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  1. maverick52

    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    This went really well. We should take note and be ready for the next round of unsafe laws. Unfortunately from what I read it won’t make a difference in Richmond. The Dems are still going through with their plans. But today’s success showed one important thing- the solidarity among 2a supporters...
  2. maverick52

    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    I think the sensible thing for all good patriots to do is stay out of Richmond. Ain’t nothing good coming of this. Another strategy is needed. This should go to court and be appealed to SCOTUS. Every state that is pushing these kind of regulations should be sued and taken to court. If we flood...
  3. maverick52

    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)
  4. maverick52

    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    The whole point of the article from ammoland is that this is exactly what the VA gov wants. They want a total shit show so they can say see I told ya so.
  5. maverick52

    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    This coming from Ammoland
  6. maverick52

    Magpul Backpacker Stock for Ruger PCC

    It’s about time. Can’t wait to upgrade my PC9
  7. maverick52

    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    We are headed towards some type of breakdown. Not sure how it plays out. Unlike first civil war which was regional with the mason dixon line as the boundary this battle is ubiquitous. It’s more a clash of ideas and clash of cultures. Call it rural vs urban, progressive vs traditional. In the end...
  8. maverick52

    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    While I hate to admit it, it’s looking more like this is going to be a total shit show. No doubt Herr Cuomo will be watching very closely to see the outcome and taking notes.
  9. maverick52

    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    Governor of VA already declared state of emergency. Media is running stories that this is an alt right movement. While most people here are good Americans, we can expect some assholes to mess it up. Then the media will turn it on us. I also would’ the surprised if there are agent provocateurs there
  10. maverick52

    Virginia Democrat Shows His Hand: Labels 2A supporters as Mentally Ill

    What they do is demonize any opposition to their views by broadstroking their opponents with labels. Hate speech, racism, mentally ill. It basically shuts down any conversation. I know many on this forum (including myself) long for the day to leave NY. But what’s happening in VA...
  11. maverick52

    Virginia Democrat Shows His Hand: Labels 2A supporters as Mentally Ill

    If this ain’t eye opening. Read this everyone. This is how it’s going down. If you express your disagreement with these guys they simply label you as mentally ill red flag you and confiscate. This is how it’s going down. Democrat labels 2A Supporters as mentally ill.
  12. maverick52

    What's your EDC handgun?

    I alternate between Glock 19 and a Sig P365.
  13. maverick52

    How can NY Gun Owners of different backgrounds and priorities better advance gun rights?

    Agenda 21..written by Glen Beck some years ago basically outlines that this is exactly the plan of leftists.
  14. maverick52

    Democrat Bill Mandates Licensing of All Virginia AR-15 Owners

    Lay the blame also on the Republicans too who claim they are for gun rights but won’t move a damn finger to stop this shit. Why doesn’t Trump sign an executive order? How come when the R’s had the house and senate they couldn’t pass no bills to protect gun rights? And the conservative majority...
  15. maverick52

    Virginia Vows to Shut Down All Ranges Not Owned By The State

    Well this gets more interesting every day. Between NY, CA and now VA they are all competing to see who can strip away all 2A rights the quickest! God speed to the partiots there and their uphill battle. This may come here next here Virginia wants to shut down all ranges not owned by the state
  16. maverick52

    Herr Cuomo Kicks Off New Year with New Ban On All Gun Parts

    Connecticut is looking better every day. Cheaper taxes and gun laws are not as bad. I’d rather commute to work than continue to live under this POS dictator.
  17. maverick52

    Herr Cuomo Kicks Off New Year with New Ban On All Gun Parts

    Ban on gun parts
  18. maverick52

    Posing in Monsey with High cap mags and non compliant guns

    Every house of worship should have armed members. Pastors and Rabbis should have full carries. Start putting bullets in these attackers and they will think twice.
  19. maverick52

    Texas church shooting live stream

    I am glad to see this killer taken down. In my church there are three of us that carry and are prepared for such a situation. Every church should have members who carry.
  20. maverick52

    Question: Wooster Mountain CT

    I want to go up to Wooster Mountain in Danbury for a range day. Anyone have any experience? Can you shoot a pistol there without a CT pistol license? Do they let you shoot an “other” there? My friend lives up there and we want to have a range day together. Any feedback is appreciated.
  21. maverick52

    Finally Got the POF Constable “Other”

    There is no consensus from what I’ve seen. I decided to purchase the Constable because Patriot Ordinance Firearms has a reputation as a quality gun manufacturer. All of their firearms fetch high prices and are high quality builds. I never built an AR and didn’t want to take a chance. The stamp...
  22. maverick52

    Remington 700 6.5 cm "Little Monster "

    Nice range report. What range were you shooting at in the pics?
  23. maverick52

    Finally Got the POF Constable “Other”

    After much deliberation I finally picked up the constable. I sighted and shot it today. What a beauty. Set me back 1300 but Merry Christmas to me!
  24. maverick52

    Can a friend fire my handgun legally with no permit?

