'The nation is watching': Virginia governor orders special session on gun control after Virginia Beach shootings Are they getting their safe act??
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    Islamic attack on Catholic church in burkina faso

    Just another day where islamic barbarians slaughter Christians at church and in 6 hours it will never be mentioned again. Gunmen kill six during Catholic mass in Burkina Faso
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    An ominous feeling

    I don't know why or what but I've felt very unsettled lately. I can't explain it but I feel like my subconscious is picking up on things that I either am not comprehending or connecting the dots on. I just have a feeling like something not so good is going to happen soon. Anyone else...
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    Pig epidemic

    "An Estimated 150-200 Million Pigs" Have Been Hit By A Global Plague Of Biblical Proportions This is getting very little mention in the media but seems like it could be a problem.
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    America in decline

    Another good and thoughtful video on what has been going on in this country.
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    Venezuela grid down

    Any of you guys following this? The grid suddenly went down Nationwide. It's making a bad situation into a shitshow. Chaos as machines fail, patients die, in Venezuela blackout I know most people here especially this sub forum can guess what's going to happen. It's getting worse by the...
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    YouTube video. At a crossroads

    I came across this channel and video. Well worth 10 minutes of your time to watch and ponder. Very good video. I had also never heard the "4 boxes" line before. Love it. Hope you guys get something out of this I thought it was worth sharing.
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    Inbred leftists confuse statues, destroy wrong one

    This is what happens when public schooling fails and idiots are indoctrinated. Statue vandals seem to have mistaken WWII hero for Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, museum officials say I'm really getting angry at trying to destroy history. The worst about this is that they were too stupid to...
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    Spec ops real world raid or training? in downtown LA

    I haven't seen this oosted here but I've seen some interesting videos on YouTube. Looks like a few days ago there was either the most real world training in a downtown American city or a live op. Looks like possibly Delta and the 160th nightstalkers, and maybe even wearing hazmat suits?? The...
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    Beretta APX series

    I'm starting to think about my next pistol purchase and I'm trying to put some thought into it. I want to basically pick one pistol family and stick with it. I like the idea of common mags, parts, swapping modules etc. I am considering GLOCK, Beretta APX, CZ P10 and maybe sig320 although I'm...
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    New William Forstchen book

    I just found out that there is a new release Dr. William Forstchen book "48 hours". The premise is the government receives 48 hours notice of a massive CME that will wipe out the grid, and all the resulting deliberations, emergency decisions, public disclosure, what to do, resource allocation...
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    What really happened at the bush funeral?

    Well one thing led to another and a few drinks latee i ended up down the YouTube rabbithole... And came across this I thought the video was super interesting and the body language expert tried to analyze what was happening. IMO there is definitely something going on but I'm not sure what...
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    .22LR pistols

    Who owns a .22lr pistol? Has it helped you improve your shooting? What do you own? I am trying to decide where to go for my next pistol (unfortunately I'm not made of money so I'm on a budet). I want MANY pistols but I think I've settled on getting 1 per year. I currently own a walther...
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    Carrying in rochester?

    I'm going to visit the strong museum of play and museum of science. I know rochester has a few weird laws for long guns. Any special considerations for carry?
  24. Drinkthekoolaid

    What's next? Where do we go from here?

    I've been doing some pondering lately... I increasingly think events and the future of our nation are turning very chaotic and hang in the balance. I just read this piece by sheriff Clarke Wanted: New Conservative Fighters Its true. We are in a political civil war for the soul of this...
  25. Drinkthekoolaid

    Another EMP story

    I know most of you guys here already know this but I still thought this was worth sharing Military warns EMP attack could wipe out America, 'democracy, world order'
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    Russia vs. Ukraine ?

    NOW: Naval Battle Shaping up Between Ukraine and Russia at Kerch Straight Bridge Russia blocks Ukrainian navy from entering Sea of Azov - Russian state TV | Reuters The Latest: Ukraine: Russia opens fire...
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    Another syria gas attack?

    Breaking early reports of another chlorine attack. Not being reported in many outlets yet. This could be very bad news. Syria state TV: 50 injured in rebel poison gas attack
  28. Drinkthekoolaid

    War in israel?

    Typo, title should read "war in Israel?" Looks like SHTF is going on in israel right now ONGOING: 500 MISSILES/MORTARS FIRED INTO ISRAEL FROM GAZA **TODAY; ISRAELI ARMOR BEING MOVED TO GAZA; ALL IDF RESERVES ACTIVATED
  29. Drinkthekoolaid

    Trump and Putin

    This is going to sound a little out there... But I think it would be pretty sweet if there were some back channel communications being formed and trying to develop and alliance with Russia. I trust Russia more than China or the EU. At least I know where Russia stands, we don't need to agree on...
  30. Drinkthekoolaid

    "Cyber war" with russia

    Anytime I see stories like this it catches my curiosity The Pentagon has prepared a cyberattack against Russia First, I find it shameful this info would be leaked publicly Second, I think it's just a matter of time until someone uses the internet for some very creative and harmful purpose.
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    Active shooter, pittsburgh synagogue

