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  1. That_FNG

    Pistol questions

    Got some pistol questions for a friend of mine. He has an AR15 type lower that he purchased as an other last year. He has never built it into anything. Now he is thinking that he would like to build an AR15 pistol. How does he add to his permit something he has already possessed? second...
  2. That_FNG

    WTB NEF shotgun stock

    Looking to buy a stock for my NEF pardner single shot 12 gauge shotgun. Been all over the internet, but trying to decipher if a topper stock, pardner pump stock, H&R single shot stock will fit my gun is confusing as shit. If anyone has one that will fit I am looking for one. I’m trying to...
  3. That_FNG

    How light could you make an ar pistol?

    so me and buddy got to thinking, with all the use of available polymer and carbon fiber in AR15, how light could you make an AR15? I saw forgotten weapons video on the Olympic arms ar15 pistols, specifically the one that had detachable magazine but was under 50 ounces. Since the 90’s there has...
  4. That_FNG

    What did I get? (Added a new caliber to the family)

    Added a new caliber to the family! So what caliber is it, and what did I get? Hint, it’s a bolt action.
  5. That_FNG

    F/S Ruger American 450 with extras

    Selling my ruger American in 450 bushmaster. Has a Leupold 3-9 scope on it, flip up lens covers, sling, about 60 rounds of once fired hornady brass, and 30 rounds of hornady black in 250 grain. Located in Erie county. Asking $625 for all. Must transfer thru FFL. I decided I needed something...
  6. That_FNG

    SOLD NY compliant M1A Socom 16

    Selling my NY compliant Springfield Armory Socom 16. Has a fixed magazine (done by the firing pin). Has a M14 sling, magpul angled forgrip, and rubber length of pull extender. Comes with a surplus 30 cal ammo can, 30 rounds of Winchester white box 7.62x51 nato on 5 round M14 stripper clips...
  7. That_FNG

    Black aces tactical SMax shotgun

    Got the email from them yesterday on this. Looks too good to be true. A semi auto shotgun with 18.5 barrel, walnut furniture and 6+1 capacity for $399 that cycles light loads with no problem supposedly. If it is what they say it is I am interested then. On a side note it looks a lot like a...
  8. That_FNG

    Best red dot for shotgun

    I'm looking for a red dot for shotgun in the sub $300 range. Mainly something that can take the pounding that a shotgun gives. I know aim point makes some top notch stuff, but my budget is the under $300 (ideally around $200) price point. The shotgun is mainly used for shooting 15-25 yards and...
  9. That_FNG

    Double barrel firearm

    So I was thinking about the popularity of the 12 gauge firearms as of recent (shockwave and tac14) and seeing that Remington has introduced a semi auto 12 gauge firearm and it got me thinking, why hasn’t anyone made a side by side double firearm? Like an old west coach gun. Say 14 -16 inch...
  10. That_FNG

    Why shouldn’t I get a 450 bushmaster rifle?

    like the title says, why shouldn’t I get a 450 bushmaster rifle?
  11. That_FNG

    What’s the loudest AR15 caliber?

    so I was bored at work today and got to thinking, what is the loudest caliber you can shoot out of a 16” barrel with a big muzzle brake? Like if I wanted to build an AR15 with a 16” barrel simply for the purpose of being loud and lots of muzzle flash. I’m thinking maybe 450 bushmaster or 50...
  12. That_FNG

    Looking to reload what do I need?

    So a buddy of mine decided to get out of reloading and sold me his equipment for $100. I have never reloaded before but I am now Looking to get into reloading but what else do I need? Looks like what I got is all RCBS(?) stuff. At first I would be doing just .223 and 7.62 nato. Looking to...
  13. That_FNG

    SOLD AR pistol upper $130

    Selling this for a buddy of mine. He recently decided to do a 300 blackout AR pistol instead of a 5.56 AR pistol. Has 20 rounds thru it. Asking $130. Located in suburb of Buffalo NY Specs: Chambered in 5.56 10.5” chrome lined barrel with 1:7 twist Muzzle threaded for 1/2-28 Has a 3” flash can...
  14. That_FNG

    F/S Random power tools

    Looking to sell some random power tools I bought and never used. Asking $30 for both, selling as a group only. Located in the Buffalo NY area. Got a mouse sander and an electric impact gun.
  15. That_FNG

    F/S 308 win ammo $40

    Looking to sell 60 round of 308 Winchester ammo. Asking $40. Located in Buffalo NY area
  16. That_FNG

    F/S A different SMLE (2A1 model)