    One of the dumbest laws in NYS. Even in NJ they let you rent and fire handguns at a range if you don’t have a permit. Most states require you to pass a target shooting test before receiving a permit. Only in NY. On top of that you cannot take possession of a handgun you purchase until your local...
  25. maverick52

    * BREAKING NEWS * Man shot and killed in Poughkeepsie

    After invoking his right to remain silent he walked away until the grand jury deliberated. That’s how it’s supposed to be done. Never talk. Let’s hope grand jury decides not to prosecute
  26. maverick52

    Glock Announcement.. Speculation?

    Well that came and went with a whimper. I just bought an M&P Shield 22 Compact for $249 at PSA for target practice and plinking. I can’t see $400 for a Glock 22lr. I’m saving for a 43x instead
  27. maverick52

    Bloomberg’s Gun Plan Revealed

    Today Mike Bloomberg revealed his gun control plan if he gets elected: Reinstate the federal ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. -- Require every gun buyer to obtain a permit before making a purchase. -- Require point-of-sale background checks on all gun purchases while closing...
  28. maverick52

    POF “Other” rifle

    I’m being serious. I’m thinking of getting one. If It gets banned and have to pin the mag or neuter it, I feel like it’s a waste of money. I see NJ, CT and CA all essentially approved it. But with Cuomo one can never be sure. You guys know more than I do, I’m a newbie and am trying to get some...
  29. maverick52

    POF “Other” rifle

    What happens when King Coumo expands the SAFE act and bans these? Will previous owners be grandfathered? Register? Or modify to make compliant?
  30. maverick52

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized

    Where is the dislike button? Cmon man be more optimistic!
  31. maverick52

    Today is the day.. SCOTUS hearing the NY 2A case

    I have little confidence in Roberts to do the right thing. His track record has proven as much.
  32. maverick52

    When adding the fifth pistol to a Westchester County permit.

    Here’s my question for those with experience. I want to add my fifth pistol to my license. I known that at that point a detective will come to the home to inspect the premises. How does that work? Is it random? Do you make an appointment? Are they flexible on day and time? Thanks
  33. maverick52

    Retired LEO Fired from Job for Carrying

    Retired NYPD officer fired from Yonkers movie theater for possessing firearm
  34. maverick52

    Why is burning a pride flag a hate crime yet burning the American flag free speech?

    Why? Because the left hates America and loves gay people. Simple.
  35. maverick52

    NY and CT compliant "Other Firearm" Delta Level Defense.

    I’d really like to get the CT4-2A but it’s got a high price tag and based on what I read here I am not so sure I would go to jail, but I am concerned one day they will be outlawed and I will have to turn them in. I just don't have $1600 to burn. I’d rather get a $500 AR on sale at PSA or...
  36. maverick52

    POF “Other” rifle

    If they are selling at Blueline then I’m sure you’d have no problem shooting one at their range. RT Gun and Smoke is selling the DLD “other” like crazy too. Down here is Westchester it seems like no one cares. BTW - what was blueline charging for the POF?
  37. maverick52

    SOLD Mini 14 Stainless Ranch

    Does it take 556 too? 10 round mags? How much would you sell for?
  38. maverick52

    Daily deal PSA AR for $449

    Pardon my ignorance. How do you get a Ruger 556 shipped to NY? Or the PSA ar? I would love to buy that gun. Does the Ffl pin the mag?
  39. maverick52

    F/S Sig P226

    I live in Westchester...would be willing to drive up to see it and buy it. PM me the best way to contact you.
  40. maverick52

    WTB Looking for Glock 19 frame (gen 4 or 5)

    Thanks. I’ve been checking them out. Does anyone know if a frame has to be registered?
  41. maverick52

    WTB Looking for Glock 19 frame (gen 4 or 5)

    Hey all. I have a g45 and am looking to purchase a g19 frame for versatility. I believe gen 4 or gen 5 frames will fit the slide.