    Sounds like a "mass shooting" at a synagogue. At least 7 shot, multiple KIA, officers down and suspect is reportedly barricaded inside
  32. Drinkthekoolaid

    gun choices

    I'm just curious how those of you in the preparedness forum view gun purchases. Do you guys make gun decisions based on prepping ideas? Have you bought specific guns, calibers, types of guns with prepping in mind as part of an overall strategy? Etc.. I'm just curious what you guys think. My...
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    Portland OR is becoming a lawless cesspool

    Portland residents' fury at mayor after clashes at protest over police shooting | Daily Mail Online The citizens need to issue a mayoral recall and regain control of the city. Its completely out of control.
  34. Drinkthekoolaid

    Attempted ricin assasinations

    Ricin is sent to Trump: Third envelope containing poison intercepted | Daily Mail Online Thank God the letters were intercepted. Events are beginning to get escalate. The left's hatred is really being exposed. This story which amounts to a credible assasination attempt on the Secretary of...
  35. Drinkthekoolaid

    The fate of the signers of the declaration of independence

    In times like these where there is so much chaos, turmoil, deceit, corruption and conspiracy, and at every turn more people are exposed for undermining our repiblic, it might be worth taking a minute of your time to read what ever happened to those who signed the declaration of independence and...
  36. Drinkthekoolaid

    Is anything going to happen?? (arrests, indictments etc..)

    To be honest I'm losing faith that anything is ever going to happen to these left wing agitators and deep state traitors. I've heard all about the alleged 50,000 sealed federal indictments against the deep state etc.. I just don't see it happening. Hillary/onama and their crew are never...
  37. Drinkthekoolaid

    Know anything about west virginia?

    After returning from myrtle beach and driving through west Virginia I started thinking... Its climate is more moderate than ours It has some of the lowest population density on the east coast Its still a reasonable drive back home to visit if desired Seems like abundant resources of...
  38. Drinkthekoolaid

    Antifa trying to form a red army

    Wtf man? Antifa Terrorists Forming A Red Army, Say They Want Civil War They are becoming emboldened by being condoned by propoganda pushers CNN, Politicians, professors etc.. How long until the shooting starts?
  39. Drinkthekoolaid

    Another muslim terrorist caught posing as a refugee

    Suspected ISIS member accused of killing Iraqi police officer is captured in Sacramento, officials say An ISIS member who executed an Iraqi police officer was caught in Sacramento. These "refugees" do not belong here. Period. We don't need this in our country. Remember this the next time...
  40. Drinkthekoolaid

    President Trump just being himself

    WATCH: President Trump STUNS Group of Firefighters By Stopping His Motorcade to Thank Them Super cool story. Super awesome. Makes me so glad to see. Obviously been totally ignored by the media because it doesn't fit the narrative but shows how genuine he is. MAGA
  41. Drinkthekoolaid

    Bio/virus attacks or pandemics

    I'm just curious how much you guys think of or worry over a biological pandemic or deliberate attack? Its something I guess I'm becoming more concerned about. What have you guys who have been interested in this topic learned so far that is valuable to share? Where is a good place to start...
  42. Drinkthekoolaid

    Aug 4th portland rally

    Just came across this story It Could All Begin On August 4th: This Flashpoint Could Cause A Chain Reaction Nationwide That Spreads Like Wildfire Things may get interesting. antifa/blm goons claiming they are going to arm up for this rally. Proud boys are trying to get more participants as well.
  43. Drinkthekoolaid

    Singer Eric church = anti 2a and NRA

    Country star Eric Church blames NRA and gun lobbyists for Las Vegas mass shooting Well this sucks. I really likerd you Eric, but I'm done now. Congrats you just pissed off the majority of your fans. Your career will now become irrelevant.
  44. Drinkthekoolaid

    Bleeding kansas 2.0 / current political climate

    So this post is Going to be long. But I'm typing it from my phone and it's probably going to be poorly organized and have frequent mis-spellings. I have been reading and absorbing all this chatter, gossip about the new cold civil war. And I've also recently read up on civil war one. I've been...
  45. Drinkthekoolaid

    Erie county arrest

    This guy was obviously breaking multiple laws but got a safe act felony added in for good measure. Police: Man found with drugs, guns and ammo after car gets stuck on train tracks The reason I'm posting it was on the morning news the police chiefs explanation of what made it an assault rifle...
  46. Drinkthekoolaid

    Do you support marijuana legalization?

    Just curious where posters here stand on this issue, I'm voting yes I'm in favor of legalization and no I'm not a pot smoker either so I have no personal interest in this. IMO treat it just the same as alcohol.
  47. Drinkthekoolaid

    Another ebola outbreak

    WHO Prepares For "Worst Case" As Congo Ebola Outbreak Spreads It sounds like there is another growing ebola outbreak. This one is getting closer to the capital city of 1.2 million people. Something to keep an eye on. I haven't seen it reported anywhere else yet.
  48. Drinkthekoolaid

    IWB carry

    What are some methods you guys use for IWB carry either with a tucked or untucked shirt? What has worked well? What hasn't? Any advice?
  49. Drinkthekoolaid

    Old but timely

    I came across this posted on another forum Bracken: What I Saw At The Coup Its an old short story. Many of you have probably read it before I'm sure, but I suggest read it again. I did, and with all the government and deep state corruption and main stream news/propoganda wing clearly exposed...