    Looking to sell my (SMLE) Ishapore 2A1 rifle chambered in 7.62x51 NATO Asking $350 or best offer. This is not a 303 converted to 7.62x51. This was designed and built from the outset to fire 7.62x51 NATO. Basically in the late 1960's the Indian Armed Forces was switching over to the L1A1...
  17. That_FNG

    F/S various 12 gauge ammo

    For sale, all 12 guage Asking $50 for all. Want to sell as a group. 4 boxes of Herters 2 1/4' mini buck shot 3 boxes of Federal 2 3/4' rifled slugs 9 boxes of Winchester 2 3/4' military grade 00 buck shot 5 boxes of Estate 2 3/4' target load 4 boxes of Aguila 1 3/4' buck shot mini shells 2...
  18. That_FNG

    F/S Bushnell spotting scope

    Bought this new a few years ago and never used it. Looking to get rid of it. I don't remember the spec's on it, but I can tell you that if you want to read what is on your mailbox from a mile away it is fantastic for that lol. Asking $90
  19. That_FNG

    F/S SKS ammo and parts

    Got out of the SKS/Type 56 game and selling what I have left. $50 for all. Looking to sell as a group. Includes: 1 spare SKS/Type 56 factory magazine 2 Tapco 10 round magazines 1 spare Tapco gas tube 1 bipod (attaches to bayonet mount, have to remove bayonet) 1 generic metal ammo box 260...
  20. That_FNG

    F/S Mosin Nagant Ammo & Parts

    For Sale: Asking $40 for all Looking to sell as a group. I'm getting out the Mosin Nagant game and looking to get rid of what I have. 300 rounds of 1985 manufacturer Bulgarian 7.62x54R surplus 20ish rounds of spent Privi Partizan 7.62x54R brass 11 stripper clips 2 spare cleaning kits 1 oil /...
  21. That_FNG

    ATF Classifying AR15 uppers as firearms! If this holds true, that uppers are firearms, they are going to piss off some parts of the firearm community that have very deep pockets, IE for example all those guys with...
  22. That_FNG

    Happy M1A Birthday to me!

    Got a M1A Socom 16 for my birthday. Put 30 rounds thru it and it is awesome! Everytime you pull the trigger a bald eagle flies over head singing the star spangled banner. 'Merica!
  23. That_FNG

    We must abolish ICE

    Just saw this ad in my Facebook news feed. Made my blood boil.
  24. That_FNG

    SOLD Numbers Matching Type 56

    Was $550, reduced to $475. Up for sale is a numbers matching Chinese Type 56. Production date is 1959 so it has the milled receiver vs the later stamped receiver guns. Also has the blade bayonet (not pictured, but comes with it). For more info: Dating The Chinese SKS Serial number is 3088...
  25. That_FNG

    F/S Looking to clean out the safe

    mods please delete
  26. That_FNG

    Alabama Swamps is closing?

    So went out to Alabama Swamps this weekend for some fun and had someone there tell me that after Memorial Day the range is being closed down. Didn’t see any signs posted or anything about this. Does anyone know anything about this? Was told it was because of all the dipshit morons that leave...
  27. That_FNG

    It's only a firearm

    Currently residing in PA, waiting for the fixed magazine kit to come in. Pertinent facts: Not manufactured with a stock, therefore not designed to be shot from the shoulder. Manufactured with a permanently attached front vertical grip and designed to be shot two handed. Overall length of...
  28. That_FNG

    Cali Democrat says seize your guns

    Democratic congressman: Force gun owners to get rid of assault weapons -"Nobody is coming for your guns" -"You can keep your AR15" -"We only want common sense gun control"
  29. That_FNG

    Looking for a copy of the atf letter regarding the XO26

    Looking for a copy of the ATF letter regarding the Franklin Armory XO26. Don't suppose anyone has it?
  30. That_FNG

    Texan judicial candidate is a socialist

    ‘Yes, I’m Running as a Socialist.’ Why Candidates Are Embracing the Label in 2018
  31. That_FNG

    WTT 8mm mauser ammo

    Got about 270 rounds of 8mm Mauser ammo. Looks like FMJ. Don't know too much about it. Looking to trade it for anything interesting.
  32. That_FNG

    CompMag Review

    This is a review of the CompMag ban state compliant fixed magazine. I recently purchased one of the CompMag fixed magazine products. Initial impressions were quite good. Product fit into the AR15 nicely, and installation was a breeze. Instructions were quite detailed. Looks wise, it gives you...
  33. That_FNG

    broke my trigger guard - savage model 16

    So I was dumb and broke the plastic trigger guard on my Savage Model 16 Trophy Hunter with bottom bolt release during my Boyds stock installation last night. Been searching all over the internet for a replacement or even a metal one but have had no luck. Every place I've checked either doesn't...
  34. That_FNG

    But I want it now!

