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  1. Baugo

    Security camera and light placement/upgrade options thread

    Have you considered placing trailcams at a lower level? Probably not an option at the sidewalk but along the drive and by the garage it might work.
  2. Baugo

    canned goods shortage in NY?

    From what I gathered..the shortage is due to a bad SPRING harvest in the warmer climates... the concern is that the droughts and floods we're currently seeing will impact the FALL harvest as well..compounding the problem. I don't get out of my AO much so I'm just trying to confirm if it was a...
  3. Baugo

    canned goods shortage in NY?

    Has anyone noticed lower than normal canned vegetable inventories at your local grocery stores? Shelves here at our local IN stores are about half full. There are a couple sites talking about this...supposedly the shortage is due to a bad spring harvest.
  4. Baugo

    Catastrophic Growing Seasons Worldwide - Grand Solar Minimum "Trainwreck"

    About 80% of the fields are planted here in my area of Indiana.. they went in late and there is still a relatively large amount of acreage that won't be planted this year. Most of the corn around here is used for ethanol or popcorn so I'm not sure what that means for food prices overall.
  5. Baugo

    Ham Two Way Radio !

    Wow...thanks for the heads up...this is a big deal and I hope the other 2 ITU regions can stop this stupid proposal. FCC will enforce ITU regs.
  6. Baugo

    We Never Could Have Imagined (or Prepped For) What Actually Happened in Venezuela

    I think the majority of US preppers will be separated from their long-term food and supplies long before they really need them. I'm not convinced that we'll ever see absolute chaos suddenly break out in America unless the grid is destroyed and technology is useless. Seems like the US economy...
  7. Baugo

    Here's how it's going to happen...

    3 Things That Happened Just Before The Crisis Of 2008 That Are Happening Again Right Now
  8. Baugo

    Here's how it's going to happen...

    Great thread... My bet is the continued slow decline in our quality of life punctuated by recessions and regional unrest. Cheap energy is key to growth and that ship has sailed. I keep hearing about how great our economy is doing, seems like it depends where you live and what your job is. I'm...
  9. Baugo

    wheat berries in storage for ten years

    This was posted on another forum...a forgotten bucket of wheat berries was found and the author posted his results. How long do wheat berries last…10 year storage test results
  10. Baugo

    gun choices

    I used to buy like that until 2008.. since then I have whittled it down to IN hunting calibers only. I'm just not convinced that chaos will break out in my area. And IMO if it does, we'll be leaving with what we can carry out of here (if we still have that option). 45ACP is the only...
  11. Baugo

    Ham Two Way Radio !

    Hi Folks, I'm the new guy.Thank you to Drinksthekoolaid for pointing me here... I just read that the FCC has notified the US baofeng dealers that their VHF/UHF radios must be made compliant to our regs. So from now on these radios will only be able to transmit on ham, GMRS and MURS freqs. I...