    Ordered a new toy 2 weeks ago, still waiting on it to get shipped to my FFL from the distributor. Don't they know I want it now? lol.
  35. That_FNG

    F/S Two more toys for sale

    featureless AR15 in 5.56 anderson upper and lower, magpul fixed carbine stock, spur grip, EO-Tech red dot, Magpul flip up sights, Daniel Defense Hard Chromed BCG, BCM Gunfighter charging handle, Monsterman fin grip, Magpul handstop, Midwest Industries light weight hand guard, Odin Works...
  36. That_FNG

    Looking for lens caps for Nikon Scope

    Picked up a Savage model 16 with a Nikon Prostaff 3x9x40. Looking for lens caps (preferably flip up style) but I'm having the darnedest luck figuring what fits the scope. The scope came already mounted on the gun, so I don't have the scope box with the measurements on it.
  37. That_FNG

    F/S Selling some toys and ammo

    Bought some new toys, so I am looking to sell some of the toys I don't really use. Marlin 1895 SBL in 45-70GOVT. Has a leupold fixed 3X long eye relief scope mounted on Leupold rings and a Cabela's sling. Comes with 10 rounds of Hornady Leverevolution 325 gr FTX and 20 rounds of Ultramax...
  38. That_FNG

    Looking for a gun club to join

    Like the title says, I am looking for a gun club to join. Growing tired of having to drive all the way out to Alabama swamps to shoot, or to have to use just wolcott during the winter. Looking for something that doesn't require 10 different member referrals to be able to join, and that has a 50...
  39. That_FNG

    How do I manufacture an NFA AOW

    So from what I understand AOW's are the only NFA we are allowed in NY. I know to transfer an AOW it's a $5 tax stamp, and to manufacture its a $200 tax stamp. What I want to know what is the process for manufacturing an AOW? What would I have to do paperwork wise before I made one? I basically...
  40. That_FNG

    blank firing guns - legal?

    So can you own blank firing guns here in New Dorkistan? (specifically Erie and Niagara county?) Was looking online and came across them. Fires 8mm or 9mm blanks. Thought it might make a useful training tool to get a 1911 that is just like my carry piece. Can use it to train without a danger of...
  41. That_FNG

    Stupid thought, can you mount a gun on a boat?

    So the other night me and my buddy were discussing his new to him boat. Somehow got on the topic of having a boat gun and it got me thinking. In NYS, could one legally mount a gun on one's boat? Now I am not talking about a machine gun. What I'm talking about is taking a safe act compliant...
  42. That_FNG

    C&R License renewal and moving question

    So My C&R license is due for renewal this July. Got the form in the mail from the ATF that I have to fill out. Slight monkey wrench though, I had to move recently due to unforseen events. According to the ATF form it says I can renew only for the original address on the license (the old...
  43. That_FNG

    What would this firearm be?

    So I'm thinking about making my own firearm. An AR15 style upper and lower receiver Semi automatic detachable magazine pistol grip barrel with a length of 11.5 inches muzzle brake front fore grip AR15 style pistol buffer over all length of 27 inches Chambered in 300 black out Can't be a...
  44. That_FNG

    Got myself a Beretta

    Picked up a Beretta A300 Outlander with wood furniture yesterday. Never had a semi auto shotgun before and the price was right. I'm excited to shoot it! I don't know much about the A300 platform, so any insight from anybody that has one would be appreciated!
  45. That_FNG

    AR15 safety / trigger problems, help!

    So my problem child AR15 has developed a new problem. I solved one problem for another one to surface. The Gun: 300 Black Out Build. Anderson milspec upper and lower, CMMG milspec lower parts kit CMMG milspec trigger Stag Arms milspec buffer tube and weight, Midwest industries handguard fixed...
  46. That_FNG

    3 rifles for sale, AR, M91/30 and SMLE NO4MK1

    Like the title says I have 3 rifles for sale. Cleaning out the safe and making room for new projects. Please read all details! First is an AR15 in 5.56. Anderson lower with CMMG parts kit and Throdsen stock. Upper is a stag arms featureless with stag arms BCG. Has a BCM gunfighter extended...
  47. That_FNG

    Hi All

    Greetings and salutations to all! I have vacated the premises from the speedily submerging dinghy like so many before me. -B.